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Taylor is a 17 year old kid. After being attacked by members of a dark cult, he finds himself locked up in an old ruined prison. When he wakes up he seems to have lost all memories of his past and the world he lives in. He sets out on a quest to recollect his memories, but the more he finds out about himself, the more
he discovers things he would've never wanted to remember.

The story takes place on Tirelon, a small remote island far away from the main land across the ocean. Tirelon used to be very peaceful, but lately more and more humans and other creatures have started to become dangerous. Darkness is falling over Tirelon, and nobody knows what is causing it...

The game:
Shadows of Tirelon is a somewhat small game that will most likely eventually be around 10 hours long. It's a typical fantasy RPG with eight storyline dungeons, seven optional dungeons and a couple of special features.
During the first portion of the game your aim is to regain your lost memories and rediscover Tirelon, which is the reason why I haven't given a lot of background information about Tirelon and the main character.

(I am currently working on this project on my own, so development is a bit slow)

Current features:
- A daycycle which can influence certain events in different areas. (Like accessibility of shops or sidequests)
- Monsters are visible on the maps, allowing you to dodge them when necessary.
- Dungeons are not so linear and are filled with puzzles to keep them interesting.
- Arrows that point toward exits that may otherwise be a little hard to spot.
- Skills can't be learned by leveling, but can be bought in skill shops.
- A workshop where you can create equipment with drops from monsters.
- Summons that will fight alongside you in battle.
- Purchasable bestiaries containing information on monsters you can encounter in certain areas. (If I can get it to work)
- Optional dungeons that will reward you with unique equipment, special skills or other special items.

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the game look nice but i not sure on first features *A daycycle which can influence certain events in different areas*
can you tall me more abut it O.o
hope it have nothing to do with dead or miss someone to join with me /one time events item/ or epic Summons XD
No, don't worry, the daycycle doesn't change any important things. Just thing like availability of shops, sidequests and that kind of stuff. For example, most shops are closed at night, but are open during daytime, while some other places may only be accessible during the night.
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