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7th of Meyus 682

It seems as if every day is getting darker and darker, the plague is spreading like mad and the king is dead.
I don't know what it is, but lately the world feels out of balance, as if someone has been screwing around with the forces of nature, and we can all feel it.

...It's been 2 months since my only son Riley left the house, may god help him out in this dark world...

The world is at chaos when the cult of Pecasual takes over the kingdom of Armendia, and takes control over The Eight Shadows of Correndia, and it is up to a small group of young heroes to bring the world back to balance... but at what costs?

The game is currently in early (like really, really early) development, and it is nowhere near done. This is mainly due to my lack of free time and my lack of motivation, which I hope to keep up in the oncoming years.

The game will include a 5 to 10-hour gameplay of the main storyline, and if possible an additional 5 hours of lore and side quests.

(Note: This is a one-man project and it will be hard for me to implement all the features I'm talking about right now, but I'm trying my hardest. I'll try to keep this game updated for as long as possible and to release it before summer the summer of 2017.)

Latest Blog

Plans for Written In Shadows

Alright, so this is my first of many attempts at making a blog for this game, seeing as I still have some decent motivation.

I kind of want to talk about the upcoming features I'm planning on, the main characters and just rambling on about stuff I guess.


Epic Side Quests?
So first of all, I plan on making a lot of sidequests, and not those easy quests where it's like Hey could you bring me 10 -Insert Exotic Bird Name here- feathers for this collection of mine? No, I plan on making it a bit more deeper and with more action and good rewards. I'll try to add at least 1 epic sidequest for every chapter (so I plan on making 20 - 25 epic sidequests), well except for chapter 1 maybe. But the first few chapters will be more of an introduction to the game. But yea, hope it's going to be sick.

I do plan on releasing a demo from the first 2 chapters of the game. More to get some people hyped really but also more to see how people will react to an upcoming game made by one man. Considering I'm that one man, it might still take a few months as I'm doing this mostly for my free time. And I don't have all too much free time, either that or I get too distracted on Infamous: Second Son and Planetside 2.

Skill Tree?
I will also try to implement some sort of Skill Tree, similar to the one used in Legacies of Dondoran. Instead of the same old Reach lvl 3 and get this really crappy skill that you'll most likely barely use. Excuse me for my sudden sarcasm at moments, but this is how I mostly think about basic RMN games, and I'm just going to try to really make this into a good branching game with enough choices.

Yes, I do intend to plan 2 or 3 dungeons for every chapter (Yes, in this case also a small dungeon in Chapter 1 ) and have some decent/good rewards. Everybody likes Boss Battles right?

Main Characters, Or what I have for now

At this moment I have 3 Main Characters, including our famous protagonist Daniel who can also be seen on the picture somewhere at the tabs and such. I plan on creating a maximum of 10 Main Characters and quite some few Side Characters (yes, playable Side Characters, or at least some of them). I'm not going too ramble too much about the main characters, although you will be left with the choice to build up a romance with one of the other female Main Characters (Not necessary, I'm going to give you a choice as I know that some are not interested in the classic meet up a girl and grow the most annoying love relationship with tons of drama because that's how it works in RPG games)

So yea, that's pretty much all there is to say for now, as I'm still working on some maps and everything is still in early development.
Hope you guys are as pumped as I am because all the plans I have are looking really good and epic and gosh I just wish I could finish this game in a whip and make it be the best RPG maker game out there, but those are only motives and for those I really need to work hard.
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This looks really cool! May I ask why it got cancelled?
This looks really cool! May I ask why it got cancelled?

Lost the data of everything I had regarding this game.

That and also poor planning from my part, including bad ideas and not being able to make any progress, both story-wise as developing-wise.

(I also may have lost the story in the process of about a year and a half.)

I may plan on continuing this game ever again, or at least start over with some better planning. But at this moment, I can't help but to put it on either cancelled, or perhaps a long, long hiatus.

We'll see I suppose.
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