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Bleeding Moons is an interactive story with some simple adventure games mechanics. If you have played games like To the Moon, this game is similar in its gameplay except that there is much more interaction.

A word of caution : This game features some scenes and dialogues that are not suitable for children.

You are Ian de Valmain, second son of the count de Valmain and not destined to heir. Through a chain of events, he is sent to work at a mercenary camp. With all that he will see and do, Ian will have to deal with his conscience and find the reason why he is alive.

Will he endure the suffering of this life so the one he loves can be happy?
How far will he go to protect them?

Whatever he chooses, his life will never be the same thereafter.

Original presentation page and demo link here.
Direct demo link here.

Please note: This demo (v.0.4) is getting old now. Almost a year has passed and a lot of improvements were made since, including a rewriting of the English sentences for a more natural feeling, with the help of a native American friend.
I'm not shutting down this link, but there will be another demo when the game is closer to release.

Latest Blog

Rated 4.6 out of 5

Good news, the players like Bleeding Moons!

While it only has 3 review on Steam so far, they're all very positive about the game.
And all 5 players' reviews on GOG are positive too, rating the game a 4.6 out of 5!

Thank you and don't forget to leave reviews for the games you like ;)
  • Production
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  • cabfe
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure Visual Novel
  • 04/10/2014 01:21 PM
  • 09/28/2020 09:44 AM
  • 12/30/2018
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1 - At first, I hoped I could release at the end of the year. That's becoming less likely every day. That'll be early 2015, I guess.
If only I didn't have to work to pay the bills...

2 - I haven't decided yet, but it's a possibility. What I do know is that I'll need beta testers and proofreader(s) for the english text. And if someone wants to translate the game into another language, it's technically feasible and I can provide a build version for testing.

3 - Requirements? Just gimme money ;)
No, seriously, as long as someone is volunteering and is serious about it, I'm open to have it beta tested in a closed beta protocol.

4 - That was thought initially, then discarded because I feared some people would rename Ian with a stupid name and completely destroy the mood. Of course, the only one to blame in this case would be the player...
In any case, there is no technical limitation to have Ian renamed. I've just tested it.

If some other people would like the ability to have Ian renamed in the final version, don't hesitate to tell me, either here or via PM.
After reading ur update i got a few questions :

n°1 : When r u thinking of releasing that french final beta verison?

n°2 : will u do something like a closed beta ? or will u provide a link to any1 interested?

n°3 : if u do a closed beta what will the requirements be to participate? knowing that i am fluent in french ( living in france for over 10 yrs).

n°4 : will the final version give us a chance to rename the MC ? for immersion etc.

thx in advance.
I have a lot of games to play and work on right now. So I don't know when or if I'll get around to playing this one. However this game looks interesting and beautiful. Keep up the good work.
Okay Thx hope it will be finished soon :)

The game is still under development. I have the story already written but need to create the maps and the events.

So far I only received good feedback for the actual demo (v0.40), so I won't have to redo old parts and can focus on the rest of the game.

I don't know exactly when it will be complete but I hope it'll be this year.
Hey i want too ask a Questions i have Played BleedingMoons now for a time but now it says the Demo is over so i would like too ask if there is a full versions too buy or those it just mean that the original game isnt finished?


( Sorry if my English isnt the best im German D; )
What a happy day!

Thank you Thanatos for taking the time to create an account just for these kind words.
Rest assured, I definitely don't plan on quitting before completion. Even if it were just an average, boring game I would have finished it just for the sake of it. I don't like half-baked projects ;)

So yes, I'm still working on my game, no ETA yet, but I'll keep posting update reports.
Right now I've completed the cutscenes that happen after the demo and almost finished the maps of the next mission.
This should be an interesting one. It happens in one of the mansions of countess Downer, where Ian and Luna will attend a reception.

This is the entrance leading to the ball room.

And yes, you'll get the see Luna wearing a cute dress for a change!

