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The story of a magical world cast into dire peril by a mysterious villain's attempt to awaken a sleeping evil, and the four heroes whose very presence seems to cause far more mayhem and chaos than the very forces of evil they spend most of their time heroically running from. This is a game for humans.

Originally a comic, this game was made by the writer after the artist had enough of the writer chaining him to his desk and whipping him continuously until he forced out another comic. The writer later just learned to draw and began drawing the damn comic himself. But between those points, this game was made.

Though the creator is currently fighting through art school and a job, he still manages to crank out the occasional update at valsalia.com.

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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 07/18/2008 04:48 PM
  • 06/01/2020 05:09 PM
  • 07/19/2008
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I'm fairly certain it's illegal to enjoy games as much as I enjoyed this one. The dialogue was fantastic. I do recall yelling angrily at MYSTERIOUS FIGURE X on multiple occasions. So, overall, I liked the game.

Also, it looked like you downloaded all the "Picture Not Related" pictures possible for the between scene transition events. A nice touch.
This game is fantastic. I've never laughed out loud while playing a video game this much before. The characters are all loveable, the dialogue is hilariously witty, and the story sequences are all very well composed. Only gripe is that combat starts to feel monotonous, and the lack of innovation in that department leaves something to be desired, though it IS bearable knowing the next piece of storyline is coming up. This is a game that aims to tell a story and make you laugh.

Well friggin' done, sir. A tip of the hat to you.
I loved this game!!! The hilarious story , the format and characthers are just amazing. I agree with narcodis though. You should customize or tune down the encounter rates, since they get monotonous. I did escape quite some of them because they bore me down. You might want for example buff up brian's spells, sometimes the damage is just way too low.
All in all, i could stand the battles knowing the next piece of storyline is coming up. When will we have a release of chapter 2. You did a great job with the facesets for the dialogue btw.
Best line:
Rixis: "And you'll be the thief !! "
Steve: "... "
Rick: "I don't recall there was racial sensitivity back at the middle age"
I laughed so hard with this XD
Still monsters take a lot of time compared to bosses strange.
I LOVED it!!! I am looking forward to the next chapter! One question though: will we be able to keep the data from chapter 1 (Money, items, levels, etc.) or will we just start all over on level 1 in chapter 2?
I thought this was going to be an average game with lame jokes (okay there are some) but I actually laughed at some parts. Also the amount of effort in the graphics makes this game higher than most comedy games.
I have never laughed at a game so hard in my life. I thought my game was random, but this one takes the cake. Can't wait for Part 2!
For all the Legendary Legend fans out there, I have one thing to say: http://www.valsalia.com/
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
After trying twice, I finally was able to convince myself to play through the game... and I'm glad I did. Very funny, entertaining, and definitely worth the time spent playing it.

Este es posiblemente uno de los mejores juegos de RPGmaker que hay, la historia esta muy entretenida y es bastante graciosa (y sin usar tantas groserias como el de drunken paladin). Lastima que no esta completo (y que posiblemente nunca lo estara) de todas maneras vale la pena jugarlo. Ampliamente recomendado.
sequel...!!! sequel...!!!sequel...!!!
this game is too good to be true...!!!
totally deserves a sequel...!!!...
I want to know what happened to the perv monk...
will they save the princess???(something tells me they won't save her...and if they DO save her it will be by total coincidence)
will our three heroes return to their dimension/timeline???
My gosh, man! Could you have made a funnier game? Even the ENDING was hilarious! The whole thing, from start to finish, is one giant ball of laughs and well worth the time if you like comedy, characters with ridiculously long names, or random burning of objects. It had a great story, too. Well done!
This game is fucking hilarious. I might review it after I'm finished with it.
Seriously though, comedy done RIGHT.

EDIT: Okay....... My only gripe is......... why was it so short, and where the hell is the damn sequel????????????????????????????
where's the next episode??? I like this comedy game!
My mind is full of fuck.
lmao, ending was awesome. Classic japanese outro.
Righteous! This game needs all the recognition it can get!
About time this game got featured...
Most likely......

This game could be from the gameplay of 'Lunar Legend"

But I appreciate your hard work.....
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Is it me, or is this Legend of the Philosopher's Stone meets Dragon Kingdoms?
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