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Let's Make Wyrm Warrior Maps :D

This is the master list of maps we need and maps that are already made. If you'd like to make a map, please comment here (or on the locations/dungeon thread) and it'll be marked as taken. The locations we need soon (for the next update) have *** next to them. The description for each map is in a hide tag under the name.

To submit a map, just start a new project in VX Ace and make the map. Then select "Compress Game Data" and send unity the compressed file. If you use custom resources, make sure to include them with the map and let unity know who to credit for them.

Here's what has not been done yet:

Towns, Villages, and Cities:

The Sludge Dam
Biome: Wasteland, with a river of green slime running through the middle of the city (palette swap of lava should work perfectly since it has bubbles)
Notable features: The sludge river is pretty wide and runs through the middle of the town. The dam itself is a massive stone structure that staves off the sludge river. It can be walked across like a bridge, and also entered by some stairs leading down from the top of it.
Description: The sludge river flows out of the Wyrm Wizard's evil lands. This dam was built to keep the toxic slime from flowing into human lands. Some buildings are on either side of the sludge river and you can walk across the top of the dam to travel from one side to the other. On top of the dam are some lookout guards, maybe some cannons or ballistae, and I'm thinking possibly a hot dog stand. You can also enter the dam and there is some machinery and maybe a shop inside. Most of the people living in this town are either engineers working on the dam or druids trying to revitalize the land.

Misc Locations:

Dr. Yoadtl's Lab
Type:A horrid place of a mad scientist, filled to the brim and running over with vile creatures and poisons
Biome: Factory
Character tie-ins: Jordain's father is the mad scientist. Jordain previously worked for him till he got bored and left, taking a good deal of equipment with him. His father was less than pleased.....
Relevance: Due to Jordain's betrayal, the scientist is using all his resources to build a giant death weapon to destroy him.
Description/other details: Uh, the factory is not a full-metal automatic factory. It's sorta steam-punk like and stuff. With crystals that provide energy sources similar to electricity only fueled by an element. So a red crystal makes heat energy etc. The Wyrm Wizard probably is controlling the factory and is gathering the crystal for power or some shit like that.
There should also be midget toads waddling around.

The Sheer Lift of Uiraran
Type: Non-Settlement Location
Biome: Cliffs
Character Tie-ins: Leigh was formerly stationed at this post for a few months, and helped annex it from the Wyrm Wizard's forces.
Relevance: The Sheer Lift of Uiraran is the only easy path from Aremen into the North Mountains, a mountain range at the edge of the nation's borders. A fortress full of the Wyrm Wizard's forces is in the mountain, and so controlling the lift is of vital importance. It has been suggested to simply destroy the lift, but the Defenders of Uiraran are adamant that it can be defended without resorting to cutting off the only means of travel. They've yet to actually launch an assault on the fortress, but plan to do so when they receive reinforcements. The player might just be those reinforcements...
Description/other details: The lift is a large primitive elevator made up of a platform that is raised up by a rope. A waterfall next to it provides the power used to raise and lower the lift. Aremen has stationed military forces at the top and bottom of the lift; most of them are at the top. It was built decades ago. The Wyrm Wizard's forces seized the lift in a battle and used it to attack the nation of Aremen at the beginning of the war, but the Defenders of Uiraran retook it and have been holding fast so far.

Biome: Mountain
Character tie-ins: Constantine, a marine from the Cress Empire, was given a mission to steal the blueprints for the cannon and learn anything he could about how it works.
Notable features: The entire "town" is situated on the top of the barrel of an enormous cannon. Although it's got all the buildings it needs to be a town, they are all empty.
Description: The mayor of Cannonburg decided that his town needed a cannon because, as he put it, "Every town needs a cannon! What's the point of even having a town if there isn't a giant cannon?" So he hired engineers to build a gigantic cannon the size of a destroyer, pointed it at the Wyrm Wizard's castle, and then built a village on the top of it. Unfortunately no one has moved to Cannonburg, because if the cannon ever gets used it'll probably destroy all the houses, so it's just an eclectic guy calling himself the mayor of a cannon with a bunch of abandoned buildings on it.
Relevance: The cannon is fully operational, and could totally be a key weapon in the battle against the Wyrm Wizard, if his forces ever got within range of it. They, um, don't.
Sidequest: Many of the abandoned buildings are locked, but the keys are hidden in drawers/crates/pots in other buildings. One of the buildings contains the cannon blueprints, which Constantine can turn into a Cress Empire operative in another city for a reward.