Being in the same situation as "Kazutakee".
I have created an account for the sole purpose of congratulating you for the demo of your game, i need to say that it's the first time i ever played a rpg maker or indie game that didn't bore me in 20 minutes, and both the story and gameplay approach gives your game a "freshness" i had yet to encounter in my gaming life so thank you for your work and i really hope you will not drop this project before it's done.

i wrote this message in english so that people can know my opinion about your game, but as i know you're french i'll make the effort of translating it s your more ocnfortable.

Etant dans la même situation de Kazutakee
j'ai crée ce compte exprès pour te féliciter pour la démo de ton jeu, je doit préciser que c'est le première fois qu'on jeu indie ou rpg-maker ne m'a pas ennuyait aprés 20 minutes de jeu, et l'approche que t'as pris vis a vis de la narration de l'histoire ou du gameplay proprement dit donnent a ton jeu une fraîcheur que je n'avais encore jamais vu dans ma vie de joueur, alors je tiens a te remercier pour ton travail, et j’espère vraiment que tu ne laisseras pas tomber ce Project avant qu'il ne soit fini.

je suis impatient de decouvrir la suite de l'histoire.
Oh wow, you have no idea how happy I am to read this.

I've tried hard to tell my story in an interesting manner. Since I don't have loot or combat scenes, the story and my characters are my only ways to catch the player's interest.
Reading feedbacks like yours is always moving because I've put so much effort in Bleeding Moons that I'd be sad if it were in vain.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you and everyone who loved the demo.
As a game developer it means a lot to have feedback from players.
As a human being, bringing happiness to others is beyond words.
My dear friends cabfe
You litteraly made me create an account to say this to you.
"Your game is amazing!"

Ive only played it for 20 minutes, but I have already developed emotional connection to the characters (I havent cried yet ;D . But I really feel for them.). The characters are very well made, and I just can't criticize the story in any bad way.

I wish that you'll keep up that good work that you've made. As much as I know, what I'm playing right now is a DEMO, so I'm really excited to see what the future brings.

No putting pressure on you, but just do what you are doing. You just made me a happy person :D
Your welcome! I'm looking forward on the full game. =) I really enjoyed the game.
Great story and interesting characters.
Thank you for playing and for your videos, Jayogamer!

It's not that easy to record oneself while playing but you did a good job. The ending parts were a little rushed but you got the most part of the story anyway.

I like when games reward exploration and curiosity so I added a lot of scenes and dialogues that are completely optionnal.
Each time Ian is free to wander in the camp, there is always something new to see, especially in the cantina.
Some people you'll see there are only for the background setting, but some others will play a more important role later.

At the moment, I'm adding the final touches to the cutscenes that happen after the demo. Ian will have a lot of choices to make and some of them are literally life changers.

Fortunately, I already have the main story written and most of the additional dialogues for the missions.

Now I need to put them into cutscenes and enjoyable missions.

I don't have an ETA but I'm aiming for a release late 2014 if my work allows enough free time.

Should anyone have any question about the game/characters/anything, don't hesitate to ask!
@cabfe: Yeah. already found it. So sad the game ended tho. TwT
@cabfe: at the part where i have to give the guard some wine, he keeps on saying he's "freezing out here". I dont know how to give the wine to him. or is there something else i have to do?

Yes. As Ian suggested a bottle of wine won't be enough to get rid of the guard. You'll have to add something for it to be more effective. You can check the quest log for what is required.
@cabfe: at the part where i have to give the guard some wine, he keeps on saying he's "freezing out here". I dont know how to give the wine to him. or is there something else i have to do?
Ok. I'll try exploring Conrads office more then.
As Luna said, Ian has to look for intel while being in the mansion.
If you look at the furnitures in Bellec's office (not bedroom), you'll find a clue.
Yeah. I should try not reading the unimportant dialogues. Im working on Part 4 right now and my mic sounds better. I kind of got stuck in the part where you have to put poison on Conrad's food. So yeah, i could use some help in dat part. haha.