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Turn based RPG with various weapons, armors, skills, enemies and items. Follow two heroes as they search for a mysterious power said to turn man into god. Travel through old sanctuaries, a temple made for the goddesses, and even the Underground where the notorious Demon Court is located.

Take hold of mystical weapons as you fight your way through legendary beasts to claim the power! Utilize special skills to take the advantage in battle!

Will your search for the Ultimate Power grant victory? Or will it end in vain?

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  • Completed
  • tbgames
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 05/04/2014 12:12 AM
  • 05/18/2014 06:45 AM
  • 05/03/2014
  • 35289
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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
WELL ?????

This game was completed 2 days ago....where the damn download ? :)
Will it be long ?
The download is now up!

I had to wait for the game to be reviewed before I could submit a download.
I am sooooo dumb...I cant figure which order the statues are clicked. How long is this demo by the way?
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Roy, you silly goose, where does it say "DEMO" ?
Or am I the silly goose :)
Haha, no it's the full game!

Roy, give it time and it will come to you :)
Yeah i know...brain fart....duuuhhhh my bad.
Well I figured how to get past those statues in the correct order although it was more hit and miss rather than good logic. Now....what next? In the castle there is simply a warning. In the village the door next to the save point, it is still locked. The harpy or whatever she is to the west still nukes me within 2-3 rounds. The little girl in the village stills follows me around, which is cute actually. The girl who has the crush on me still banters with my new partner ( I forget her name, shame on me). Ive talked to everyone and no one says anything new. Where do I go next and damn I think this game is almost over and I am enjoying a lot. It is a bit too easy but the smoothness of it carries the story along very nicely. I think you should make a sequel and make it a bit harder and longer! Ok...enough.
Thanks for the feedback!

I probably should have made it a bit more obvious but the first area of Ultair's castle is actually a puzzle of perception. I won't give it away but you have to interact with something in the room in order to advance. The sign tells gives you a little hint.
youre right if i had looked more closely i would have seen it. Boy that butthole moves so fast i can only see his first move, plus he isnt always visible because he stands right next to a statue and is partially hidden! Damn! at this point of the game am i about 3/4 finished?
Kaige is a menace! I would have loved to make that portion longer though.

Yes! You are about 3/4 through the game, Roy. After Kaige there are two more places you can go. Technically, one of the two isn't mandatory but it will be extremely beneficial in the end game if you go.
Thanks and Kaige is STILL ablur...the prick!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
WAIT!!! What the hell is going on ?
Who is this Kaige and where do I find him ??

I went back to the Castles? not sure if they are both castles :)

Checked out the place with the five Dragon pictures and can't figure out the clue about walking with them...damn, I hate puzzles :(

Can someone send me a private message please so I can finish this game ??

Never mind, I stumbled onto the answer.
I hate it when you go crazy trying to figure out a puzzle it turns out to be really easy :(
@Roy Yes he is. Once you finish let me know your thoughts :)

@Linkis You'll be seeing Kaige soon once you finish Ultair's castle! Good thing you figured out the little puzzle :)
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok right well that was a remarkably silly couple of hours. Looking at my last save before the last battle and cut-scenes I was at 1:58:38 so that's about right.

Don't take the term silly to be derogatory it really really isn't. This was a fun romp through what appears to be the final part of a game. It was like you decided, oh bugger all the lead up, the bit that players like is the final end battle, the showdown and dénouement so that's what they are getting. We didn't get the amnesiac hero's back story, the world falling under the sway of demonic hordes, his valiant fight and ultimate sacrifice, with one imagines a like-minded band of companions. Though in this case I think 'murder' is the more appropriate term since he didn't sacrifice himself his goddess-lover did that for him. Personally I'd be kicking her arse to the curb, but he comes back, albeit soulless and somewhat clueless so no harm done, it seems. The whole I've come back from the dead thing appears to be a theme in this one, since of the three characters by the time you get to the end, two are dead, but walking around and one is enslaved and wishes she was dead. It's hilarious.

