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I am quitting Wyrm Warriors

I no longer enjoy working on Wyrm Warriors. In fact, I haven't since an incident nearly a year ago between me and one of the contributors. Aside from adding a quest system, laying out towns and making several dungeon maps, not a whole lot has been done since the initial release.

I have decided to quit the project. I'm leaving the current build up for anyone who cares to grab it. There are a few contributed locations with maps missing, but I will add those in tonight.

I'm someone who prides herself on finishing what she starts, so deciding to drop this isn't something I take lightly. For a long time, I told myself that I'd power through it, but every second I spend on it is time I wish I was working on something else. I took breaks and tried to come back to the game, but every time it was the same: the same lack of enjoyment and void of enthusiasm.

I told myself "you HAVE to do this, make a big status declaring your intent and get the next installment out, no matter how un-fun it is." But after a couple of days, I already found myself wanting to do anything else but continuing. Making games is my hobby, but it's not a job, and I just can't put my time, energy, and love into something I no longer enjoy making.

I sincerely apologize to you all, especially to those who have made maps and characters. I will refrain from running community projects in the future to prevent this sort of catastrophe from happening again.

What does this mean for the future of Wyrm Warriors? Is the game dead? That's up to you. As I took over the project when Craze was done with it, someone can step up and take the lead if they wish. Or, it can be completely run by the community. Or it can end here and be forgotten. I leave it entirely in your hands, but I must take my leave.

Again, I am very sorry. -_-


Still At Work!

After taking June to work on the big contest, I wanted everyone to know that I've been back at work and am slowly but surely getting the second region done. Most of the maps are finished, and the events, items, and character stuff are still being worked on.

While you're waiting, I thought I'd drop some screenshots of maps that you can look forward to in the next update. I'll put it under a hide tag to keep things from getting too cluttered.

The Town of Osis
Designed by Liberty, Mapping by Gourd Clae

Hoffzen - Dojo and Inn
Designed by and mapped by Marrend

Mount Arazia
Designed by thatbennyguy, Mapped by unity

Quartz Quarry
Designed by Ratty524, Mapped by unity

A big thanks to everyone who's contributed and to everyone for having patience while we get this made. :DDD


New Shop Script, Completed and Added!

I'm super excited to announce the new Shop Script, now completed!

First envisioned by Liberty in her Let's Try, and made a reality by the talented and awesome Rachael, this script allows you to see how equipment affects all of your recruited characters, all the way up to the total thirty!

This is what was missing and desperately needed in the game, and it's so nice to have it included! Buying equipment for a huge party is now smooth, easy, and fun!

I've not only added it to the current build, but I went back and added it to the last release and re-uploaded it, so you can try it out yourself! ^_^

Again, a huge thanks to Rachael for putting in so much work and making this amazing addition to the game :D


Important Map Announcement

Hello! Unity here! It's been a little bit since the last blog, but I have something important to talk about that I should have brought up sooner.

Something that may seem obvious needs a disclaimer and I totally didn't put one on it. I need anyone making maps to know that I'll be editing them to work in the game. Now, this may sound obvious, as of course I have to edit them to put in events and transitions from one area to the next, but also, we want the game to feel consistent, so I may have to edit other things as well. I'm going to try not to do anything major to them, but I want everyone to understand that minor tweaks may be necessary for them to all fit together.

Several of you have already sent me maps. If you read this, please let me know if I have permission to make small edits as needed to your maps. If not, I'll be contacting you via PM over the next several days. To anyone making a map, please be aware of this. I'll be adding this disclaimer to the Make A Map page as well.

You may be asking "Why the big deal over something so minor, unity?" The answer is, with so many people pitching in and providing content, the last thing I want to do is upset them if they didn't want something they made to be altered at all. It's unfortunately a necessity, but I'd like everyone to be aware of it, and I apologize for not being clearer about it earlier.


In news more related to the actual progress of the game, the second region is still under construction, but it's starting to come together. We've added Blaïze to the list of characters that will join in this region. If you want your character in there, there's still time to volunteer ^_^

Also, to any of our map-makers who reserved one of the locations being featured in this next region (they all have a *** next to their name on the Make a Map page), if I could get them within the next two to three weeks, that would be fantastic.

