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Fixed a skill mistake

I just wanted to let everyone I fixed a mistake I made with Raven's Revive skill so it should show up now.


I'm sorry but I need to remake this. Rather satisfy myself first.

I know I keep changing my mind on everyone, and you're all getting tired of it probably. I'm sorry, but I need to satisfy myself first before I can satisfy everyone else. So I have to remake this.


Important update fixed battles

I am sorry for making another blog, but this is important. It came to my attention that the battles were too easy, or too hard so I added Yanfly's Enemy Levels, and Difficulty Slider.


Not remaking just added somethings that should have been mentioned

Instead of completely remaking this I chose to add a few things that I should have been mentioned. I really want to move onto the third game of this series so I will no longer be updating this story wise. I will only fix game crashing bugs from here on.

Progress Report

Good news! I found the old story that was going to be used, and can now use it!

I just want to let everyone know that I found the old story I wrote that was going to be used for this game! Now I can use that story!


Back in production, but for a very good reason. Be sure to check.

I put both games back in production, but for a very good reason. I am not changing the story again so no worries. However I will add to both games the information that wasn't there, and add to the story. This was advice from a good friend on here on RMN. I also might fix up the art at a higher res this time. I ma very sorry for marking them complete when they should still be in alpha. I am leaving up the downloads for both games to get suggestions, and advice from any who come across them, and play them. I have a bad habit of not using my full potential to be honest.


I would like to some feedback so I know what I could do better with the third game

Hi, everyone. I would like some feedback on the new version please. I am working on the the third game in t he series, the one you don't need to play the first two games to understand. However I still want some feedback on Arc 1, and 2 of this game. The reviews for this one are outdated even the starred ones. Make sure you play this one before playing Arc 2 though, or you will not understand what is going on. The reason on I want feedback on Arc 1, and 2 is because I want to know what I can do better with the third game. Please do not discourage from working on the third game though when you leave feedback.


I accidently Uploaded the wrong file without SyncSave Plugin

I accidently uploaded the wrong file without Hime's SyncSaveData Plugin. So if you didn't beat the game yet, please re download, and copy the save folder from your previous download, and you should still able to continue where you left off. I am very sorry for this dumb accident.


I chose to come back with it completed

I'm sorry for taking this down on you guys, and ladies. I moved to game to MV actually. Also sorry for the name change again. I can can tell you this is the final release of the first game. I will not be touching it any more, or changing anything,except fixing bugs. So please enjoy the game, leave feedback, or whatever.


I had to get a new computer

This was supposed to be updated, and completed by March 11 for the Birthday event, but my computer decided to break, and I had to get an new one. I moved the game over to RPG Maker MV instead of Ace for various reasons. I already got it started in MV. I am sorry for making everyone wait, but what happened to my other computer was out of my control. I am hoping to get the final complete release of this game done by April 10th. When it is done I'll only be fixing reported bugs that others my run into. Again I am sorry about this.
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