Seriously little Miss "I've killed 74 men and you could have been 75 if you were boring" is a treat, and I shall refer to her as Kori from now on, since, you know, that is her actual name. She's just priceless. That whole opening scene where's she strutting her stuff, and the hero is completely bumfuzzled and says nothing but is probably thinking, "yeah yeah, I have no memory crazy girl, you may have killed 74 men, but from all accounts I've slain a demon army, so, whatever."

Thought side note, where the heck did she find 74 men to kill? This place consists of one village, with maybe 20 inhabitants, one temple, one underground dungeon/entrance to hell and one evil-overlord's castle, the last three of which are populated by monsters. Where did she find these people?

And then they join forces, I mean seriously? She's just threatened him, told him she's a mass murderer (though only of bad guys, al la Dexter, methinks) and also said when he stops being useful she'll probably kill him too, but hey why not travel side by side until then? That more than anything is what gives this game its fin-de-siècle feel. After all needs must when the devil vomits into your kettle. Though it appears her time spent dead has brought about a 180 in her personality, daddy-issues notwithstanding; to the point that by the very end, even though borrowed time is not a euphemism for her she's still going to go defy the gods, become a God Hunter (thank you Dido) and track him down in whatever elysian realm he's been transported to. Whew, for a couple of hours of game, that's a lot of character growth. Throw in a petulant flame goddess with sibling rivalry, a smart-mouthed demon lord who misuses the word tramp (really not the right word for Kori) and waxes lyrical about his ultimate fate and the big-bad who's conveniently called Ultair and is remarkably blasé about his impending death (but then as we've been shown, death, not so permanent in this world) and I had a ball.

Oh and nicking money from a demon in the middle of a fight, stunning (found the glitch in the Inn, too).

Thanks for this, I really had fun. I hope the above was what you were aiming for, because otherwise, oops. Though then again, you design so players enjoy, and I very much enjoyed, so it is mission accomplished.
Well...damn...was that a review or what!? I havent found any glitch in the inn yet....now I will no doubt waste countless moments trying to find it. I still havent been able to catch that bugger Kaige as he whirls from statue to statue ( or is it column to column )and catch the sequence....my eyes arent as fast perhaps as once they were.
I hope with a little tweaking here and there that you might push out another delivery dubbed part 2.

Ha! I found that glitch in the inn! Tricky bugger arent you, Tbgames!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well, I don't think it qualifies as a review since I didn't indicated mechanics/music etc etc ad infinitum. It as just a "I had fun, this is why" post. Still as long as Tbgames takes it as I meant it, all good.

Yes Kaige is a pain, the flashing doesn't help either. I had to go a few times, and I just concentrated on a single column each time to see when he turned up at it, since he flashes as he moves so you count those. I couldn't watch him do them all in one sequence, so it became a process of elimination. His first one is middle left so I didn't have to look at that one after the first round, second one is top right and so forth. Took me a few tries but I got it.

@nhubi The feedback is very much appreciated. You really hit the nail on the head with what I was going for. I wanted to have a broader view of themes such as Death and Gods. I also believe in leaving certain items up to interpretation by the player. Overall, knowing you enjoyed the game makes working on it a rewarding experience. I'm happy you had fun!

Oh, but to answer your question; Kori isn't from the island where the game takes place. She's from another part of the world. The only reason she traveled to the island was to fulfill her quest.

@Roy Hehe, I probably will do a sequel but I want to get a little more experience first. This was my first game using RPG Maker. I started out testing the waters but I eventually decided to make a slightly deeper experience.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Oh, but to answer your question; Kori isn't from the island where the game takes place. She's from another part of the world. The only reason she travelled to the island was to fulfil her quest.

Whew glad to know I didn't offend/upset. I've had that happen before. Thank you for filling in that part for Kori, that makes so much more sense, and also adds to the whole 'this is the end of the story' vibe. You don't get her earlier travels/loss of her father/personality degradation, she's just presented as an end product. Take her or leave her, and I'd take her, because I have a soft spot for the crazy ones.

I'll be on the look-out for the next thing you do, like I said this has been fun and engaging.
Me too! On the lookout that is.
Is there a point to the different levels in that place to the west? I think I have been to every level but havent seen another place to go. I have the two chests there though. Also what bridge did the guy fix for $10,000? There was always a bridge to the fire castle.
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