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Updates / Team Recruitment / Etc.

Over 4 years ago, I came up with a concept for a game named Dark Aria. Since then, I sadly had technical issues which resulted in the loss of my project, as well as many of the development documents that I had created for it. This led to me taking a hiatus from creating this game.

I am happy to say that I will be restarting this game's production come January 2017, this time using RPG Maker MV. Until then I'm doing as much prep-work as possible, from creation/gathering/editing of graphics, to re-writing concepts, profiles and story information, to programming and testing game mechanics.

Additionally I would like to look into recruiting a team to help with the creation of this game. At this point in time, I'm confident to say I'm familiar with sound design, art, writing, and programming, however these are only to an extent and I would be more comfortable if I had people who are even more familiar then I am in these areas to be able to work with, as well as add their own personal flare to the game.

As such I'm going to ask that anyone who is interested in working on this project with me, please contact me via DM. Thank you so much.

- Clarey