A huge thanks to everyone for all the support we've been getting! Unfortunately, the nature of how this game is being made makes it really hard to give an estimate as to when we can release the next demo, but rest assured that I'll be putting in work on it constantly to get it in that direction ^_^


The Second Region and Beyond!

First off, a huge thanks for featuring us on the main page! I am so thrilled! ^_^

With the first region completed, we're hard at work putting the next region together. There's still plenty of time to contribute ideas, though!

For example, in the region you'll be able to recruit Hitori, Geebone, and Nira. I'd still like at least two more characters for this region, so if you'd like your character to be featured, or you have ideas of a cool way to introduce/recruit a character (or both!) then please let me know! All ideas are welcome! :D (See the Character Page for a list of the cast!)

We've also got lots of unclaimed maps that still need to be made! The Make a Map page has all the needed maps. The ones that will be featured in the next region have three asterisks by them (***). If they aren't claimed soon, I'll be making them myself, so grab them now if you want to make them ^_^

As for designs, we still need a few more dungeons (info in this thread) and we can always use more equipment (in this thread).

I have a specific request in regards to dungeons. This region will have the first Aremen Diamond in it, and while we have four great Diamond Dungeons in the Dungeons thread, I'm looking for something a little simpler for the first diamond dungeon, since it will introduce the players to the concept. If anyone can come up with a cool but not overly complicated dungeon for the first Diamond's dungeon, I'd be really grateful. The entrance to it is going to be inside Mount Arazia. I'm just asking for the idea first; the actual mapping will be done separately (and, again, see the dungeon thread for info on what we need for a Diamond dungeon).

Thanks very much, everyone! Let's make this a game to remember!


The Sealed Dungeon and the Lamp

Hello everyone! :D I've uploaded a new version of Wyrm Warriors, that basically just adds the concepts we talked about in the last blog.

The Cursed Gate will now close behind you as you enter the first dungeon, trapping you there. You cannot leave until you either break the Curse Orb or find an item called the Lamp of Escape that will one-time teleport you out of the dungeon. This all fixes the problem of the character being able to just walk back to the inn and heal continuously and never use his/her items, and always get the max Craze Medallions.

I've hopefully added enough in-game warnings about not saving in the same spot in Curse Dungeons and to be careful. A big thanks to Liberty, who came up with the ideas for this! Thanks again ^_^

This will probably be the last update (unless we find more bugs or issues ^^;;) to the first region of Wyrm Warriors. Now, on to making Region Two!


New Make a Map page, Updates, and Issues

The Update

I had misinterpreted how Craze's code worked in battle and the skills and weapons in Wyrm Warriors were unbalanced as a result. LockeZ stepped in, and not only pointed out my misconception but also balanced all the weapons and skills for me. A huge thanks to him, once again! ^_^

The game has been rebalanced once again and reuploaded. You may not notice a huge difference as the game plays very much the same. Some errors in skill descriptions have been fixed as well.

New Make a Map page

I'd also like to introduce the new Make a Map page! Gourd_Clae suggested we have a central page for claiming and making maps, and it's now up and running, with descriptions of uncompleted maps all there, so we don't have to hunt through forum topics for them ^^;;

You'll notice asterisks next to Osis, Mount Arazia, and The Quartz Quarry. Those will be in the next region, so we need them done as soon as possible. Any help on those would be greatly appreciated ^_^

The Issue

There's also an issue that I'd like feedback on. LockeZ pointed out that, because enemies in Curse Dungeons do not respawn, you can just backtrack at any time with nothing in your way. This means, instead of using items, you can backtrack back to the inn and restore your HP and SP with no penalty aside from the paltry MS cost. This undermines the "rewarding the player for good item management" part of the game.

LockeZ suggested making the Inn cost a Craze Medallion (and giving the player three to start with) or making healing points that only work once, to mitigate this problem (I'm condensing his suggestions here, I hope you don't mind, LockeZ ^^;;). I'm not completely sold on either of these solutions (as if you run out of medallions or heal spots then you'll be in real trouble), but I'm not sure how to fix the problem either.

