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Welcome to Death Proclaimed 2 - Valerie's Letter. You are probably here because you are in dire need of assistance on how to get through this madness. Well, I will do my best to explain below exactly how to get through the game and leap the hurdles, so read carefully!

SHIFT to swing your weapon and pistol whip.
1 KEY to fire the pistol.
ESC/X to go to the menu screen.

MONSTER DESCRIPTIONS (power is dependent on action level!):

Power: Weak/Moderate
Speed: Varied
Appearance: Frequent
Unique Attacks: Block and Lunge

Small bipedal creatures with a depression on the face almost resembling a mouth. They have two
large, sharp claws on each of their hand-stumps, but they are usually weak. They can, however,
block your attacks and then do a quick lunge, which causes more damage.

Power: Weak/Moderate
Speed: Somewhat Fast
Appearance: Frequent
Unique Attacks: Charge

Masses of flesh attached to a chair. Their movements consist of mainly hopping. They mostly
attack in pairs. Shamblers will sometimes hop in one spot and charge at you if you are in
its line of fire.

Power: Weak
Speed: Somewhat Fast
Appearance: Infrequent
Unique Attacks: None

Leeches crawl around an area and not much else. If you step on one, you will be damaged, but you
will kill it instantly.

Power: Moderate
Speed: Somewhat Fast/Speedy
Appearance: Occasional
Unique Attacks: Leap

These creatures resemble a fleshy mass stuck to a door. They will wander at first, but if you are
close to it, the Door Monster will become hostile. Sometimes it will leap forward with a piercing

Power: Weak
Speed: Speedy
Appearance: Infrequent
Unique Attacks: None

These specters have one function, and that is to charge at you with startling speed. A single hit with
any weapon will defeat them.

Power: Lethal
Speed: Stationary
Appearance: Once
Unique Attacks: Instant Kill

Water Monsters watch you with two phallic appendages. In order to walk past one alive, you must
kill these appendages.

Power: Moderate
Speed: Speedy
Appearance: Once
Unique Attacks: None

The maid crawls toward you speedily and uses metal shards from its insides to hurt you. With decent
reaction time, killing the maid should not be an issue.

Power: Lethal
Speed: Somewhat Fast/Stationary
Appearance: Infrequent
Unique Attacks: Instant Kill

These creatures remain invisible until you are close enough for it to end you. A great disturbance in
the air will signal them being close by. Avoid them at all costs.

Power: Moderate
Speed: Speedy
Appearance: Frequent
Unique Attacks: None

Stilt creatures are quick, bipedal humanoids that have sharp stilts as limbs, probably made from bone.
They attack quickly and usually in packs, making them a difficult foe.

Power: Moderate/Strong
Speed: Somewhat Fast
Appearance: Occasional
Unique Attacks: Jump Thrust

Putrid masses are that - putrid masses held together by wire. They use their metallic legs to strike
you and, if you are in range, will do a leap attack.

The Walkthrough

Part 1: Gertrude House

Valerie's Bedroom

After the introduction and difficulty selection (hope you picked Very Hard!), make your way to the
door just south of where Valerie becomes controllable. She will pick up Leah's Letter. Read
the letter in your Notes section of the menu. Leave Valerie's bedroom.

Valerie's Corridor

Go all the way south and downstairs.

Living Room

Go all the way down until you find the second set of two pathways to your left and right. Go to the

Living Room - Bathroom

You'll find a weird looking typewriter-looking thing propped against the wall. It asks for a day, month,
and year.

Easy difficulty: Day 15, Month 4, Year 1969.
Normal difficulty: Day 31, Month 10, Year 1969 or 1988.
Hard difficulty: Day 31, Month 12, Year 1999.
Very Hard difficulty: Day 20, Month 7, Year 1919.

When you input the right stuff, you'll hear a beep. When you input all the right stuff, you'll hear a
lock open in the distance. Leave the room.

Living Room

Go north and through the door in the middle.

Room with a Bed in the Center

Go through the door up north.

Living Room

You'll come in through the front door. Weird! Go north and you'll notice a wall of flesh is blocking your
way. Go to the stairway to the left of it.

Near Empty Room with a TV

Pick up the two items, which include a Kimber handgun. Leave the room.