The Wastes
Biome: Desert Wasteland
Character tie-ins: This is the region wherein Naalak is thought to dwell. Also contains the Temple of Garanaath.

A blasted dust bowl wherein nothing grows except the hardiest and most despicable of living things. Trees and bushes are misshapen, bearing no leaves. Any fruits borne are dark and bitter, providing little if any nourishment. Gray water tends toward a slightly greasy texture that's as likely to excite thirst as it is to quench it.

Inhabited by the Uriki, a race of desert nomads who have developed ways of living in the midst of this harsh land.

Note: Each culture bounding The Wastes will probably have a different name for it. The Uriki simply call it 'The Blasted Lands', which is an allusion to a cataclysm of fire and darkness that they believe washed over all life in the area and blasted it into its current withered and twisted form.

Fort Moglietta
Type: Abandoned Jail
Biome: Desert

Notable features: The main entrance was a secure, controlled archway into the walled fortress. The library is in ruins and the books were burned, although the church stays fairly well intact except for the cross on top, which has fallen over. The exercise yard is overgrown with weeds.

Description: A ruinous ex-jailsite surrounded by eroded stone and metal fencing, the enemy's Fort Moglietta once housed fleeing prisoners of war until it was overrun by allied soldiers over 50 years ago. Half of the fence still stays electrified, but the jail itself is a mangled array of broken-in gates, corroded guard towers, and the charred skeletons of watchmen and patrol dogs.

The prison architecture employed a decentralized "podular" layout to restrict and control the movement of prisoners throughout the facility. Torture chambers were constructed underground; the skeletons of prisoners, unfound by the raid, still hanging from shackles on the walls. The cross on top of the prison church has fallen lengthways, face flat on the ground. Only a few desert trees and brush have grown through the dry soil and harsh climate of the desert, and they lie curled over in the wind.

St. Vertwick Cathedral
Type: Church
Biome: Wastelands

Notable features: The area was ransacked a little while ago, but a few people still sometimes camp in the dusty area surrounding the church.

Description: The St. Vertwick Cathedral is a small abandoned cathedral in the wastelands. Long ago, there was a holy war in the region, which caused the evil lord Drovai to curse the Church for the religions it had been teaching the local people. Citizens then ransacked the church, overturning tables, chairs and generally leaving the place abandoned.

It is said that within the Cathedral lies a holy Druid's Relic that enables secret passages.


The Labyrinth of Madness
The entire dungeon is a giant maze. It is filled with diabolical switch puzzles and the dreaded rock push puzzles, although the harder ones are reserved for treasure.
Monsters: Mostly crazy humanoid type foes that have gone insane from the maze. Clowns, Priests, you name it. It also has a lot of demon archetype monsters, such as imps, medusas, and those annoying flying enemies that always have a blind ability for some reason.
Boss: A floating hexagon, which is the source of the craziness going on in the maze. It uses a lot of status effects, along with light and earth based attacks.
Special Items:
- A Mania Crown, which randomly confuses a player but buffs their stats.
- A Confuse Sword, which of course confuses an enemy.
- Demon Armor, which is very strong and fire resistant.
Other Notes: This dungeon can't be tackled until the party has at least 15 members.

The Archives of the Seraphim
A worldly, rundown,maze-like ruin. Within lies a small shrine which teleports you into a more ethereal location where harder enemies, greater riches, and the actual Archives await. Within the many floors of the Archives, you must forge your way past a maze of magic library shelves that change as you read the books. Past that, lies a stone librarian that allows you to pass either by correctly answering her riddle or bringing her the lost tome hidden away in the shelf puzzle. Afterwards, you find yourself in the corridors of the Great Archives of the Seraphim, where you may find the entrance to the chamber where Ein and the Diamond of Passion lie.

