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Amberside is a project I've been working on for over a year now.

The game is envisaged as a dark RPG. Your character's town is under siege by hordes of undead, and you must find the cause and put an end to the endless horde. Various clues lead you to Amberside Mansion, an unholy place deep with mystery and heavily under the influence of evil. You must find out who or what is causing the dead to wake, and put an end to it.

The game has you adventuring through towns, dungeons, forests, catacombs, and of course the mansion itself to put an end to this unknown horror. The RPG Maker VX Ace engine makes use of an intelligent lighting script and rainy atmosphere to set the scene, with dark ambient sounds to chill you to the core. Among this dark atmospheric setting, there is an element of horror (or what can be done on this engine) whilst plundering the corridors of Amberside Mansion.

On top of this setting is a side-view combat system, weapon-based skillsets, tiered loot system, artifacts with ancient abilities and more!

The game is still deep in development, but there's a lot to show already! It is intended to be a commercial game, sold for a measly £2.00.

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