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Zelda Nsala challenge

As some of you may know, Nsala Liberation is heavily inspired by Zelda in terms of puzzles and exploration. But for the most part, in Nsala Liberation you are evading monsters instead of engaging them. It's an adventure game where you don't kill your enemies. That mechanic was inspired by the pacifist challenge of Metal Gear Solid 3 in which you play the game without killing anyone. Anyway, I once played Ocarina of Time with this idea in mind. You can try it next time you replay your favorite Zelda. The challenge is to evade all enemies and do not kill any enemy in said Zelda game unless you have to in order to advance.
If you want an added challenge, combine this with the classic 3 heart run.

Speaking of self imposed game challenges, if you ever want to add an extra layer of challenge to Nsala Liberation, try beating it without ever buying a Life or Magi restoring item. That probably doesn't sound to hard for those playing on Normal Mode but on Advanced Mode that can pose a huge challenge. Found items are still viable in said challenge.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This challenge should not be tried for your first play through. If you are playing the game for your first time I highly recommend playing on Normal Mode.

Happy Holidays everyone! :D



Lanoa and Rawjal are now mascots for my videos. Specifically a video series I call Game Ritual which are painting videos. The first video is about Ganon from Zelda and the Kponungo mask of the Senufo. Please give it a watch.

Game Ritual video

Eventually I plan to feature Nsala Liberation and Nsala Sunset on this new Youtube channel.

Please subscribe and share if you can.
Thank you everyone :D


New Game

I'm working on a new game. I've been considering for a while whether I might make a short RPG or a short cutesy puzzle game. I've already begun some work on an RPG. I'm having fun coming up with all sorts of abilities for the battle system. As for why I want them to be short, that's because Nsala Liberation took me 8 years to complete. Speaking of Nsala Liberation, I might also make a little something to help promote it. It's worth noting that Nsala Liberation still has not had a review for it's newest update which fixed nearly every issue that was brought up in the old reviews. Because as many people on this site already know, I listen carefully to feedback and try my best to improve my games based on your feedback. So if anyone who likes to write reviews is reading this, I would be eternally grateful for a new review.

Alrighty, have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for your support. \(OUO)/


Happy Black History Month

I was hoping to release a new demo for the prequel game this month but that will likely be delayed for more testing. If you are interested in play testing Nsala Sunset let me know. That being said, if your planning to play some games this month, might I suggest the first African fantasy adventure game Nsala Liberation. Which I might make a trailer for in the future since I'm learning how to make Youtube videos.

Since it is Black History Month I kinda feel awkward just promoting my game so let me also recommend some other stuff. If you love research like me might I suggest one of my favorite books "A History of Art in Africa" authors include Visona, Poynor, Cole, Harris, Abiodun, Blier. This book is such a great resource I highly recommend it. It covers Africa from past to present and it also talks about all of Africa instead of simply concentrating on west and central Africa like some other art books do.
Also did you know there is now a monument in DC for Martin Luther King and a National Museum of African American History and Culture. Those weren't there last time I traveled there but if I do ever go back to DC I'd love to go there. When I was there I did get to check out the National Museum of African Art. It is easily my favorite museum ever. If you go to DC please check it out.
Anyway since I brought up MLK, just feel like sharing something new I learned about him a few months back, MLK was in favor of Basic Income! How awesome is that? It's unfortunate how our public schools don't give us the full story on MLK. Of course there's tons of stuff our public schools don't teach us. I had to wait till I was in college before I learned anything about Africa.

Anyway hopefully my rambling was interesting enough to justify this blog lol.
Hope you all have a wonderful month :D


I got Injuried

Sorry if you haven't seen me active lately. I got into an accident and long story short computer screens and other screens cause me headaches now. I was supposed to be fully healed by now but that still isn't the case though I am a bit better. The little time I have been able to use the computer has been spent on a new creative project.
Anyway hopefully I'll be active in the forums again eventually.

In the meantime for those of you who don't already know, this version of Nsala Liberation thats been out now for a while is intended to be the final version unless anyone finds any serious bugs. If you want to read about some new features check the last blog.