Being a library, this place should have riddles galore. Of course, those answers should be hidden away within the library itself, to prevent bad things from happening.

Deception's Depths
This dungeon is basically a bunch of illusions, tricks and traps. Puzzles would have something to do with seeing through these illusions and not falling for the tricks or traps. For example, having an enemy an another side of a glass wall do everything you do, and you'd have to make them mimic you into a pit or something.

Monsters: Mimics, enigmas(magical beasty things) and warped souls (people tortured by deception or something)

Boss: Have something (I'm not picky) that changes poses every something turns, like "Defense" pose that in actuality is the exact opposite.
'Attack' Pose: Has extremely boosted defense/barrier. Gives status, counter attacks.
'Defense' Pose: Has extremely boosted attack/magic attack.
'Drained' Pose: a pose where if it get's hit, it gets healed.
or something similar.

Cold Heart Cave
Character Tie-Ins: Anybody can potentially tie-in with this dungeon, whether it be someone's parent(s) that attempted to explore this cave along with a lot of others in the past, or someone got frozen inside by the beasty that lies within......
Description: A cave carved into a mountain by an ice spirit. It's cold inside but you don't see large chunks of ice until you get deep inside. In the past, a group of adventurers explored the cave's depths and no one came back. At the bottom of the cave is a shrine and on the shrine is the Ice Spirit.

Monsters: Anything that has to do with ice. Ice wisps, frost bats etc.
Boss: The Ice Spirit (Czarina, perhaps?)
Special Items: Frost Queen's Jewel, grants immunity/absorption of Ice elemental attacks.
Other Notes: None.

Dimensional Castle
A floating castle that randomly warps between dimensions.
Monsters: Elementals abound here, due to the dimensional travel. Some undead also dwell here.
Boss: Sleeping Tyrant. A tyrannical leader from an empire long forgotten, who fell to the chaos of the castle, and dissapeared. He has no consciousness anymore, and will not spare the heroes. Deals A wide reange of dark and elemental attacks, primarily magic based, but also inflicts minor status effects.
Other Notes: This dungeon should have different areas with different "elements" each floor, such as: damage floors for fire, sliding puzzles for ice, and so on.

Taken Maps:
Marison Docks
Forgotten Home
Monster City

Temple of Soul
Type: Other Location
Biome: Mountain
Character tie-ins: None at the moment, but anyone is welcome to tie their character in if they wish too.
Notable Features: The temple lays on the top of a large mountain, surrounded by a gate to keep undesirables out. The temple itself has a disco theme going on; the entire place constantly has outdated music being played, with rainbow lights covering the setting, with monks scattered about as they dance around.
Description/Relevance: This super groovy temple is home to the psychedelic Funkmasters, a group of monks who have watched over the land of Aremen for countless generations, keeping order and peace throughout the land by using the power of their far out magical abilities. But thanks to the party crashing Wyrm Wizard, the Funkmasters are now overwhelmed, and powerless to do anything to stop the wizard and his goals. The curse has corrupted the temple, and has destroyed large areas of it, and what's left is now in a state of crumbling decay.

I was thinking this would be a hidden area, with it being up in the mountains of another area. The monks and such could give helpful advice to the players, maybe even train them a bit, along with add to the lore of Aremen.

Uriki Encampment
The Uriki migrate between several oases, where they have semipermanent encampments, in a rotation that allows each one to replenish its resources between visits. Around each watering hole grows a reed that the Uriki are able to use as a type of bread for food. The Uriki can use parts of the plant to filter the water and make it drinkable.

Meeting a group of outsiders, the Uriki will either share food and water, bestowing friendship upon them, or else they will kill them outright as a mercy. A slow death within The Blasted Lands is a kind of hell they would not wish even upon their enemies. If a character is so marked by the Uriki (friend or foe), any others from the same tribe will mysteriously know about it as well and will respond similarly. Other tribes may or may not recognize this.

