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Zoids | Whisper is a character focused RPG with carefully crafted, turn-based combat. It is set in a re-imagined Zoids universe, complete with a fresh cast of characters, an entire new setting to explore, and challenges for all levels of play that are tested and tuned to allow new players to excel as well.

The game's average play time is about 3-7 hours depending on playstyle. Most content, however, will be optional, for those that want to play around in the world or seek out additional challenges.


Pana - If it moves, bleeds or is green, she's probably healed it before. Her track record is impeccable; no deaths or permanent injuries for centuries. At least, until a truly malicious force arrives. Now, in the midst of coping with what once seemed impossible, she resolves to do whatever it takes to keep the rest of her village alive.

Leeland - He is no friend of death and is well-trained in avoiding it. In his efforts to prepare the village to defend itself, though, he's found that some problems require a different sort of strategy. Namely, healers and other non-combatants should remain as far away from the front lines as possible.

Juno - To date, she is the only person to have actually been born in the village rather than moving in later. Thus, she never had a concept of death to begin with. In the face of it, she clings to what's left of her family with a resolute determination.


Even the gods were young, once.

Millennia ago, one young goddess set out to create a world of her own. She filled it with plants of every type and a variety of animals...but no humans. Instead, she created metal-based life forms known as zoids, modeled off of the animals she found amusing.

Much later, her brother secretly introduced humans into her world and kept them hidden from her as he nurtured their growth. By the time she discovered them, she was forced to stay her hand lest she become known as a bloodthirsty god and earn the ire of those above her.

As time passed, she came to accept some of the humans as companions. She invites those who will swear off the protection of her brother, whom she never forgave, to live in small pockets the world over. They enjoy a life free from death and aging, and have her to support them through any hardships.

She blessed some of them with specific roles. Her Judges cannot be lied to or tell a lie, while her Keepers can perfectly recall any event. Her Nurses can heal people, plants and zoids, while her Seers possess the ability to see the future. All of them, however, enjoy a symbiotic relationship with her favorite creations: the zoids.

These people have remained hidden away for centuries, but as the human population grows, they are slowly being discovered. A time has not yet come when many will believe in a goddess that has shunned them, much less in the people she has embraced, so very little is known of these groups beyond the...


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Making EQ Count

Several years ago, prior to the initial release of Whisper, I talked a bit about how I wanted to do equipment a little differently. To summarize, I wanted each piece of gear to have a somewhat unique use instead of being a flat-out upgrade to something else. That goal has been mostly accomplished, but as more and more content is added to the game, there’s a need for stronger and more varied gear. Some equipment has been introduced via the main story, sidequests and the Arena, but there’s simply not enough room to add enough gear in that manner that players have a wide array of powerful build choices.

To solve this, I’m combining some old ideas that were never developed with some fresh additions to the game. In my last update, I talked about Maze battles and, in the update before that, Mobile NPCs. Both of these mechanics will help introduce a major plot point that predates the events of the game–of a major battle with several Whispers of note. Through the new Memory Battles (a subsidiary of Mazes), players will be able to fight specters of these Whispers and gain powerful new equipment. Some of these battles will be only moderately difficult–others will require players to have immense strength already. Since they’re 100% optional, they’re tuned to be very challenging.

On top of that, I will be introducing various methods to upgrade selected equipment that already exists in the game. The end result should be an upgraded maximum power level (without power leveling) and a broader array of strategies to choose from.

And just a general update–Mobile NPCs are just about ready to roll out. All of the heavy lifting is done. Memory Battles are what I’m working on now. They’re more stylized than the usual fare and thus take much more time than regular fights. I have a few more things I want to do after that, but no details on those until they’re more fleshed out.

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  • 04/23/2014 08:53 AM
  • 03/20/2019 11:28 PM
  • 06/28/2014
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the battle sprites in your game look cool - they don't look out of place like some RPG Maker games. Looking forward to playing your game !!
the battle sprites in your game look cool - they don't look out of place like some RPG Maker games. Looking forward to playing your game !!

Oh good, I was a little worried about those xD
Well, I've started a Let's Play for this game.

:o Thanks!

It is both wonderful and terrifying to watch someone play after release, much different than playtesting since I can't promise to fix everything right away. Your line reading makes it entertaining as well, though.

