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MV, or VX Ace? Not worried, but need help deciding.

I am not worried about anything, but I have a friend who is unable to get RPG Maker VX Ace, and also wants to test the game. So I been thinking about moving this game to RPG Maker MV so that he can. The only thing is I want too, but don't at the same time. So feel free to help me decided on this. I have all of the right tools to convert to RPG Maker MV so no worries if that is the final decision we choose.


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Unless your friend is making edits to the game, he doesn't need the maker itself but probably the RTP pack.
I haven't used MV enough so I can't answer that for you, oop.
I don't recommend changing makers unless there's a specific feature that you want (eg. easy sideview battles). Save the maker swap for future projects. This is especially true for VX Ace -> MV, as the resolution and tilesets are all different and will probably require hours upon hours of finagling.

As for your friend, it's better if he only tests. Letting him make edits would fast become a too-many-cooks situation. Like Porkate said, he needs the RTP pack.
Okay, then he'll have to wait until he can buy RPG Maker VX Ace, because he may have trouble finding the download link. All he was going to do anyway was check for plot holes anyway. I told him I had people checking that already, but he insisted. So he'll have to buy the program if he can't figure out how to download the RTP Pack.
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He can test the game without needing the editor, right? Can he not play VX Ace games at all?
Does he... not have Google....?
I can find the "RPG Maker VX Ace RTP" in seconds.
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THIS link should do it, it literally took 2 seconds on Google.

Also if he reaaaally needed to, he could get VX Ace Lite.
Edit: Nevermind. It's been answered
Thank you guys, and girls. I forgot about Ace Lite, but with Ace lite will he be able to play a game made with the full version of Ace?
You're magical to me.
You can play Ace games without having a copy of Ace. It's how people play the games we make. If he needs RTP, then he should download the free RTP on the Degica website.
Sorry for the late response I gave my friend the download link to the RTP. So hopefully he knows what to do. Thank you.
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