The Uriki sometimes skirmish and squabble between themselves, but these conflicts are settled quickly by the village elders. The basis for them are usually two groups trying to occupy the same oasis village, or else a religious disagreement.

Most of them follow a god they call The Wanderer, but some occasionally call upon his nemesis, The Dark Storm.

Tortura Island
Biome: Tropical Island
Character Tie-Ins: A few former members of Rackward's old pirate crew use this island as their hideout. They are not on friendly terms with him, having unsuccessfully attempted mutiny because they felt they weren't getting their fair share. He left them stranded on a tiny island, but they somehow survived (each of them telling a different story as to how). Rackward would prefer that the rest of the party not know about his past life as a pirate; this is where they learn it anyway.
Notable Features: An outdoor cantina, the Sun-Kissed Minnow, is the central feature of the village. In fact, there's not much else to it except an inn, a couple of shacks and some fishermen. One of the shacks is the hideout of Rackward's former crew members.
Description: Wooden platforms raised above the water like docks and connected to each-other make up a large part of the village, or maybe all of it. All the "shops" are actually patrons at the cantina.

***The Quartz Quarry
The Quartz Quarry is a cavern labyrinth filled with abandoned mineshafts, walled to the brim with quartz. Unlike other minerals, the quartz in this dungeon cause the entire cavern to constantly travel through time, and it makes itself existent and non-existent within several different time periods; The dungeon is multi-dimensional in a sense. Years ago, there was a mining operation set within the cavern to obtain the mysterious quartz, but as workers, and even the landscape suddenly started to vanish and reappear in new forms constantly, the operation was shut down.

Conceptually, the dungeon is a maze that revolves around using special quartz crystals to "travel through time" and alter the terrain for the player. Altering the terrain by "travelling" through the past, present, and future would be the key to solving the dungeon's central puzzle (Perhaps, you could make certain objects that existed in the past exist in another time period through some sort of action? That would be cool, too).

Shady Rest
Type: Ghost Town
Biome: Snowy mountain
Character tie-ins: welp
Notable features:
Everyone in town is a ghost, including animals and livestock. It appears abandoned unless the party rests in a house, at which point they'll awaken at night to find the residents visible and doing their townfolk thing.
Mabel, a girl who died at thirteen and who has been in town for centuries- she's got a lot of memories of historical info, which she'll share in exchange for pretty clothing. She haunts the mansion.
A small, well-tended field of Grey Heartsease, a rare flower that only grows in the snow, which is some kind of cool stat-enhancing item I guess. The field is in the courtyard of the mansion.

Description/other details:
Long ago, Shady Rest was a bustling town of living people. Then, a disastrous blizzard killed all the residents. In spite of this, the hardy and hard-working townsfolk refused to let a setback like separation from their corporeal bodies lead to the decline of their home.
Shady Rest has become a diverse settlement, attracting people who aren't ready or willing to go to the Great Beyond. They are ambivalent to the living; some are happy to interact and help, while others don't like having outsiders and gawkers in their space.
The area seems to be an abandoned and rundown town at first, with the outermost houses mainly decaying ruins. Further in, the buildings are better-kept, particularly the mansion at the center of town and the stables housing ghostly livestock.
At the rear of town is an ice cave storing the remains of those people who died in the town, preserved by the cold. A few snowmen surround the entrance.

***Sleeping Mausoleum
Diamond Element: Diamond of Apathy

Description: A relatively small, dark and dusty underground dungeon with a few secret treasure chambers. The boss room is quite easy to find, but to actually fight him the party must find a special key first. To get this key, they must find their way through a more or less typical medium-sized maze. The special thing about this maze is that it is slowly but surely getting darker in there until the screen turns completely black. If the player doesn't manage to find the exit before that happens, he could either be kicked back to the maze entry or have to face a mini-boss, after which the process is restarted.

Monsters: The Mausoleum is populated by nocturnal creatures like wildcats, large moths and bats. And, of course, skeletons and other undead.

Boss: The boss is an undead mummy preserved inside a massive sarcophagus. To open this sarcophagus, the player needs the key from the maze.
The mummy shouldn't be too strong, but have a nasty ability that deals damage to multiple targets (two or three, but not the entire party) and has a chance to put them to sleep. Also, the mummy should regenerate a small amount of health every turn.