I'll pop that vid up on the game's tumblr page, for better or worse~
Well, it did net that video more views than I was expecting; though if that will follow with the rest of the series I have no idea.
Ah? I plan to follow suit with the rest, but I'm navigating the last week of the term so I may be slightly late q_q
I get no text showing up in the game, all text boxes are blank, I have downloaded the rtp vx ace and that hasn't helped. Any help is appreciated.
I get no text showing up in the game, all text boxes are blank, I have downloaded the rtp vx ace and that hasn't helped. Any help is appreciated.

Mine works ok just try loading it direct from zip file
Played for a half hour or so, and this is starting to feel like a hidden gem. Despite some clunkiness in the opening cutscene, the writing is really strong, the characters are fun, and gardening is a tracked stat.

As someone who's not deep into Zoids, this is still a cool game and perfectly playable.

Edit: I take back what I said before. This game is criminally underrated. Its graphics and the fact that it's a fangame are probably steering people away, but let me correct that. If you like good design, you should 100% steer closer.
Just wanna say, I love this game. Tried playing and before I know it I've played for 4h straight.
I'm glad to see that the game is enjoyable~

Over the next few months, I'll be re-coding some systems (in ways that will not corrupt save files) and trying to polish some of the rougher edges. Some art is being updated, a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff is being simplified, and I'm considering giving cutscenes a pass.

Chapter 3 has technically been in pre-production for a while. I have major scenes written and a list of maps to be made. All that remains to be done is everything translating it into the game. Still, I plan to take the time to do it right.

If there's anything that doesn't feel quite right to you, give me a PM (or post here) and I can maybe do something about it.
In the organoid sidequest after talking to the guy in the underground river about the mallet (I think?) he keeps talking about it even after I finished the sidequest.

In the second screen at the stone temple where it's darker when it rains it's impossible to see anything, raining condition can be achieved by healing the plants with pana and sometimes she said about the plant needing water. (after defeating the 4 bosses).

btw, I loved these optional bosses especially the ancient elephander, that ancient wisdom caught me off guard lol

edit : is it possible to make lori's statues become a light source? Finished giving things to lori but I can barely see the results lol

edit2 : scratch that edit, it seems after defeating svetslana the second area of stone temple becomes brighter, not sure when it rains.
The mallet guy should move on now (at least as of the next patch), but the rain making the screen darker leaves ample visibility on my end. I'll have to look into just having a rain effect without changing the screen brightness.

I have old plans to add a bunch more optional bosses, but I'm hindered by the lack of usable zoid photos around the net. A few newer bosses make use of custom zoids, though, and I hope to keep going in that direction.
Not sure what are the requirements for honorbound, first time meeting talking to zillah about it she said pana is not good enough but after doing more pana-esque things I finally got it and pana's level jumped to 99 (is that normal?) not sure if the level jumped when I first received it from zillah or when I first used it. And it's very powerful, combining savagery and honorbound, and then using takedown, practically getting 10k damage/turn even without the buff lol (pls don't nerf it) it actually amazes me to see pana become such a powerhouse.
somewhat reminds me of replekia from ar tonelico 2
...pana's level jumped to 99 (is that normal?)...


That is...not normal, lol.

There's no point anywhere in the scripting for that quest where Pana gains EXP, so I have no clue why that happened. I haven't been able to replicate it either, so it must be even trickier than it appears. Do you know what level she was before?

You don't have to worry about an Honorbound nerf. The requirements are fairly stiff and the drawbacks severe. It's intended to give players who put in the work something to show for their effort. Besides, since Day 1, Pana has always had the highest single-hit damage potential.

My challenge with chapter 3 is to create interesting boss battles that don't get boring because players are strong but also aren't annoying and also don't just disregard what the player does. Much of what I'm doing right now is the necessary scripting to make that a reality.

edit: Concerning your edit from your previous post. There's a bug that prevents the lights on Lori's statues from showing up if a certain revenant exists anywhere in the world. If she's tracked down and firmly defeated, the lights will come back on...or wait for the next patch, but that will be a while as I can't release partial builds while doing the Mobile NPC update.
Not sure, maybe it was 50-ish or high 40. Playing around and experimenting with many skills and zoids and everyone got 60-ish now so it should be 50-ish.

I see so that's why it was so dark and suddenly lights up lol (btw, the fight design for the revenant was really nice, I don't think I've ever had something like that on rpgmaker games I've played, I mean the in-battle not the encounter).

And take your time for ch3. So far the boss's design are quite nice. IMO fighting the combo of 4 bosses + svets + that priest that I think I havnt fought yet would be quite a challenge. 4 Vs 6. And yeah, that 4 Vs 4 battle was my favourite so far.
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