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You are an unnamed character who gets afflicted by an old curse, which converts you into a mole-man, or a were-mole, so to speak. You must enter to the Old King's Grave, which is underground, and destroy the curse from its root.

This game was made in 48 hours as my entry at Ludum Dare 29.

  • Digging action! You can dig with your barepaws. Thanks curses, you always give characters something useful to use against yourselves.
  • Platforming! Although there are some flaws, it contains the pure feel of a platformer.
  • Retro style! All assets were made using an 8 color + transparency pallete. The pallete itself was extracted from VisualBoyAdvance, where it claims they are the colors used on GBA-SP while playing GB games.
  • Famicom sound! All music tracks were made using FamiTracker, and sound were made with BFXR, to ensure the true oldschoold charm.

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  • orochii
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  • 05/05/2014 02:14 AM
  • 01/08/2018 04:39 PM
  • 04/27/2014
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I clicked download and Firefox opened the file in the browser, showing a bunch of garbage. Maybe because the file is .7z or whatever. Sooo, I can't click download for a while and it won't work. Can you change it to .zip or provide an alternate link?
Yes I can. Sorry about that, didn't tested it out. I'm actually going to change the main to a RAR file, and leave 7z and ZIP as alternatives.

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done!
I understand this is a contest game.

This is a very frustrating game because of the game mechanics. The movement is jumpy and the hitboxes are a mystery to me. The enemy AI is terrible, they move fast and shoot fast. Some of my deaths happened in the blink of an eye. The only thing I enjoyed were the gfx and the music, they were really great! The mapping was awkward and annoying at times. I sort of had fun at first and by the time I reached the boss I was hating the physics of this game. The hitboxes of the main character's attack and overwhelming damage from enemies, make the boss so tedious to get right that it's not fun. I ended up quitting. I'd rate it around 1.5.

You should have made it easy so that frustration didn't overwhelm the experience. There's one death haha I was being all careful around the lava, going slow, then I cross it a second time and jump right into the lava xD I meant to do a short hop but the character decided to power jump forward out of control. I would have rated this higher just by being able to actually beat the boss heh.
Yep, those are things I need to thinker on with. Mostly that terrible boss. I'm sorry for that, I had like 1 hour left to finish it when I started making that boss.

About movement, maybe I was going for something else, or it's just my inexperience with the genre. I'll play a little with my constants, I'm sure I can make it less unresponsive.
Also I know that the digging mechanic doesn't responds as one would like to. That was something else that gave me a little problems, but didn't realized of that until VERY late at development. That, I presume, is my inexperience with how Game Maker manages the objects.

Here is a little cookie BTW! My research before making this game. An experimental alfa, just if someone wants to try out something weird (and unfinished).
For some reason the youtube tag isn't working, so here's the link to the video from my last post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8BiwK-Rvdg

Not sure I'd be up for an even buggy-er version of this game :P
Thanks a lot for the mini let's play. I saw you didn't beat the boss, and I feel responsible for that, as that mask is TOO fucking hard (but in the bad sense, I mean, it's tedious and stuff).

Treat this as a prototype, I'm going to continue this game! I'll adress all those issues, like the water, the boss, and other things people have said about it, and the others that I felt fell short, like the story development (rushed at the end).

And at the end, this will be a nice experience. My second favourite genre <3, after RPGs.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Yeah, I share some of Link's thoughts on this.

1) The control scheme isn't comfortable. Because your "attack" command is binded to the C key, while jumping is binded to the spacebar, it's difficulty to perform both jumping and digging simultaneously. A better option is to assign attacking to the "Z" key and maybe the jump to the "X" key. It will at least be a bit more familiar and comfortable for players.

2) As link mentioned, the hit detection for your attacks compared to the enemies is far too small, and the AI pretty much screws you over on every turn. How do you even hit those bat enemies, anyway? I don't even think they can hit you, on that note...

3) The water physics kind of feel... odd? Like, there is a room where the surface of the water is about a tile below a platform that leads towards a door. It seems that jumping directly out of the surface greatly kills your momentum, so even a seemingly simple jump is impossible due to these physics.

4) That boss... It's tedious to keep making hit-and-run maneuvers on the account that getting hit will cost you your life. I pretty much quit up to this point, because the game felt pretty frustrating overall.
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