Tower of Forests
While this was obviously a joke entry, unity may include a version of it as a post-game dungeon XD

Type: Labyrinthine tower with a boss on each floor
Biome: Forest biome, with grass and trees and ponds and rocks, but inexplicably inside of a tower
Character tie-ins: Craze's original two characters, Andri and Daji, have been exploring the floors of this tower. They were with a group of 16 other warriors, but everyone died except them, and now they're stuck.
Relevance: The Wyrm Wizard hired a man known as Q'rase the Mad Architect to build this tower as a fortress for his troops to work from. However, it's now almost empty.
Description/other details: Andri and Daji can't gain any more XP because all the monsters are already dead, and they ran out of healing items so their friends' corpses rotted. They also can't leave, because the stairs are all inexplicably one-way. Despite the architect starting over dozens of times, the tower was never finished, and the upper floors are inaccessible. Only the demonstration section of the tower was ever completed, and Q'rase the Mad Architect, builder of the tower, is the only enemy still alive inside - he serves as the final boss of his own dungeon. Andri and Daji will join the team if the player defeats the boss with them. Several forested floors of the tower are accessible, but are devoid of enemies and all the treasure chests are already opened - the player must simply walk through them.

Caracal Oasis
Type: Oasis in the middle of a desert, home of some friendly monsters/desert dwellers.

Biome: Desert

Character tie-ins: None, although people are more than welcome to use it if it strikes their fancy.

Relevance: The Wyrm Wizard has not affected it much, but the monsters around it have become terribly, overly aggressive, forcing a group of desert dwellers/friendly monsters to stay there for a time. Caracal Oasis is the only place where the Caracal fruit can be found, which is a highly gourmet delight as well as valued for it's healing properties, so Cherusta City often sends caravans here. However, since the uprise of the Wyrm Wizard, it has become a rarity and it's price has skyrocketed (this is the basis for a sidequest, if not then it can only be a nifty item that regenerates a person to full health). It may or may not house the secret entrance to the Sacred Temple of Siracusa, where the Siracusa Warmace rests. (Possible entrance to a dungeon, if not then another sidequest, if still not then a rumor.)

Description/other details: It is a gorgeous patch of green in an otherwise very drab dessert. The oasis is surrounded by palm trees, grass, and of course the Caracal fruit shrubs. The majority of the flowers that grow here are red, so it is also called the Crimsom Oasis, since when it is season, Fire Lotus bloom on it's surface and can cover more than 3/4 of it's area. Many animals, mostly lizards and other reptiles, make this their home, and it is protected from monsters by a natural outcropping of rocks from North to Southwest, while the entrance is slightly dipped into an otherwise forgettable rock formation.

***Mount Arazia
The most active volcano in the world, erupting minorly every few years. A major eruption occurs every 50 years. Very few are located near this region for the reason that they would be completely covered in ash every few years. Cultists scale this mountain for the reason of human sacrifice, saying sacrificing one willing participant into the fire every year will calm the rage of the gods.

It is said that groups of bandits also inhabit this area, since no authorities find scouring the mountain for hideouts is dangerous due to the rough and inclined terrain.

This location contains the entrance to a dungeon inside, so make sure to leave room for that.

Lake of the Gods
A visibly calm lake surrounded by a grove of towering trees, the Lake of the Gods is the fabled location of the origin of life in this world. It is said that the first gods reproduced here, forming the spark of human life and setting off the chain reaction of evolution.

All travelers who find this place do so only by accident, since it is not marked on any map or recorded in any piece of literature. Not just anyone may stumble on this place, however. Only those who play an important role in the balance of the world happen upon its cool grassy banks. Heroes who visit this location feel noticeably replenished and have even caught glimpse of passing spirits that make their seasonal pilgrimage to the lake.

The Cliffs of Versanz
Type: Cliff face
Biome: Gorge

Notable features: Stone steps that reach across the face of a steep, high cliff. Hewn from the cliff itself, they are old and worn from much use. At the top of the cliff is a small abandoned hut where a witch was believed to have once lived, and a small forested area where-in there are an abundance of herbs growing wild.