I'd really like to get a discussion going about what should be done, as this is potentially a huge deal. Please let me know if you have ideas, suggestions, questions, etc.


Demo Updated Again!

Because of all the great feedback I've been getting, I've updated the demo again! We're now up to v0.04! Here's what's changed:

-Edits and fixes based on Liberty's awesome "Let's Try" video (check it out if you haven't ^_^), for spelling/grammar and map errors (and thanks to Liberty for remaking two of the houses in the first town, too :D)

-Shop edit by LockeZ so you can actually tell how many of any weapon/armor you already have equipped

-Fixed a bug where you would still get EXP even after reaching the level cap

-Changed the dialog, inserting new dialog between characters and recruits instead of the recruits just responding as if the characters had said something

-Made a couple of the enemies in the Overgrowth Hideout "hunters" (they now approach the group and once killed, do not respawn). The rest remain respawnable, so they can be farmed for drops and Blue Magic.

-Healing items renamed (thanks LockeZ; and I need to start a topic about getting some cool names for weapons/armor too)

-General tweaks, edits, fixes, etc

And here are the edits from the v0.03 update from the other day, in case you missed it:

-Overhaul on the IP system. You'll get much better rewards now, and rewards will be based directly on IP, rather than "based on an abstract grading system from the depths of unity's scatterbrained brain."

-Fixed Party Command to be usable whenever, as many times as needed, with the cooldown lock turned off.

-Increased Max MP of all characters again. Counting my increase in an earlier release, every character is now double their original MP, which will work better with how much MP you need to spend to make it through an adverage battle. The MP restoring items have been tweaked to better suit the new Max MP of the characters.

That's it for now! Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any feedback! :D

And if you want to help shape the future of the game, we have threads on RMN to check out (I better add those to the main page ^_^)


Demo Bug - Fixed

I hate to make a second blog right in a row, but I found a big bug in the demo and wanted to make sure people were aware of it. The end of the first dungeon can be skipped, which is a pretty big mess-up. >.<;;

I've fixed this and re-uploaded the demo. If any of you are part-way through it, moving your save files to the new project should hopefully work fine.

Aside from the major bug, I've also fixed some typos and increased the starting MP of the characters, which should hopefully make the gameplay smoother.

A shout out to LockeZ, who not only brought the major bug to my attention, but also deserves major thanks for the leveling system and progression, which was his idea.

Thanks again, everyone, and sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: I have made yet another update to the upload, as issues are brought to my attention and fixed, and as I continue to fine-tune things. What's been changed:

-Overhaul on the IP system. You'll get much better rewards now, and rewards will be based directly on IP, rather than "based on an abstract grading system from the depths of unity's scatterbrained brain."

-Fixed Party Command to be usable whenever, as many times as needed, with the cooldown lock turned off.

-Increased Max MP of all characters again. Counting my increase in an earlier release, every character is now double their original MP, which will work better with how much MP you need to spend to make it through an adverage battle. The MP restoring items have been tweaked to better suit the new Max MP of the characters.

Thanks, and I apologize for the deluge of updates ^^;;


First Wyrm Warriors Demo Launch!

The first demo of Wyrm Warriors has arrived! After working on this for a few months, I've gotten enough for a playable portion for you all to test out! Normally, I like to release demos that have a bit more content to them, but given that this is a community project, I wanted the game to be available to everyone every step of the way.

You'll probably notice that the difficultly is a bit on the easy side for this demo. I generally like to ease the player into the game with an easy first section before ramping it up considerably as the game goes along. However, if the general consensus is that its way too easy, I'll do some tweaking and see if I can't give it a bit more bite.

Please let me know what you think! This is all about building a world for the thirty characters we made to inhabit, so I want it to live up to that, even if only a small portion of the world is available in this demo. There may be lingering bugs, inconsistencies, and other problems, too (hopefully not too many, I tested it a good bit), so let me know if you find any of those.

A big thanks to Craze, who came up with the game and the framework, and got people excited enough to make thirty freaking characters! And a big thanks to all the contributors; it's your excitement that gives me the drive to work on this project! Enjoy!
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