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Ryuna a girl from Dragon Clan accompanied by Aele, a low class Ranger they journey together to find Ryuna lost sister, They never know the journey will change them so much.

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Few Change

Yeah time to update this old and abandoned game, I have several change

1. Title
For you know this project former title is Breath of Fire fan game, why I decided to changed it? The main reason is because it's already strayed to far from BoF, the only similarity with the original game the Dragon, Nina and Clan named. I actually confused to decided should I continue this game as a fan game or remake it into new game.

2. Sprite
I won't use RMXP template, instead I use the new one for this game, this is some example (still unfinished because I still learning how to sprite)

3. Battle System
New Battle system using Action Cost Card System, the main system already worked but the interface is still a mock up.
Also I changed 3/4 view BS into Sideview

Battler used sprite from Tales of Destiny 2 for a Test only.
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  • 06/14/2007 01:10 AM
  • 09/21/2011 01:44 AM
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hey i love breath of fire psl let me test ur game when u finish it i own every breath of fire excpet for the psp version
hey i love breath of fire psl let me test ur game when u finish it i own every breath of fire excpet for the psp version but anyway i would love to be a tester if ud let me
RMN sex symbol
I can't believe your still making this game haha, I remember seeing the first couple of screens from this game, wow. It's improved a lot and I can't wait.
I wont stop makeing until thi game finished Eijin :D
Note i almost finished chapter 1.
Updated August 9?

Dude, you are still here?
Been following this games production forever on Gamingw, hope you don't
quit this game Lusty.
How long till you fully complete it?
Double post... Ages ago but double post either way.
Don't forgot to download the audio file.
Have some feedback for your demo. I'm fairly sure I didn't play the whole length of it so I won't review it.

1. It took me a couple tries to figure out that I needed the put the audio file in random places to make this work. It was definitely not very user-friendly. Mind including an instructions document, if not cleaning it up a bit?
2. I'm going to guess you're not a native English speaker. You might want to get someone who is to edit the dialogue for you before a release. I'd be willing to help.
3. Seagull flying thing is pretty nice.
4. That "click click click" sound effect when the "..." appears is really obnoxious.
5. Ryuna's "excuse me" part of the opening scene is executed well.
6. "She is weak but I am strong" has to be one of the classier cheesy dialogue parts I've seen in a while. That's probably not a good thing.
7. There are certainly a lot of different musical pieces that play within the span of that 20 second battle cutscene.
8. The slowness of the text scroll bothers me, a lot.
9. The stomach growl sound effect is kind of weird, maybe a bit out of place.
10. Ryuna's dialogue extends past the text bar towards the end of the opening cutscene.
11. The stairs in the town don't lead to anywhere.
12. There are a few chips that shouldn't be passable that are, for instance, the upper left part of the grass cliff and the lower left of the house. There are also a few places under trees that the character can squeeze through but shouldn't be able to. I gave up on this game after I got caught in one of these tree areas and couldn't get out. I had already hit up every NPC in town for info and had no idea where to go anyway. Is that all there is to the demo?
13. Your mapping is very cluttered. I'd add more open space to the map so it's easier to tell what's going on. This mainly applies to the town map.
Wow, that lot feedback you have XD

1. I forgot to add instruction, my bad, i will see if i can put it here,
2. You right, my english kind a bad. I will consider your request after i finished remake the dialogue.
6. Yeah, i also realize that the dialogue have few cheesy line, right now I'm in the middle of remake it.
7. Is that too much? I tried to match the music with the event so it gave more feeling.
8. I also agree, i will try to fasten it next.
9. How did you notice this XD, yeah i don't find good growling sound so i edit it from something else.
11/ 12/ 13
All the map in the middle of remake, i will take your feedback into consideration.
The demo not ended yet. After you gain control of Aele talk to girl in second floor, she will tell you where you should go next.

The two doors on the top floor of the inside of that house are locked.
There are three door in second floor, try the one in the bottom.
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