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An (unfinished) mini-game project, that was worked on in 2013.

Players: 1

Estmated playtime: Depends on your skill and experience with the game mechanics
Replay value: Yes.. you have to try it often to get anywhere ^^;
Known issues: There's a unidentifiable bug, that lets the screen completely freeze at some point, annoyingly when your score is really high, too.. sorry.
Also, the controls are kinda rough.

It is an arcade-style fangame (doujin game), where your main objective is simply to get high score and a cool player-title.
In each stage you have to get to the exit-point within a really tight time-limit. But that's not easy because obstacles will pop-up at random and zombies will move in your way. If you lose all health, you die and respawn - but the time runs on! And if the time's up it's GAME OVER.

Each stage you play as one of the HOTD main characters at random - and each character has a different game-play mechanic, which makes the game really challenging.
The game requires you to know how to play each character - and to estimate how to use your Health, as valuable resource. Because death means a great loss of time....

At some point, obviously, the stages repeat. But - there is more: more zombies to be precise. Each round there is 1 zombie more on the map... how long will YOU survive the zombie apocalypse?

Features etc:

- Custom (original) sprites and animations
- Custom (original) chiptune music
- Ever changing ace cosplay talents title-screen

I'm sorry we could not complete this project, but our head- programmer (that had the main file) suddenly left without a trace ; (

- On the title screen you can navigate the menu with mouse, the actual game you play with the arrow-keys and space bar. The ESC button brings you back.

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This looks very interesting, if you could bring it back, that would be wonderful!
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