Description: A large, steep cliff face that is named for the young witch who lived at the top. The witch loved to walk by the cliff edge and on one such occasion she spied a young man at the base of the cliffs and fell instantly in love.

However, her skills as a witch were mediocre at best and though she was able to do wonders with herbs and healing, she had no such power as to transport her to his side. Such was her love for the young man and such was her longing to be with him that she slowly began carefully carving a staircase out of the the rock cliff face that separated them.

Day after day and year after year she carved until finally she reached the bottom of the cliff face. Quickly she rushed to his side, only to find him happily married with no understanding of who she was. He called her mad and, being a man of some power, had her locked away 'for her own safety'. That night she used what little arts she had at her disposal to escape and fled up the stairs, back to her home above. Unfortunately she was in such a distressed state that she slipped and fell to her death.

The next day men sent to search for the escaped woman found her body at the bottom of the steps. The man, feeling guilt over her death, carried her to the top of the cliff, back to her home and buried her there.

The cliffs were renamed for the witch and every year a pilgrimage is made to the top of them by young women in love to lay flowers on her grave, in the hopes that her love-lorn spirit will continue to rest in peace and that their love will end happier than hers.

Completed Maps:
(Maps are marked as completed as soon as unity has the completed files)

Perilswine Traders
Type: Village
Biome: Probably grassland, but it could easily be put in a different biome if there's an area on the map that needs a small town.

Character tie-ins: None, but this would be a good place to meet random people.

Notable features: A large building, the actual Perilswine Traders post proper, occupies most of this settlement and is the only real building. Outside is mostly just a road with some people doing things outside the trading post. One or two of the people outside might have a small tent, or just a stall with a canopy over it, or be in a covered wagon or a carriage parked on the road.

Description/other details: This village is basically just a large trading post. The Perilswine Traders are a group of merchants dealing primarily with weapons and food; thus the peril and the swine in their name. They built a trading post on a major intersection between towns (though not necessarily between towns the player can visit; maybe they deal in trade between Aremen and a neighboring country). As you enter the trading post, the first part inside of it is predictably a pair of shops, one for arms and armor, and the other for food. However, the large building also contains a lodge in the back where travellers can spend the night, as well as a small bar for guests to drink at. The entire trading post is typically filled with travelers and merchants.

Their business is not purely limited to arms and foodstuffs; outside and in the bar, many vendors associated with the Perilswine Traders congregate and buy and sell smaller amounts of goods to anyone passing through. The outside of the shop is as busy as the inside.

Sidequest: A horse merchant on the dirt road outside sells horse rides to a few nearby locations, but orcs have stolen his horses. If the player can bring them back, he will not only reward them with money/items but also give free horse rides from Perilswine Traders to several nearby locations for the rest of the game, letting the player skip world map battles. (If you don't have world map battles, then maybe let this unlock a new zone that can only be reached on horseback. Like a zone on the other side of an impassable marsh, or a zone that's just too far away to walk to.)

Type: Town
Biome: River
Character tie-ins: If you want to put your character here, feel free to say so.
Districts: None
Notable features: Large, slow flowing river. Area around is bushlands.
Description/other details: Initially a small settlement built on the banks of the Osis river, the mix of bushfires and bandit attacks chased the citizenry to live apon the river itself. Now, more than half a century later, Osis has become a town of trade set apon riverboats and large rafts.

Wood bridges run between large platforms and, being a town of little space, tall-storied houses are built either on stilts above the river or on larger platforms that float on the surface and can be moved if necessary.

On the shores of the river you can find small farms surrounded by walls, but these are often ramshackle and abandoned during bandit attack or in case of bushfire (an often occurrence in the area).

The folk of Osis are friendly and down-to-earth, prizing skills in fishing and net-crafting. Building with wood is also a prized ability, as is honesty and aiding one's friends in times of crisis.

The leader of Osis is a small man with broad shoulders - a master crafter when it comes to wood. He designed the newer stilt houses and is praised as both a wise and intelligent leader, if a little gruff.

