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//The afterlife is revealed to us...in an unexpected way.//

Deprived of his memories and trapped in an unknown location, Victoria Vamentie, desperately try to find a solution to this terrible nightmare and, of course, seek to understand how did she came to this place​​. But during his journey, she discovers that this sinister place holds many secrets about her past and will meet a strange young man, Evan Wolf, and her mother who, strangely, was supposed to be dead a long time ago ... but how did she die ?


Afterlife is a puzzle-oriented horror game.
If you played games like IB, The crooked man or The Witch House,
you will have no problem playing this game.
You will have to resolve puzzles, flee enemis without getting hit and look for lost documents in order to learn more about the characters and places.


- Use the SPACE key to interact with the environnement (the object is glowing).
- Press Q to turn on the flashlight and W to turn off.
- Access the Menu by pressing X
- it is important and necessary to read all the documents you will find on your way to understand the story better.
- There is no Life gauge. If you get hit once, you die automatically.


-The game was designed with RPG MAKER VX ACE.
-Edited by SOUL ART STUDIO (My studio's name).
-The story, music and some graphics were created by me, Vincent Gabriel C. (Lost6Soul).
-The lighting effects are designed by Khas Arcthunder.
-Special thanks to Jasmine Martineau and Gabriel Fortin Gosselin.


For god's sake, WEAR HEADPHONES for a better experience !
The Afterlife's soundtrack is the core of the game. It will bring you to somewhere you've never been before.


- The game was in french, but has been translated in english.
- I will possibly do a remake.
- The game was released in 2013/06/30.
- Official Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/afterlifegame

GOOD GAME ! and thank you for playing !

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The original soundtrack is now streaming on Youtube !
Enjoy !

Afterlife OST

Preview :
Guardian of the Description Thread
Afterlife 2.0 is on the way...

So... an update for this game, or sequel-in-the-works? I'm kinda thinking you meant a sequel ("Afterlife 2 is on the way!"), but the other possibility could be true.
It is a remake of the game.
More informations will be available soon on our official facebook page !
Good news!
After careful consideration, I decided to do a remake of the game! For now, it will be called Afterlife 2.0.
In this version there will be:

- New graphics and special effects
- The story will be Improved and extended
- Hours of additional game (new scenes and jumpscare)
- Improved game system
- re-orchestrated soundtrack and new ones

The release date is still unknown.
Hope you'll enjoy!

I am stuck in room, where are four armors and books. I tried different combnations of daggers but no one worked. What I have to do in Victoria's hause ? I got two ocult books, but it seems, that i need three.
Here's the walkthrough and go directly to 12:38.
Sorry it's only in french but it's not important just look in which order she places the daggers. thank you for playing !

The walkthrough here (only in french). It will be translated soon ! :

Overall, it's a very good game with a very unsettling atmosphere. It's also fresh to have a survival horror game that's something other than the zombie craze. My primary gripe is that segments are way too dark to see, even with a flashlight. A dark creepy atmosphere is great, but shouldn't get in the way of actually playing the game. Also, the translation efforts are very, unfortunately, very poor and require a substantial amount of proofreading.

I'm looking at the 2.0 version which looks much better than the current game, but I'd also advise you to get somebody to proofread the game as well.
Thank you for your Let's play video, EdgeOfChaos !
We will share it on our official facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/afterlifegame
Hope you'll do the same thing for our new game's remake, Afterlife: the Second Dimension !
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looks really interesting. should probably get more attention. ill play this eventually (i have sooooo many games to play :( )
You should probably take a look at the remake of this game then!
Afterlife: The Second Dimension
Hi, I just finished this game and I really enjoyed it, I will definatly try the second dimension when I have the time. I'd like to share a Walkthrough of this game of youtube and I'm thinking of writing a review of it on my new blog :) Good job with this game
I'm really glad to see that you enjoyed the game. Can't wait to see your review!
I hope you'll do the same for The second dimension.
Thank you for your comment!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i did not like this WAY to many grammar mistakes ruined the experience.

not to mention plot flaws

1.you go into a cave to get a fort key which was not even explained why you were doing this (evan should of mentioned the door not being locked)
but at the end of the cave you come out a sewer that you could have just entered and the keys are right there! nothing was stopping you!
2.that your dead but can get killed,cant walk thru walls,your dad wants to kill you
none of it makes sense.
I played the 2nd game before this one so it ended up feeling very similar throughout. I think the plot was somewhat different though. Still pretty decent but I did get sudden death a couple times
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