Living Room

Go south and to the room to the right of the front door.

Bloody Room

Here be a bullet pack. Pick it up and press the 1 key to reload your gun. Go back out and to the flesh mass.

Living Room

Shoot the flesh mass. Go up and into the middle room again.

Room with a Bed in the Center

Go into the door, but don't because Olga is there blocking you. Whip her until the power of Christ compels
her. Go through door.

Cross-shaped Room

Go all the way north.

Back Living Room

After the cutscene of the man being split in half, go up the stairs. You can go into the Small Room to
the right if you wish to save. Then go to Olga's room to the left.

Olga's Room

Acquire the Front Door Key sitting on the shelf to the north.


Olga has a spin attack she will execute on you randomly after hitting her. Shooting her will cause her to
teleport to you, but it's rare that it actually hits her.

After defeating Olga, head on out. You can't go back to the front door, so go into the door to the right.

Small Room

In this small room is a save point. Use it if you wish. Go through the door up north.

Bloody Lever Room

Okay so the lever is not actually in this version. What am I talking about? Oh, just wait. Go through the
door to the left.

Bloody Lobby

There are three Shamblers here. This room has many doors on all sides that are assigned depending on how
many times you pull the lever left and right, which rotates the rooms. I'm getting ahead of myself.
Read these instructions very carefully.

Go to the upper door on the western wall.

Bloody Upper Room on the Western Wall

Interact with the mirror.

Normal Upper Room on the Western Wall

Go out.

Normal Lobby

Go to the upper room on the eastern wall.

Normal Upper Room on the Eastern Wall

Two shamblers in view. Go to the door upwards.

Upside-down U Room

Pick up the Red Key sitting to the left. Go back to the lobby.

Normal Lobby

Go south.

Normal Lever Room

Push the lever four times to the right. This rotation does not affect the Normal rooms. Go back to the
Bloody Lobby.

Bloody Lobby

Go into the upper door on the western wall.

Bloody Upper Room on the Western Wall

Go through the rows of plaques like this: 1st one, 4th one, 2nd one, and 3rd one.

Go through the door.

Bloody Upside-down U Room

Get the Blue Key to the left and go back to the Normal lobby.

Normal Lobby

Go through the right door on the upper wall.

Right room on the Upper Wall

There's a Fool here. Use the two keys to unlock the door.

Scribbling Room

Save if you must and go down the stairs to the right.

Very Long Stairway

When you reach the bottom go through the door to the left.

Part 2: Unknown Dungeon

Main Suite

Go through the door on the very bottom left.

Switches Room

Easy Difficulty: 5th switch, 3rd switch, 2nd switch, 4th switch, 1st switch.
Normal Difficulty: 3rd switch, 2nd switch, 4th switch, 5th switch, 1st switch.
Hard Difficulty: Bottom left switch, 1st middle switch, upper left switch, bottom
right switch, upper right switch.
Very Hard Difficulty: Bottom left switch, 2nd middle switch, right switch, 1st middle
switch, upper left switch.

Go outside and pick up the Red Wire sitting just outside the door. Convenient!
Go to the door right ahead of you.

Wire Room

Interact with the colorful thing on the wall. Use the switch to its right. Go out.

Main Suite

Head up to the middle and into the elevator doors.


Use the switch on the wall to descend.

Large Chamber Suite

You can hear two door monsters making a racket. Go all the way north past them and use
the switch. Go down. Yes, I know. Keep going down. Now go through the open gate to the
left and into the door ahead.

Huge Upside-down U-Turn Room

The lights will flick on and off until you kill the enemies in the room. Circle around
and to the bottom left door.

U-Turn Room

Use the save point if you want. Go through the door to the left.

Gross Room


Clusters are the gross things hanging on the wall. They spawn leeches everywhere but
you pretty much can't die here. Keep hitting the clusters until they stop moving.

A lever will spawn in the middle of the room. Use it and go out.

Large Chamber Suite

Go south and into the elevator again.


Press the button and descend.

Warped Hallway

Olga will be here and does not take kindly to your disobedience. Avoid her and go north.

Cramped Suite

Olga will also be here. Go to the door to the bottom right.