Library of Lost Souls
Type: Small Shrine
Biome: Mountain
Character tie-ins: Lorence can usually be found perusing the nearly endless volumes located within. He reads book after book, searching for something of worth. Anything of worth. Knowledge yet to be obtained.

Description/other details: A unkempt ruin that seemed to once be a vast library. There are shelves on top of shelves, ladders to climb up, and people are expected to walk along the top of bookshelfs in order to browse the upper levels. Friendly spirits and other entities may float about, offering advice and random tidbits about the place. And there just might be a treasure of worth hidden somewhere within.

Temple of Garanaath

Dome of Order
A huge dungeon that is based on the idea of absolute order and symmetry. Puzzles will be either logic based (figuring out codes or ciphers; hints can be found throughout the dungeon) or have to do with "restoring order" (for example by finding and removing something that doesn't fit).
The Dome should be easy to navigate in principle, but have lots of small rooms and corridors that often look very similar (too much order can be confusing, too, after all).

Monsters: Monsters can look like geometrical shapes that have come alive. They would have slightly higher stats than average monsters, but would always use their skills in a regular sequence. That way, the player can effectively plan his counter-strategies after he has found out a particular enemy's skill pattern. The enemies' skill names should be based on mathematical operations or other examples of "order".

Boss: The "boss" guarding the Diamond consists of multiple enemies that look like or are based on the form of numbers. These need to be defeated in a specific order. All of them are participating in the fight, but only one (for example the one with the lowest "number") can be damaged. All other "boss parts" are invincible until the right one has been defeated, then the next one of the sequence becomes vulnerable. Also, the last "boss part" can have a skill called "Divide", which shows an animation that looks like the target is literally divided into two parts, then halves the target's current HP.

Other Notes: Since logic based puzzles aren't everyone's cup of tea, enough hints should be available (either to be found inside the dungeon or provided by party members) so they don't become frustrating.
Some characters could also speak their mind about the dungeon for additional flavour: More logical characters could say how they appreciate the atmosphere of the Dome, while more impulsive characters could complain that this type of stuff isn't what they became adventurers for.
Since "The Labyrinth of Madness" (Arandomgamemaker's optional dungeon) is more or less a chaos-themed dungeon, it could be an idea to connect these two. There could be a hidden treasure chest somewhere in the Dome that contains an item (maybe: "Key of Entropy") that would later grant the party access to the "Labyrinth of Madness"


I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I'm not saying it needs to be symmetrical. I'm saying there's no such thing as a building with zig-zag hallways, dead-end hallways, or 25-foot-thick walls. That's simply not how buildings work. In a building walls are built to separate rooms; they're a foot or two thick and they're uniform thickness. You're not carving space out of a solid stone mountain like you are with a cave; you're adding walls to air.

Also, not that this means we can't use the "winding passages and traps" trope if we make a pyramid, but people only think Egyptian pyramids were mazes because of Hollywood. In reality they look like this:

So, uh, I guess the Egyptians didn't get the memo about what I was saying about walls. But, y'know, whatever. It was underground, I forgive them.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
You have a point there. The pyramid was a bad example I chose. All I really wanted to say was that I would have preferred the third layout for this dungeon because it looks more interesting than a straight hallway with some sideways.

But, yeah, as a building, it really doesn't make a lot of sense. Unless we decide to make it an underground mausoleum where the halls aren't built, but rather dug into the stone. Or we could go for a ruined mausoleum, which was originally regular but where certain passages and rooms are now blocked off by rubble, while on other places walls have collapsed and created new passages that originally weren't supposed to be there.
Whatever works better for the mappers, I guess.
You're magical to me.
I like those maps. You did a great job, grimm_reepar! If you'd like, I'll gladly take all three of them and put at least two of them to good use, if not all three.

