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26 years old Wakaba Yumi is an infamous cockroach killer in the Fallen Leaves Town. Thanks for her service, the number of cockroaches in the town is almost zero. However, bizarre things begin to happen in the town. Many people went missing and rumors about a strange creature spread across the town.

Yumi just returned to the town after a long break. She received a letter from a person named Ai Mada (May-dar) who asked for her help to destroy the cockroaches in his house. She accepts the task and make her way to the Slum residential area, a place where most people in the town will avoid to go.

Sneak peak on how the mechanism works.
Invalid YouTube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=efi95PXr_8k

Features :
1. Tons of original puzzles with wider place to explore!
2. Contact with certain enemy will reduce your speed, so you need to gather Gab power drink and drink it to restore your speed back. But this is a rare item and quite challenging to obtain it.
3. Intense horror element with some unexpected plot twist & 1 solid ending.

Latest Blog

A bit about the game.

This game is totally different than my previous game. In this game :

1. There is only 2% of instant death (death by touch) while 98% is a damage inflict
to your speed. Your only sources to restore back your speed is Gab Stage Power drink
which is a rare items. Most of them are well hidden, or obtained through some side

2. Keep saving for your own good since there will be some run & chase event that can caused death of player, even if it just 2%.

3. Avoid use items manually, just interact with suspicious object until an option ''use item?'' appear.

4. FOCUS. If you had been given a task, focused on completing it. Another task will remain unlock until the first is solved. This is a tip to avoid tedious game play.

5. I am not going to provide a walk through for this one. This game contains small issue on child abuse, but it just a minor part.

6. Good tips : If you found a white angel statue in the town, collect 4 of them to get a surprise & please keep your broom safe from harm.
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  • 03/04/2014 04:24 PM
  • 06/26/2023 02:06 PM
  • 04/30/2014
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Roaches Review!I did a review of this game! Check it out!

Wow! This is the first time my game got a video review! Thanks!! I really appreciate your thought and effort for this! XD
This game scared the shit outta me. The roach's random appearance got me plenty of times.
Pretty fun janky game from mid 2010-th's, took around ~5 hours to complete (if you already know what you are doing). Though I don't really get the childish resentment towards an entire cockroach species.


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