Fridge Room

Take the Eyes Key from the fridge. Get out.

Cramped Suite

Use the key on the door above.

Long Winding Halls

Avoid Olga who is also here. Reach the end.

Double Room

Save point. Go north.

Double Pool Room

Sam Gertrude is here. You cannot kill him and hitting him doesn't have much staggering effect.
Just go past him and north.

Irregularly-shaped Pools Room

Go to the door up north.

Rusty Mirror Room

Interact with the mirror.

Normal Mirror Room


Normal Irregularly-shaped Pools Room

Go to the south door.

Normal Double Pools Room

Go west and into the hidden door.

Clock in the Void Room

Head into the hole emitting light on the upper wall.

Golden Room

Go north.

Erratic Hallway

Go north some more.

Row of Beds

Walk on the beds and go up north. Pick up the note and read it in your menu. It will give a clue
on where a hidden key is. Interact with the object it points out to get the Small Key.

Go all the way back south.

Row of Beds 2

This place looks familiar. Go north until you hear the ear-piercing noise. Go back down and go
to the newly made path to the left.

Hallway of Ghost

Go north. Oh and there's a ghost in here.

Clock in the Void Room

Go south and use your Small Key again.

Normal Double Pools Room

Go right. Oh I guess not. Go down. Save if you must.

Huge Room


There are a lot of ghosts here! To win this fight you must kill as many ghosts as the difficulty
you chose requires. You will eventually white out.

Erratic Living Room

Olga is here. Unless you're playing on easy, then you won't have to fight her and can just go out
the front door. Otherwise, defeat Olga and then go out the front door.

Part 3: Bhamen Village

Outside Gertrude Mansion

Go south. There's a save point.

Bhamen Village Outside

This is a large map. Sam will also be here giving chase to you as long as you're outside. First thing's
first, head southeast and to the small house with a bridge jutting from the right of it.

Bridge House

Go right and go straight across the bridge.


Go all the way right and inspect the bench to find a Fish Key. Go back and this time go up the north
path and to the fisherman's house.

Fisherman's House

Use the switch and go back outside the Bridge House.

Bhamen Village Outside

Go to the left and observe the long house. There is a lever on the roof. Climb the ladder and use the
lever. Go into the house.

Long House

Go to the left and use the switch inside the room. Leave the house.

Bhamen Village Outside

Go southeast until you find a thin wall with a metal door on the other end. You can go through this wall -
just interact with the area in the same x coordinate as the door.

Next, head left and into the opening on the fence. Go to the house to the left and a white arrow will
appear to show you where the hidden door is.

Laundry House Main

Go out the house from the bottom door.

Bhamen Village Outside

Go right until you see another arrow pointing toward a hidden door.

Longer House Dining Room

Head east.

Longer House Corridor

Go down the hole placed on the right of the hall.


Inspect the stool and the writing on the wall. Save if you must and then head back to the Laundry House.

Laundry House Main

Head to the door on the right.

Piano Room

Sam is waiting for you. Ignore him and go through the upper doorway. In the next room, go down the

The Pit

Go to the bottom and inspect the skeleton in the middle. You'll get some pliers. Head back to
the stool.


You'll unnail the stool and receive a note. Heed the code and go back to the Laundry House.

Laundry House Main

Go to the left door and input the code. Go through.

Laundry Room

Inspect the only running laundry machine. Inspect the gross stuff that has appeared to get a Nasty
. Go back to the Longer House Dining Room.

Longer House Dining Room

Use the Nasty Key on the bottom door.

Bhamen Village Outside

Go west.

Bhamen Village West

Go into the house north of you.

Leonard's House

Go through the second middle door.

Leonard's Backyard

Investigate the bloody torso to acquire a turquoise. Leave Leonard's house.

Bhamen Village West

Go up the path to the left of the house.

Bhamen Village West Pathway

It is highly recommended you visit the pub just beside the path before advancing any further. Go up
the ladder on the building to access the roof. Jump into the hole.


Leeches bloody everywhere! Go down and you'll find a piano. Get the object lodged inside of it,
which is a chain cutter. You can leave the pub now.

Bhamen Village West Pathway

Go north.

