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Patch v1.67

- Fixes weapon shop in Pilvinaria selling New Game Plus weapons in a regular game.

- Fixes being able to block yourself off in a statue-pushing room in Wolf Ears dungeon.


Patch v1.66

Announcing this patch because it fixes a potential game-breaking event, which is as follows:

- Fixes spikes in Boulder Mines sometimes launching you into a wall.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!


Download submitted!

Enjoy! If there are any issues at all or anything that seems off, please let me know. Thanks!

Game Design

New Feature!

I've just come up with a new feature for Wild Wings. I've noticed during my playthrough that exp does not come in large amounts, thus usually one will not be able to reach the highest level by the end of the game. An easy fix would obviously be to increase exp received, but I thought of something a little more fun: a "New Game Plus" function!

You'll keep your levels, skills, items accumulated, and stats of your slime pet! I personally think this is a good idea so that players have a better chance to lay waste to enemies with their powerful skills as well as continue to level up their slime to access slime portals they were unable to use in their initial playthrough. How does all this sound?

Perhaps I could also make alternate versions of enemies to keep the game challenging instead of super easy?
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