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Would it bother you guys, and girls if I make it so you can't enter houses in towns, but can enter shops?

I been wondering. Would it bother you guys, and girls if I make it so that you cannot go in houses in the towns, villages, and cities, but still allow you to go in Item Shops? I am not lazy. I just don't want the file to be too big. The reason I don't want to make it so you can go in houses in towns, villages, and cities is because of file size.


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Oh what the hey, I'll chime in too. At the end of the day, there are people who will enjoy waltzing into strangers houses, clicking everything and pillaging their goods, and there are others who won't. It all comes down to personal preference.

In my humble opinion, you should do whatever you think would be the most fun. If a certain design choice makes the game less enjoyable in YOUR eyes, I say avoid it like the plague. Having a game cater to the preferences of others at the expense of making it less enjoyable for yourself is a good way to suck the motivation right out of a project. But if you enjoy making your game, adding elements that you love and putting your heart and soul into it, I believe that love will show in the end result.

Not everyone will agree with your choices. Not everyone will fall in love with your game. But you need to ask yourself who you're making your game for. Feedback and advice are invaluable tools for a developer, but how that feedback will change your game is your choice. Just make sure there's plenty of spit and polish and at the end of the day, you'll have finished something you can be proud of.
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Maybe this conversation is better had on the FORUM ?? :)

Afterall, this is the summary of an actual game someone is working on.

But I still enjoy searching for things in NPC home AND caves.
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No because in a real town, you can enter shops but you aren't allowed in stranger's houses!
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