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It's a cold night, and a mysterious hooded man is riding his horse along a deserted road. Bruised and bloodied, he clings on to the little life he has left. He is what's known as a wanderer, someone who lives on the road, constantly moving from place to place. They have no where to go and no one to turn too. They prefer to be alone. It is usually a past event that drives people towards this path, and for this Strider, there's no exception. Something bad did happen. Something he wishes to forget.

After days of riding he finally gives in and collapses from his wounds. The unconscious man is taken to the nearby inn where the owner, an old man, tends to his injuries and helps him to recover. To repay the old man's kindness, the Strider decides to help around the inn. Days turn into months and months turn into years and the Strider still remains at the inn. 3 years pass and both him and the old man have become good friends. The Strider Wakes up one morning expecting to do his chores like any other day, but is in for a surprise... And that is when his adventure begins.


The game is nothing new really. I love Final Fantasy and that is my main influence. A Strider's Tale will be your standard RPG with exploration, puzzles, battles and levelling. This being my first major game I didn't want to challenge myself too much. So instead of all these crazy features I just wanted to make a solid, Well made game. I have made use of some cool scripts though, but mostly they are all for decoration and don't add much to the gameplay (Reflections, clouds, speech bubbles). I may add some new features once I am more familiar with the program but for now I am delivering a good old fashioned SNES error RPG. I do hope you enjoy it.


I have two versions of the demo uploaded. One includes RTP data and the other does not. It is roughly around an hour in length if you take your time to explore and talk to everybody. This whole section is the intro to the game. It sets up the scene and introduces the main character. So far it's more of a story driven experience, although there is one area involving combat. Obviously after the intro and once the main story is established there will be plenty of enemies and bosses to fight as well as a ton of side quests and exploration. Keep in mind this is my first game, so please don't expect too much right now. I will improve over time.

Click here for demo selection


A special thanks to all the authors of the scripts below!

Victor Sant - Fog and Overlay Script
Yanfly - Parallax lock and Save Screen Scripts
Nicke - Pop up Item box Script
Tsukihime - Region Name Script
bStefan aka. regendo - No Save Title Screen Skip Script
Shadowmaster/Shadowmaster9000/Shadowpasta - Menu Playtime Script
Yami - Pop Message Script
Unknown (Cozziekuns is mentioned in Script) - Sprite Reflection Script
Moghunter - Weather Ex Script
Modern Algebra - Picture Fix Script
Reedo - Side Battles Script

Latest Blog

Gambling game and more side quests in the works.

28/05/2014 - So I've been working on improving what I've done so far instead of progressing with the game. I've added more side quests and also a mini ship gambling game in Deep Cove Bar. I'm just trying to make the game more interesting. Other then that, not much to report!
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  • 03/17/2014 06:52 PM
  • 02/09/2019 07:36 AM
  • 12/25/2015
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Dang I wasnted to play this an no downloads are out yet.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Cool maps. Perhaps put something in the description about what type of gameplay there is. For instance, I don't know whether it's battles, puzzles, or just a plain interactive adventure.
Oh yeah, will do. Thanks!

Didn't realise they accepted my game until now. Will add a Demo soon!

So far the game is about an hour or so, with plenty of exploration and character building. No battles yet, but that's only because I haven't got to the point in the story where they will be introduced. Still, there will be battles, exploring and puzzles. Pretty much your standard RPG.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon guys!
Is there a reason the file size of the demo is so big? This is about the size a full game would be, let alone a demo... >.<;

Did you include all the RTP files? It'd be great if you went through and weeded out all the files you don't use in the game, if only because I've decent internet and it's telling me this'll be about an hour wait. :/ No-one should have to wait that long for a demo. ^.^;

(Also, RMN has an upload limit of 4-500MB so if you're looking to upload the full game in the future... well... XD)
I'm not sure. I think most of it is the RTP files. I just compressed the game without them and it's around 130mb. I supposed I can try and get rid of the files I'm not using. Bit worried I may mess something up though.
There are some scripts out there for Ace that pull up a list of the RTP resources you've used in-game, which could help you out.
Thanks for your help, I'll have to look for that script.

I managed to knock off 100mb in music alone for the RTP data download. I'll work on the rest at some point. My internet is terrible, so I do understand the problem with large files.

In the meantime, I also uploaded a version that doesn't contain any of the RTP data for those of you with RPG Maker VX Ace. This is only 50mb's.
Woooooow!!it looks so great!!I like the way you made the game screen,I'm gona download it tomorrow( ^ω^)SUPER EXCITINGヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Thank you! I hope you enjoy it, and please tell me your thoughts when you're done!
Really interested in the demo now that its around 50 MB!
Omg this was such an amazing intro-like to the game, you were able to get the feelings across to me and I was pretty saddened by that old man's story :C.
I really hope to play the Full version very soon, I can't wait!
Great Job!
Glad you enjoyed it! I haven't really been working on the game recently, but every time I see some positive feedback it makes me want to get back to it!
Don't worry man, take your time to finish the game, till then I will be looking forward to playing it in full contents its going to be great I know it. I mean the introduction to the game has already made me this excited to play the complete game XD
Story-heavy game. Writing is decent, and there's alot to explore, but didnt see much RPG mechanics or combat (though apparently there are enemies, I just didnt run into many.) The only battles I did run into were random encounters that had no drops and no exp, meaning it was better to simply escape from them. However, I did brush up against the main building in the port town and ended up getting teleported past the forest to another town. I didn't really explore it thinking I could come back later, but after running thru the main quests the game suddenly ended.

Because of this, I'm not sure if the forest and the town beyond it are meant to be accessible in this game... But I have to say this: the mapping in this game really gets the setting well, even with RTP. Walking down the road and seeing all the places... just gave me a very fuzzy feeling.
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