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You have the power to split the world into half. You can destroy buildings, overturn mountains…
But you are still powerless against a human.
Even a human who wants to kill you.
Hey, isn’t that ironic? Isn’t that funny?
… Why aren’t you laughing, Mika-chan?

Lenine lives in a huge palace as the most trusted servant of Princess Micaiah, the only place of beauty remaining in a desolate, destroyed land. Everything is perfect - the food is good, the job is good, life is good. As long as nobody leaves this palace of salvation, there is no need to dwell on the horrors that lie beyond these walls.

Until one day, a mysterious stranger arrives... to teach these content souls the true price of perfection.

Mica: Apoptosis is a story-based game with horror elements about a web of delusions, a life of blissful ignorance, and the monstrous depravity that human beings can fall to in the name of love and admiration. The gruesome, revolting truth hidden behind the guise of a pretty, charming little lifestyle. Explore the game through three very different main characters with three very different perspectives, and tell your story as you believe it to be.

So powerful, yet so fragile… your life is like a candle, ready to be snuffed between my fingers.
I can slowly strangle you to death, and you can’t even flail to defend yourself.
You’re so funny, Mika-chan.

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Mica: Apoptosis focuses on the experiences of three very stricken people, who are closer than they think, yet vastly different. And when things start changing, they begin their journeys on parallel lines, separated from one another.

Princess Micaiah, who owns a grand castle in the woods, hidden from society;

Lenine, her loyal servant, who is separated from her at the most crucial time and sees the world in a frighteningly different way;

and Himeya Mika, a young girl who chances upon the castle one day, and finds it empty and desolate...

This is their story.


Please consider supporting us on Patreon if you enjoyed this game and want to see more of it soon! Thank you so much for the support!

Latest Blog

Feedback on Chapter 3 Wanted! :)

Thank you all for playing the Mica: Apoptosis Chapter 3 Package! So far, however, we haven’t received much feedback apart from “It’s good” and “It’s fun” and we’ll need to know a bit more than that so that we can cater the full version more to your preferences (as well as to answer any queries that you have pertaining the game) and make the full game more enjoyable to everyone!

So if you’ve finished Chapter 3, please do help us reblog this and answer a few simple questions so we know what you feel about the story so far. owo Thank you so much for your invaluable help!

1. What do you think of the game so far?
2. Who are generally your favourite characters, and why?
3. What are some questions you want answered the most in the full game?
4. What do you predict are answers to these questions?
5. Which characters do you find the most curious or interesting? (Can overlap with #1)
6. What do you generally think of the story so far?
7. What particular scene(s) did you like in the demo?
8. Favorite chapter and protagonist?
9. … Pairings/Ships, do you have any?
10. Was it scary?
11. What’s your favourite part to play through?
12. Take a random screenshot!

And if you have any other thoughts about gameplay and so on, feel free to post them! :)
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Seems interesting. I can't wait to play it!
Yes! RPG horror game, right up my alley. I need something to freak me out after playing Body Elements and Mogeko Castle!
Another psychological thriller by Coren Baili-Senpai? I'm in~!
I am very excited for this game! The art is beautiful and the plot seems intriguing as well.
Well, that's another trip to Wiktionary today, thanks.
Well, that's another trip to Wiktionary today, thanks.

The name came into a dream. Don't think too hard about it, you'll just get a headache. :P

(But of course it actually applies to the game itself or I won't name it that)
I might make a Lets Play of this. =D
You said on your page it's going to be like Saya no Uta? That's soooo awesome!!! Is it a cosmic horror story?
Thank you for all your support! It's inspired by Saya no Uta to some extent, yes, but I won't call it a cosmic horror. Hope that answers your question! ^^
You're magical to me.
Love your art! This sounds really interesting, so I've subscribed. I have not played Saya no Uta, but a friend of mine has and it sounds really freaky. Looking forward to seeing how the game turns out :D
Saw this on tumblr and thought I'd post some moral support here. Looks really psychological and visceral, I like! Can't wait for it to be out.
This looks like it is going to be a great game! I will do a let's play once it comes out!
Since this is a puzzle genre rpg games, I am looking forward about the game play rather than the fine arts but I guess we need to wait for demo to tell. Hopefully the puzzles @ game play will be satisfying @ gripping.

The premise of the story is quite good & since I used the same game maker engine I can tell the rtp maps screenshots are okay although some of them are bit dark for player to see around.
Thanks for the comments, guys. :') Oh, could anyone direct me to a flashlight script, by any chance? That'll be a great help!
Hey my name is wolf Spawn, and I have small YouTube channel that records and posts these types of games. Once the first video is up, do you mind embedding it here on the page?
Why are most of your screenshots showing a girl trying to kill someone while crying in the process?
Oh I didn't notice you got new art~ It looks really cool! ^_^
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