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Do you live in a world unconsciously living in a world inhabited by demons?
Realms is an open world, simulation, dungeon crawling RPG. Inspired by the Persona series, this game involves a group of five high school students that, on the outside, live normal lives, go to school, and meet new friends. But once they're called in, they are in a secret group called F.E.A.R. and they go to different realms of demonic rulers and destroy there worlds before people of the day become over ruled by the demons. They achieve the goal of safety and peace in their world by closing the portals to the alternate worlds. But who's the one allowing to set the demons free in the first place?

You start your new life in Sokoliam High, a private school in the middle of Ryoliam, a city that is remarked as a stepping stone of the future. And in Sokoliam High, you meet friends that allow you to explore all of Ryoliam City and see new sights and places that you didn't even knew was in the city. If you allow the bond with the friend you've been hanging out with reached the max, the player and the friend go do a special event. In which the player and the friend go to a friends favorite place and gain something that'll help the player out in battle.

Things in Realms:
* A huge city to explore with friends or by yourself!
* Meet new people amd learn things about them!
* Deep dialog that changes the story!
* You're the player, so YOU make the decisions!
* You're free to explore the over world when ever you want!
* Choices that can change the story!
* A calender w/ weather for each day!
* Free Will!
* Do whatever you want!
* And many more!

Realms is in early BETA, things in game may change in a next update, so don't be mad with it. So be patient and wait until the next update every so often.

Project Realms Team April 3, 2014

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It does slightly feel like persona, but I didnt get very far in this game. I talked to some guy in the art room at night and the game froze.
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