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I want to note that this game is in a VERY early stage of development so I have not added a lot of the bells and whistles that go along with it. That's why there isn't a nice looking title banner and the demo is not very long at all, but more on all that in a moment. Huzzah!


This is a game in which you play from the perspective of the "bad guys." The plot will follow four different stories from four different enemies as the tell their tales of how they came "This Close..." to defeating The Hero. It will take place in a somewhat generic fantasy world full of magic and mayhem. The player will progress through each story and play as each of the four villains as they describe their adventure.

I expect this game to be quite short (5 hours would be a long shot), and basically serve as a short story transferred to an interactive format (but with battles!). I'll be using an action battle system (not sure which one) in order to make the game feel even faster. This will be a "get in, get out" sort of experience.



A self-conscious gremlin who would rather keep the peace than get what he wants. Calling him a villain is a bit strong. He's just doing his job.


The member of the group with the coolest head. She is methodical and calculated, and she knows what she wants.


A pretentious sorcerer with a desire for recognition. He only does what he likes (not much) and what he's critical of those who enjoy what he despises (nearly everything).


Enjoys booze, long walks on the beach, and attention. Mostly just attention. She is a cocky and powerful succubus and considers herself the leader of their little group (no one else does).


The Hero. The one with the white hat. His job is to stop the villains at every turn and he's damn good at it. If there were more to him than that...I would write it down.


Action RPG battle system (not sure which I'm going to use)
Possibly unique field skills for each character and unique puzzles to go with each
4 different scenarios
Short run time for a quick RPG fix


As I said, this is a very stage in development so the screenshots are pretty minimal. Anyway, here's what I have!

The opening bit

The bar where the first scene takes place

Enter Vandrea..

The first area after the intro.


I can't remember where I got the faceset for Vandrea, so if you know who this work belongs to please let me know so I can credit them accordingly.
That's all for now

The demo has very little actual "play time" and only runs about 10-15 minutes. This is really just the opening scene of the game to introduce the story, characters, and tone that the game will take. Just looking for feedback right now!

You can download the demo from the button up top.

This is a non-RTP download of the game. For the RTP go to:


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You're magical to me.
Like you said, it's a short demo, but I enjoyed seeing the characters interacting. ^_^
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Seriously having someone actually include a dark and stormy night as a line of text is worth the price of admission on it's own.

This demo is rather short which is a bit of a shame since it does have potential to be a fun game if it gets extended. Playing the 'bad guys' is always a nice change of pace, so I tend to check games like that out when I find them. This one has a great feel and a good grasp of character dynamics which is a plus. There is a not a lot of feedback that can be offered at this stage other than I think you have something here and I do hope very much that you are continuing to work on it, these reverse the coin games are few and far between and I'd like to see this one completed.
This reminds me of the "Villain's Tavern" which was a forum I wrote on over 17 (wow that long) years ago. We had a bunch of posters who would write skits and short stories revolving around a bar full of villain characters. This demo was nostalgic to me for that reason, lol I'd like to see this continued.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I had a quick play of this too. It was an interesting opening cutscene and I already feel acquainted with each of the character's personalities. It would be nice to have a bit of moving around from this point onwards, though. Like, exploring and battles perhaps. That seemed like a good length for an intro cutscene.

Otherwise, keep up the good work.
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