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Super Mario Enigmatic is a puzzle episode that consists of 129 small levels and 17 boss fights. All levels take place in one screen, and the objective is to get from one door to another either by platforming, using items, or solving switch puzzles. The episode was previously known as "Koopa Reign of Terror", but with the revamp and many added levels and updates, the name was also changed to better reflect the nature of the episode. A story introduction and a proper world map have also been added.

Basic level entities consists of 9 levels and a boss fight. There are also mini entities that have five or less levels. You can save and progress on the world map after completing an entity. You have a chance to replenish your life count to 99 after completing the set of levels.

The difficulty at the beginning is relatively easy, but ramps up towards the end of the episode. The last levels should present a challenge even to the SMBX veterans.

You need SMBX version 1.3 (or higher) to play this episode. Extract the zip file into your SMBX\Worlds -directory.

2014-06-13 Exploit removal and a new version.

Level list:

The Rookie Road
One Sunny Day (mini)
Solid Water Chambers
The Mighty Mushroom Marsh
Koopaling Works
Bubble Trouble (mini)
Baby Bowser's Flagship
Oilahari Desert
Robirdo's Fort
Dinosaur Expedition (mini)
Hillside Heights
Chill Before the Storm
Koopaling Headquarters (mini)
Where Plumbers Dare
The Crossing (mini)
Sacred Star Sanctuary

Some comments about the episode from Super Mario Bros X forums (this is obviously shameless advertising):

This was one of the most enjoyable and creative episodes I've ever played. I really liked how you managed to turn a platform game into a simplistic puzzle game, while it still has a plot. And I guess you are the only person who doesnt **** the design up when they trying to make puzzle levels. Furthermore, this whole thing has a bunch of awesome and fun gimmicks. I loved it man, I loved it!
- Marioworker12

This is one of my favorite episodes. You think at very good obstacles and you have checked very well the difficulty. Also I like the musics. - Christian07

Okay, now that is a pretty neat episode. The puzzles, while simplistic at first, are surprisingly well crafted (considering SMBX's a platforming game) and pretty fun to play, and it's definitely refreshing to play after all the more platforming-based episodes. - Rust

Koopa Reign of Terror was easily one of my favorite smbx episodes. I loved everything in it from the graphical components to the pure challenge that comes strictly from level design. This is great that you made more levels that I can challenge myself with. The world map looks great.
- 8flight

Puzzles. What I really need in my life is a bit of logic. Now, this is one great episode. I've played "Koopa Reign of Terror" and I liked it much. I just feel I could play it again with the title of "Super Mario Enigmatic". Why? Because it's revamped? Because I'm desperate to see something evolutionary?
No and definetely no. It's because I enjoy it so much I could just play all those puzzles over again.
- icemario12

so this s the only version of your episode that I have played so the concept is new to me. I have to say that I was very impressed. I have never experienced such an odd combination of fun and udder frustration. the level lengths allowed you to do some really neat stuff that would be too difficult in a normal length level.

the puzzles are almost all more clever than anything I have seen in smbx before.
- Zephyr

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Now a featured episode on supermariobrosx.com. :)

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3000 downloads, I never dared to dream of this when starting the project.

Thank you, everyone. :)
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