The Bridge

There is a water monster here. Use the save point to the left if you want. While traversing the bridge,
the water monster will have two of its sightseers poke their filthy mugs up above the water surface.
Shoot and kill both before crossing the end of the bridge. If you run out of bullets, more should spawn
at the start of the bridge.

Go north.

Scarborough Mansion Garden

Use the chain cutters on the gate. Keep heading north and go into the mansion.

Part 4: Scarborough Mansion


Use the turquoise on the shadowbox.

Head to the southwest door after the cutscene.

West Long Hall

Go down the winding hall.

Social Room

Check the ajar door on the cabinet. You will cut the chains and receive a Sledgehammer. Head
back to the foyer.


Go up the stairs north and into the double doors on the north wall.

Fancy Hall

There is a door monster here, just head to the other side of the hall.

Courtyard Chamber South

Go north.


Use the rope that is hanging off the wall up north. Go into the door to the right.

Suicide Room

Acquire the shotgun and inspect the body to find a coin. Leave the room.


Go to the west door from the fountain.

Courtyard Hall

Inspect the middle of the bars to break them. Go up to the weird fabric on the wall and swing at it
with the pistol multiple times. Go through the newly made opening.

Elias' Hall

Go to the middle door. After talking to Elias, you'll get a Circuit Key. Go all the way back
to the foyer.


While you're on the second floor go right.

Elevator Hall

Go to the door all the way to the right.

Power Room

Head down the stairs.

Circuit Breaker Room

Interact with the circuit breaker.

Easy difficulty: C'mon, this is first-grade stuff.

Normal difficulty: You can read roman numerals, right? Add up to 29.

Hard difficulty: 1st knob right, 3rd knob right, 2nd knob right, 1st knob left, 2nd knob left, 4th
knob left, 3rd knob left, 4th knob right.

Very Hard difficulty: 3rd knob right, 2nd knob left, 5th knob right, 2nd knob left (put in the middle,
then left again), 4th knob right, 2nd knob right, 3rd knob left, 3rd knob left again, 3rd knob right,
2nd knob right, 6th knob right, 5th knob left, 4th knob right.

After that mess, go back upstairs and use the Circuit Key on the power panel box. Use the switch
and go out and into the elevator.


Go northwest.

Maid Room

Read the letter. Try to leave. Kill the maid. Acquire the Amethyst off the body and NOW leave.


Go to the door to the south.

Vise Room

Get the wine bottle on the wine shelf. Leave.


Head back to the elevator until you're interrupted by the Bodyguard. Run to the elevator.

Elevator Hall

Go all the way back to Elias.

Elias' Hall

Interact with his door. He won't answer. Observe the vent to the right. Go back to the vise room. (I'm sorry)

Vise Room

Use the coin on the vise to get a flat coin. Go back to Elias' Hall.

Elias' Hall

Use the flat coin to unscrew the vent panel and crawl in.

Vent 1

Go forward. The floors will eventually break. Go into the hole.

Vent 2

There's a lever you must use. It's southeast somewhere. Music volume signifies how close you are to a Vent
Monster, which will kill you in one hit.

After using the lever, the new opening should be in the northeast section of the map. Lighted panels will
usually indicate you're going the right way.

Vent 3

Save point. Use it.

This section is crawling with Vent Monsters. Like before, visual and musical cues should indicate one
is getting close. Yes, this time they're moving, but there are nooks everywhere you can use to avoid
over-staying your welcome in their straight paths.

I will provide directions from the beginning. Take heed of my arrows carefully. Each arrow signifies
when you've reached an intersection or branch, EXCLUDING NOOKS.

From save point: ^ ^ < ^ < ^ (all the way) > (all the way) v (until you can't go anymore) > v END!

Vent 4

Just move forward and don't stop for the love of God.

Regular Vent

Go forward and open the cover.

Elias' Room

Inspect Elias' body to get the Ruby. Go back to the shadowbox in the foyer.


Insert both the ruby and amethyst into the shadowbox, watch the flashbacks, and then
you'll get the eyball from the wine bottle. Go back to Elias' room.

Elias' Room

Use the retinal scanner on the safe and you shall get the Elias Key. The Bodyguard is not happy
with this. Run out of there.

