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Release build 3

The new build has (only) 1 new level. I am sorry for not providing builds with more expansions, but I am juggling many things now and simply choose to update the downlaod when I feel like I will not be able to work on it for some time to come. Si that you can enjoy as much as you can. Enjoy and I shall get back to it when I can.


Rant and another screenshot :p

I have not had this much fun making a game yet. I honestly spend more time play testing then making the actual game.

This game requires so much play testing so that I can fine tune the difficulty. But honestly, the only things I ever fine tuned was the timer for each level they are used in, and the enemies in level 2.

Not that each mechanic is spot on from the very beginning. But I keep on trying to beat the levels as if it someone else made the game and it could not be inherently flawed as he or she decided to release it. And I eventually do find a strategy that works for me, at most changing the number of enemies.

As a developer you would think I should know the strategy required to beat each level but I don't. I know the mechanics that may govern your strategy, but the strategy in itself is something I make through my experience playing it.

And thanks to all the nuggets of randomization, enemies positions, points positions, enemy behaviors, and etc. no strategy is a sound strategy. I may still loose at level 2 next time I play, the level I have play tested the most.


New Downlaod

Release Build 2 is available for download.
Levels 1 to 4. Altered level 3. Custom graphics, some graphics in level 4 still in prototype. No sound.

Progress Report

Graphics update and then some

This is part of level 3 with some revamped graphics. A lot of it glows!
Purple is still the enemy, yellow is now the player who now has a tail! He waggles it everywhere he goes. And green is obviously the food or points to be collected.

Next downloadable build will use these graphics and add quite a few new levels.

Game Design


One player said that the game might benefit from an easier level to explain the mechanics of Level 3. I will start working on that if more player thinks the same


Patch 1 for Release Build 1

Some people have been having trouble with the fonts. So here you go.


Release built 1 downlaod available

Need lots of feedback on,
*difficulty, keep in mind the game was supposed to be difficulty, you might not complete some levels on the first or even the second time around, but do let me know if you think it would be better otherwise
*how easy are the levels to figure out, meant to be very easy
*ideas for new game mechanics for future levels, any and all original and promising ideas will be tested. eg. power ups are not original, but power ups to send decoy for the enemies to chase are

Progress Report

Progress Report

Almost done with releaseBuild1. Trying to randomize positions of some things such as enemies and points to be. If I fail to do so, (which is most likely) I shall release the current version.
3 levels with 100% working mechanics
and.. that's pretty much it


Release built 1

Working on first release build
First 3 Levels will available in prototype phase
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