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Bleeding Moons is an interactive story with some simple adventure games mechanics. If you have played games like To the Moon, this game is similar in its gameplay except that there is much more interaction.

A word of caution : This game features some scenes and dialogues that are not suitable for children.

You are Ian de Valmain, second son of the count de Valmain and not destined to heir. Through a chain of events, he is sent to work at a mercenary camp. With all that he will see and do, Ian will have to deal with his conscience and find the reason why he is alive.

Will he endure the suffering of this life so the one he loves can be happy?
How far will he go to protect them?

Whatever he chooses, his life will never be the same thereafter.

Original presentation page and demo link here.
Direct demo link here.

Please note: This demo (v.0.4) is getting old now. Almost a year has passed and a lot of improvements were made since, including a rewriting of the English sentences for a more natural feeling, with the help of a native American friend.
I'm not shutting down this link, but there will be another demo when the game is closer to release.

Latest Blog

Rated 4.6 out of 5

Good news, the players like Bleeding Moons!

While it only has 3 review on Steam so far, they're all very positive about the game.
And all 5 players' reviews on GOG are positive too, rating the game a 4.6 out of 5!

Thank you and don't forget to leave reviews for the games you like ;)
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  • 04/10/2014 01:21 PM
  • 09/28/2020 09:44 AM
  • 12/30/2018
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A lily for Jasmine?
Are you sure this is the right game?
There's no one with that name in Bleeding Moons, and no maze whatsoever.
you have to get the lily in order to save jasmine. There are two area in the immediate forest which lead to an area maze, part of which involves going up and down vines. I cant seem to find the area north of this.
The you tube walkthrough doesnt look anything like ive been playing.

In the forest i just cant seem to find my way through. i have gone up and down all those damn vines but cant find another way up.

Vines in a forest? Sorry, I don't get what you're talking about.
Could you clarify where you are in the story so I can help you?
The you tube walkthrough doesnt look anything like ive been playing.

In the forest i just cant seem to find my way through. i have gone up and down all those damn vines but cant find another way up.
Sure, no problem. You can make any number of Let's play you want.
It's always interesting to see how other people react to what you have done (^-^)

I had done an earlier demo in january and the feedback I received helped me a lot to get a better result.

I've already noted a few things to change but that won't justify another upload, so it'll be for the final release I guess.
wow. even its a demo it covers full act 1! looking forward to the whole game and hey, would you mind if i (atleast act 1) make a lets play on this one.
Yes, it's only a demo.
It provides about 3-4 hours of gameplay. It covers the full Act I and the beginning of Act II. That's roughly 30% of the final game as currently planned.

As no RTP is required, the size of the demo is because it includes all the graphics and musics needed.
so this game 124.0mb is only a demo? looking forward to the game! really love 'to the moon'.
Don't worry about making a "wrong" choice. There aren't any.
Whatever you choose will shape the story so that you can live the story of "your" Ian.
Of course there will be different endings based on those decisions.

As a side note, I find it interesting how you mostly use your keyboard instead of the mouse.
I provided both controllers support but it turns out a lot of people still use the keyboard.
Nah, your English wasn't that bad. I guess i was just too blind to see the flower, haha. Doing part 2 right now. =)
Thanks for the walkthrough!
I hope my english wasn't too bad as I am not a native english speaker.
Although I tried my best there may be a few errors here and there.

The flower quest for River probably needs to be modified. I thought it was easier to spot the flower since it's the only one with this color, but I guess it's not that easy. I'm not planning to do a difficult game. Not in its mechanics anyway. It's mostly about fate, duty and free will, that's where the difficulty is. Of course, the beginning of the game doesn't offer many opportunities to show that yet.

Anyway, I'm so pleased that you love my game!

Looking forward to part 2 ;)
Really? Wow, I never hoped my game would be that fascinating for people to actually write a walktrough for it.
Thank you for your interest!

Since it's only the beginning of the story there shouldn't be spoilers about the rest of the story.
If you need help for some parts, feel free to ask!
I'm Making a walkthrough of this game. =)
This looks and sounds pretty cool! :)
Downloading the demo now ^^
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