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Messed up Starting Position!

It has been three months since the release of the latest version of this game and no one mentioned that the party starting position might be kinda messed up? JESUS CHRIST this is embarrassing.

Please, if you tried starting a new game and wound up spawned in this weird room immediately, download the newest version that is being put up right now. Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.


New Download and WALKTHROUGH!

I have submitted a new page for the walkthrough! Whew, this one took a while.

A new download is also being submitted that will fix some hiccups I overlooked and luckily found while playing through again. (You should just be able to replace the old maps, but I'm not sure if this works properly?)


Does anyone have feedback to give?

Valerie's Letter is the most pain-staking RPG Maker project I've ever done. I've put forth a lot of love and effort into polishing this game to provide an atmospheric, unsettling horror experience while keeping good gameplay in mind. This game was a mess in its early years and I have gone through many different phases to ensure it "feels" and plays right. Total development time is around five years, and in that five years, there has also been clashes here and there with life events that greatly delayed the game.

What am I getting at here? Well, I feel like I'm being ignored. I see a hefty download count, but I am not getting much feedback for the work I've done. Can I say my own game is amazing and remarkable? Well, probably not since that would be very pretentious, but regardless I've tried to accomplish these things and make the game have something special - something that could make it stand out. There are many games that have pretty, decorated pages, but do these pages really enhance the game itself? I don't believe this is something people have to do to gather interest in their game.

I feel like I'm at my wit's end here. I've gone through years and years on the internet being unnoticed despite my efforts and contributions. I hoped making something like this would really bring up some much-needed attention I craved for for a long time now, but with the lack of the slightest peep I feel my efforts go to waste.

I should stop before this gets too long. In the end, here's what I need to say: Somebody, please say something!



Enjoy! Report any game-breaking bugs to me immediately, although they've pretty much been ironed out to my knowledge.


Releasing very soon.

Prepare yourselves. A few more fixes here and there and the game will be complete and released. Thank you all for your patience.


ALMOST DONE! Need testers!

Valerie's Letter is finally nearing its completion...well, sorta. After the game's done, I'll still need more time in testing, which is especially important since there are four different sets of difficulties. That's where I need help if I want this released soon!

If you are willing to have a go at testing the game, please respond in this blog or send a message my way. I need THREE bodies for this. I have to assign each tester a difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, or Very Hard. I won't leave you stuck on a puzzle or anything, just note me when you're having trouble. This whole thing is not only meant to stamp out bugs, but to make sure each difficulty lives up to its name.

I won't be giving out the game right away since it isn't done just yet, but if I could get a list going, I can hand out the game immediately when it is.

Please get the word out! Thanks!

Progress Report

Update - Ammo counters and other unpleasantry

Welcome to yet another VL blog! In this blog I will share that I have now implemented a little system where it shows you how much ammo you have for a weapon when your cursor is over it.

Last time you had to press a key while having your cursor over the weapon in order to find out how many mags you had for the gun, as well as bullets left in the mag. I'm trying to make this game a little less painful game-play wise, after some feedback and suggestions.

I also fixed quite a funny glitch with the shotgun that let a player be able to generate buckshot infinitely while reloading the shotgun. You'd have to reload first, and while doing so, go into the menu. The buckshot pack variable isn't affected at all when you do this, because once the one-second increments of loading the shotgun with buckshot is over, that's when the number is lowered. The reloading is put to a halt when you go into the menu, therefore the sequence isn't finished, therefore you don't lose any buckshot packs. Just something funny I wanted to share.

I've also added in a couple new weapons - ones that won't be firearms either.

And need I mention a special guest?


What is the cause of the slowdown?

I have not been touching RPG Maker for a while and really not much progress has been made since the last blog post I've made. I've taken quite a long break to work on some other projects, but I'll be trying to work more on this again. The main thing that really demotivates me from working on this project is the lack of feedback or attention I'm getting. I know there are some that are interested, but that seems like a few out of hundreds in this rather large community who don't think to turn and give this a second look. If more people would express interest in this game, I think that production would be a lot more fast-paced, seeing as that is, in a sense, my fuel for motivation. Right now I just feel like working on this is almost completely pointless since it is being buried under a landfill of bland, cookie-cutter traditional rpgs being submitted to this website, and even those are being looked at more often, it seems.

Please, if you have anyone who is a fan of horror, share this game with them! Thank you for reading. Progress will still be made, I just don't know how quickly.

Progress Report

10k Views! Celebrate!

I just wanted to make a little blog post to celebrate Valerie's Letter achieving 10k views. :) I've got a couple updates to report to you guys.

I am currently implementing a system in which a handful of NEW ENEMIES will need to swing in order to hit your character. I am also considering implementing an objective system to the main menu.

Here's a screenshot of a mysterious creature that stalks the floors of Scarborough Mansion...

Still plenty of things to do, but I'm glad I got this system working. Have a wonderful week.

Progress Report

Update - Shotgun!

Good day to you all.

I've come across a certain part of the game in which I've taken it upon myself to add in a new weapon - the shotgun! It is extremely powerful, but ammo will be extremely scarce and you cannot melee with it. Here are some screens of it in action:

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