Elias' Hall

Run to the door on the very right, on the upper wall and use your new key.

Split Hallway

Save point if you wish to use it. Valerie blocks the doorway, so there's no turning back for now. Go up
the staircase to the right.

2nd Floor Library

There's a cabinet to the left of the room. In here you can pick up the soldering iron. Go downstairs.

1st Floor Library

Go out the left door after the cutscene.

Large Lobby

Go up the staircase to the left. Go into the first door as you're going down.

Upper Hallway

Go to the left door.

Picture Room

Investigate the out-of-place picture on the upper wall. Wait for a bit and let the picture fall on its own.
Use the switch and go back to the large lobby.

Large Lobby

Go into the door above the entrance to the library.

Fingers Room

Interact with the statue. Leave the room and go back to the upper hallway.

Upper Hallway

Go into the second door on the upper wall.

Operation Room

Inspect the drawer that looks different. You'll get an extension cord. Go back to the Large Lobby.

Large Lobby

Go to the doorway below the one you just came out of.

Lower Hallway

Interact with the second door. You need to input a code.

Easy difficulty: 2814

Normal difficulty: 1094

Hard difficulty: 3578

Very Hard difficulty: 4972

Solder Room

Interact with the outlet on the wall to use the extension cord. Go up to the soldered key and you'll
use the soldering iron. You'll attain the solder key. Leave the room.

Lower Hallway

Go to the far left door.

Leah's Room

Inspect the curtains to the left to get the doll. Go back out and head to the operation room.

Operation Room

Use the Solder Key on the stone slab to the left. After the straightforward scenario, investigate
the body to get the Stone Tablet. Go back to the library.

1st Floor Library

Go upstairs.

2nd Floor Library

Go into the upper right door.

Cramped Room

Use the Stone Tablet on the door. Go through and use the switch. Go back out.

2nd Floor Library

A bookshelf has moved aside to reveal a door to the very left. Go through and use the elevator.

Second Cellar

Go to the bottom right door. Save. Go through the door.

Ritual Room

Go to the center of the ritual circle.


The Bodyguard blocks your path and you must fight him; however, there's a special way to weaken him.
Equip the doll, which is now in your weapons category. Face the Bodyguard and use it as you would a
pistol whip. He should rear back in fright and drop his spear. Pick up the spear and use it on
the Bodyguard. Finish him off with whatever you choose.

Part 5: Alternate Scarborough Mansion

Alt Ritual Room

Pick up the topaz off of the bodyguard's corpse. Head out and save if you want. Go into the next
door to the left.

Alt Second Cellar

Go to the door way to the left.

Alt Second Cellar Storage

Move the bookshelf to the left and inspect the paper. Head out.

Alt Second Cellar

Go into the elevator up north.

Alt 2nd Floor Library

Go to the right stairway.

Alt 1st Floor Library

Go all the way left.

Alt Large Lobby

Go up the stairs and down. All the way down to the door on the south wall.

Tendrils Hallway

Avoid all the tiles that look bloody or you will die. Go to the right stairway.

Alt Split Hallway

Go to the door up north.

Alt Large Lobby

Get the paper and go all the way back out of the tendrils hallway. Then go to the next door up.

Alt Lower Hallway

Go into the middle door.

Alt Solder Room

Get the paper. Kill Olga's double and escape. Leave the hallway altogether.

Alt Large Lobby

Go to the upper hallway.

Alt Upper Hallway

Enter the middle door. Oh and save to your heart's content.

Alt Operation Room

Talk to Dad and leave the room. Defeat Sam and you'll be teleported out. Go back into the operation
room and get the last piece of paper. You should get a Note(4) which will show you all the papers
you got. Leave the room and go to the 2nd floor library.

Alt 2nd Floor Library

Go down the stairway to the southwest.

Alt Split Hallway

Make your way to the door down below. It will be locked and someone requires a passcode.

Easy difficulty: 3169

Normal difficulty: 1833

Hard difficulty: 2373

Very Hard difficulty: 2897

Go through once given entry.

Alt Elias' Hall

Enter the door just to the left of you.

