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V0.1.0a demo

You play as the purky yet dorky wolf named Kanto Ruki who has come to help the citizens of the island known as Begi just Southwest from the isle of Mear Mear Land to stop the monsters from terrorizing them any longer...

-Many interactive objects with quotes from the main character
-Quests at points of the game
-Citizens have a bigger track mind
-More things are going down than what appears...
-Customizable House!

-More House customization
-Questing Lodge abled to be used
-More Boss fights
-Bug Fixes (Given)
-More interactive objects

-While using a spell to destroy a bush, it will not automatically close...
-*Shops will repeat from the first shop you visit. Only work around is to save, go to title screen, and continue to look into another shop.

This is an official unofficial game version for the Meava series.

*This is the largest bug that is having problems getting fixed...

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This game is in a Very early demo. Walked out of town and got slayed in 2 turns by the first random encounter. The game has a day/night cycle, and you could also customize your house but not really because most of it isnt implemented.
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