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  • An open-world fantasy RPG!
  • Choose your party from a wide cast of befriended characters with different abilities before braving a dungeon!
  • Complete quests!
  • Gather ingredients to craft and upgrade equipment!
  • Recover Dark Energy to unlock portals to new areas and gain new skills!
  • A fully playable prologue! No more long, boring intro scenes!
  • Probably more features to come that I haven't even thought of yet!

Faraley Town is a normal town whose residents live in harmony with nature. Or it was, until the forest creatures turned savage and the world started to rot.

As the Guardian of the forest, the problem is in Lucy's hands. She and her brother Thomas go to investigate the source of the chaos, but nothing could prepare them for what they found.

Lucy narrowly made it out unscathed, and was left screaming as her brother fell victim to the Rift - a portal to an alternate world.

... and as it turned out, the world really was falling apart beneath their feet.

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