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The Perfect, Horror Game.

It has been a very, very long time since I played a game like this. Games like Dreaming Mary are really rare. I honestly love the game so much, from A to Z. Let me explain why.

1-How the story is developed. I can tell even though it was a short, 2-4 hours gameplay, the developers spent a long time writing the story and staying true to the characters personality. I love how they started out the story and how they ended it, It was really sad for the first, usual ending, but I did have to discover the other endings on my own which made the game more fun and entertaining.
2-How it keeps the fans entertained and up to them to discover more about the characters.
I love how the characters might represent people she met in her life, perhaps friends or family members. (No spoilers here!)
3-The music is very well made and really gives the game the feels. Music does indeed play a big part in games, and if this element is used correctly, it can take the game to a whole new level and make it more unique and entertaining.
4-I love the secrets you have to discover in order to gain the true ending. And I really love that feeling when you discover a secret in the game on your own, surprised and excited. Secrets are another element in games that if used correctly, can and will make the game more exciting and unique.
5-And then we have the easter eggs in the game, easter eggs do make the game more exciting, and is a very, very powerful, unique element. It can help short games be more fun and exciting. I did try to make a short game filled with many easter eggs, and I can say that if not for them, maybe the game wouldn't be all that fun.
6-It is a little annoying to re-do all the puzzles again, but not thaaaaat much.
Especially the last and final puzzles, you can take a very long time and multiple replays of the game to get them right, which in my case, I did.

I believe that sums it up for my review, I can see the story being developed in multiple ways, and perhaps if the developers allow fans to make a few mods about the game, it could explode all over the internet.
Thank you all for reading my review and goodbye!