I like the idea of combining the first two maps to make the dungeon. That way, we have your traditional "inside a volcano" feel to start off with and then a creepy mausoleum underneath. ^_^

As for the "Does this make sense for a real building" debate, I think there is some leeway, as while sticking to a building design that would more likely exist in real life is preferable, I don't think it's absolutely necessary, as we've already got one canonical mad architect in the game so I don't see why other structures couldn't be built that don't completely follow common sense XD
BIG EDIT: Wow, I replied to the first couple of posts on the first page before realizing there was a second page. My LARGE bad. I'll send the maps to you ASAP unity. In any case, I genuinely prefer LockeZ's idea of combining the two maps, the original idea DID want a maze so...

Considering it was a mausoleum, I intended on giving it either a somewhat wild appearance, or a building-like one. I personally felt that number three suited it best. On the other hand, LockeZ has a good point; considering unity intends on putting the dungeon in a volcano, it might be a good idea to take the first two "versions" and make them one dungeon. They'll definitely need some editing, I'm not exactly the best at this.

And yes, the third map is pretty much a re-textured second map. The second one was a spur of the moment when unity said she intended on having the dungeon in a volcano. I liked the layout, so I redid it.
Sorry my maps are taking so long. >< But just sticking to RTP and trying to make an oasis is hard work. ;_;

You're magical to me.
There's no big rush, so you can take your time :D I appreciate your effort with this and I know it's not easy. Thanks! ^_^

EDIT: If you want to make an edited tileset for the oasis, or use resources other people made, that's fine. Just send me the edited tileset and let me know who to credit for it. We want to stick mostly to RTP, but we can go outside of it if we need to (I already edited it to make Castle Aremen look more ruined, for example).
I'll take the lake of the gods, please!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I'd like to try Osis, though I keep wishing I had the Arabian Nights pack for that. It sounds a lot like "Isis.DO you think it's a bad place to start? " Any suggestions for how to do the stilts?
You're magical to me.
Osis has already been made by Gourd_Clae. The maps under "Taken" and "Completed" have been either claimed or already made.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
sorry, i must have misread that. My apologies.... *Goes to look again8
Looks like you really need Mount Arazia... Why don't I do that?
You're magical to me.
I'll take the lake of the gods, please!

Thanks! I've added it to the Taken list. :D

sorry, i must have misread that. My apologies.... *Goes to look again8
Looks like you really need Mount Arazia... Why don't I do that?

Cool, I'll add it to the Taken list, too ^_^
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
This'll be new for me but I'll do my best...
*Chants cultist mantra* Dayanaan palakaan parakara talanaan... Dayanaan palakaan parakara talanaan...
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Eh, sorry. Between the SMBX events, Pokemon RMN, and real life work opportunities, I don't think I'll be able to contribute a map as I said I would. Heck, from the day I posted, I haven't even started.

So, I'd like to leave Quartz Quarry up for anyone to grab, especially since it's going to be needed for the next region and I don't want to hold this up.
You're magical to me.
@Ratty524: No worries! You're already doing plenty of wonderful Gam Mak ^_^ Anyone else can claim it, or, if no one does in the next few days, I'll make it myself :D
Quartz Quarry sounds really challenging!

I'll take it~!
You're magical to me.
That would be wonderful, Gourdy! :DDDD Thanks very much!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Quartz Quarry sounds really challenging!

I'll take it~!
Just an idea, Clae, but consider varying the types of terrain within the rooms. After all, the quartz transports the quarry through time (And hence space), but not necessarily at the same rate everywhere; hence the quarry might well be a fractured tangle of various locations and times similar to FFV's Interdimensional Rift. The starting area might well be underground, but as the party proceeds they might find themselves stumbling into a volcano, an ancient village, or even a forest with no walls in sight....
It's up to Gourd how he maps his area. You focus on your own, okay?
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm kinda thinking of doing Perilswine Traders. I dunno. It depends on what kind of thing is happening in June. Though, if I end up doing it, that would mean that I've submitted more maps to this than than any other community project. I think?
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
It's up to Gourd how he maps his area. You focus on your own, okay?
Yes'm. ^_^; Just throwing out ideas and suggestions. But you're right- i need to stay focused on my own work.

*Edit* Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this... In fact this has higher priority than the contest right now. I have a duty to complete this.