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I made a thing.

Will be updating this game periodically.

Enjoy the current version.

update number: 4
last update: 2014/5/12

All graphics in this episode will consist of 5 colors.
Black, white, and three shades of grey. (Monochrome/greyscale)

I intend to replace all audio used with original content at a later date.

(<)(^)(>)(V) to move.
(z) or (enter) to interact.
(x) or (esc) to cancel.

(alt)+(enter) while playing to toggle windowed mode.

Install the "rpg maker 2003 rtp" if the game doesn't work.
(It should work without it.)

Required description:
You play as an unknown girl wandering aimlessly in a bizarre world. This is an exploration game where you wander around and interact with things in it. You can collect items with interesting effects by various means. There are also some annoying and illogical puzzles that may be difficult to figure out.

This game may contain some degree of horror elements at a later date, but this is not a horror game. The theme of each episode may be drastically different from one another. Each episode will be very long, though. Interact with things and "usually" try different things to make it through the puzzles.

You might get stuck on the door puzzle with two doors and silhouettes, but it is possible to proceed. "Just keep trying"

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