Alt Guest Room

Talk to our good friend and receive the lethal injection. This is an item you can use optionally
in a certain boss fight. Don't use it on yourself. Leave the room.

Alt Elias' Hall

Go to the door all the way to the left on the lower wall.

Alt Courtyard Hall

Avoid the bloody panels again. There are stilts here. Go all the way down.

Alt Courtyard Chamber South

Go through the south door.

Alt Fancy Hall

Go all the way to the other side.

Alt Foyer

Enter the door on the left.

Statue Puzzle (panels numbered this way:

o 1 o 5

o 2 o 6

o 3 o 7

o 4 o 8

(statues numbered this way:

o 5 o 1

o 6 o 2

o 7 o 3

o 8 o 4

Easy difficulty: Statue 1 to 1-4, doesn't matter. Statue 4 to 5-8, doesn't matter. Statue 5
to 5-8. Statue 8 to 1-4.

Normal difficulty: On the left row: Statues 1, 2, 4, and 5. On the right row: Statues 3, 6,
7, and 8.

Hard difficulty: Statue 1 on left row, Statue 3 on right row, but both on the same y-coordinate.
Statue 2 on left row, Statue 5 on right row, but both on the same y-coordinate.
Statue 4 on left row, stand yourself on the right row, but both you and the statue are on the
same y-coordinate, and make sure you're facing down.
Statue 7 on left row, Statue 8 on right row, both on same y-coordinate.

Very Hard difficulty: First set Statue 8 on panel 4, then set Statue 5 on panel 1, then set
Statue 1 on panel 5, then set Statue 4 on panel 8, then set Statue 2 on panel 6.

You'll hear a loud noise to the right when you win this puzzle. Go out and then go to the east door.

Alt Elevator Hall

Face the stilts and go right.

Alt Power Room

Interact with the mirror.

Power Room

Leave and go to the foyer.


Use the topaz on the shadowbox.

Hate 1

Hop over the pits and go north.

Hate 2

Hop over the pit. You'll meet putrid masses. Take care of them and go north.

Hate 3

Avoid the spinny spiky things and keep going up.

Hate 4

Lots of moving spiky spinny things. Try to get a sense of their line of movement and avoid as many
as you can while moving upward.

Hate 5

You must now navigate the maze. Head to the right first and then go upward. Head left and then up where
you meet the putrid mass. Make a left and at the first branch, turn upward and keep going north. Two
more masses appear. Head into the doorway.

Hate 6

Move north in a straight path. There's a save point you should probably use. Keep going up and then...


Clarence himself is not what you want to worry about. Keep attacking the tentacle head thing instead.
There are different phases throughout this fight that will make keeping focus on tentacle head become
frustrating. Just keep at it. You can do it.

After the fight you will leave Scarborough Mansion.

Part 6: The Resting Place

The path to the Resting Place is very straightforward. We will skip to the place itself.

Abandoned Building Lobby

Go to the left door.

Abandoned Building Decrepit Room

Inspect the locker and move it aside. Use the switch and leave. Go to the right door next.

Abandoned Building Decrepit Classroom

Move the third desk and activate the floor switch. Leave and go up.

Abandoned Building Cafeteria

You can barely see a switch peeking from under one of the tables. Move the table and use the
switch. Leave and go into the door that appeared out of nowhere. Go down the ladder.

Abandoned Building Secret Underway

Go up. Save point. Go through the last door.

+++BOSS: LEAH+++

After interacting with Him, hit Leah and the fight begins. There are two fleshy hands that will
defend Leah. Hit them until they become immobile and continue to attack Leah. Each time you hit
her, a new phase will begin, including very big razor blades moving back and forth and ghosts.

Keeping pouring it on and Leah will die. Get out of there quickly and keep going down. Then go
back up when you hear Leah.

You win the game!

Thank you for playing.


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hmm i swear a few times in the game it said leah was a girl,the end of the walkthru refers to her as a guy tho.

when could you optionally use the lethal injection in a boss fight? it was never mentioned

hmm i swear a few times in the game it said leah was a girl,the end of the walkthru refers to her as a guy tho.

when could you optionally use the lethal injection in a boss fight? it was never mentioned

"Him" refers to the devil. Also when you are in front of Leah just use it from the menu.
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