Alrighty, love you all, see ya later.


Update Improvements!

The update is finally here! Nsala Liberation is now more user friendly than ever. Many challenges have been tweaked. Certain abilities have been refined. The Call Clua spell is now practically a built in walkthrough able to give directions on where to go and help on puzzles and challenges. You can now see the whole world map now instead of just the Great Savannah. A new item called Baked Porridge can give the player invincibility. It was implemented for those who are struggling with a boss or some other challenge. With all of these new additions to help the player, if you still are having trouble please contact me and I'll try to help.

I've been working on this game for about 8 years now. I hope you enjoy.
Thank you all for your support.

Progress Report

A Progress Report

This new upload of Nsala Liberation is an in progress update. My life has not been very stable lately and something happened that scared me. Sometimes you got to live like there is no tomorrow so I'm releasing this version of Nsala to help me calm down. I do intend to work on it more if I can but if I'm not able than at least this version is available. I believe this version to be far more user friendly than previous versions but there is more that I'd like to do. There are many new features but one very important one to mention is a built in walkthrough that you'll get early on that covers 90% of the mandatory challenges and puzzles of the game. To access it just use Call Clua and ask for HELP. I've made a lot of changes to try and address what many of you all have talked to me about. And I hope to include more updates so by all means feel free to wait on downloading because I do want to do another update and hopefully I will. I'm going through some rough times but hopefully things will be alright. If I'm lucky maybe I'll be able to have the full update done some months from now. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Progress Report

Happy New Year

I probably shouldn't make a blog while I'm drunk but whatever.
I don't drink often but it's a new year and I've gotten a good amount of work done in these past weeks.
So it's been a long time since I made a blog and for good reason. I felt why waste time making a blog while I could use that time to work on the update. Well I can say that the bulk of the update is now done. There are a few smaller things to add but it shouldn't take too long. Once everything is done, I'll be getting some friends to play test it and make whatever final adjustments are needed. Then I'll do one final play test and after that I'll upload the update.
The biggest addition to the game is a new hint system that works like a mash up between Midna and the Big Sheikah Stone in the new Zelda games. Essentially its like having an in game walkthrough for those who need it. So the walkthrough I was mentioning in a previous blog is now accessible in game basically. I did this because I really want to encourage players to get through the whole game. Statistically, many people don't finish videogames these days and I think that's why Nintendo added in game walkthroughs to Zelda. I'm also adding an invincibility item, which is another thing I learned from Nintendo.
Another big feature will be the previously shown off world map. And you can now unlock secrets on the map. If you feed Tingtembo's animal friends, he will reveal secrets on the map. Yep, all the animals on the Savannah that were previously decorative are now interactive. They weren't interactive before because for one, I was worried about slow down but I have managed to set things up in a way that works fine. Two, I don't study Africa for the animals I care about the people, art, and culture but I recognize that other people enjoy animals so now you can interact with them.
And of course many other changes have been made, most notably just subtle tweaks that make playing certain challenges in the game more enjoyable.
I think I have taken the vast majority of feedback that you have all given me into account and hopefully that will show when the update is available.

Just, keep in mind this update is not out yet but I hope to bring it to you all soon. Thank you all, and have a great new year!


World Map Reveal

Nsala Liberation just reached a total download count of 300.
To celebrate I'm going to show you all something I've been working on.

Here is the World Map of Nsala.

In the future update this will be an item. When this update arrives I'll make this into a screen shot but in the mean time you can download this from the Media section. The reason being is that I don't want to put something in the screenshot section that doesn't appear in the currently available download.

The reason I never made this an item before is because you really only need a map for the Savannah. However, I felt that it would be good to show the whole map to give players a better sense of scale. Besides that, I've thought of some good uses for the map that I'll be adding.

It's worth noting that the scale of a few things were altered on the map. This was done for better visibility and to better connect regions but for the most part it's all to scale. A few of the hidden areas are not shown. Also, there are a couple of things on this map that are exclusive to the update.

In other news, a new episode of DragonEye's Let's Play is out.

In this episode DragonEye explores the Lava Ruins of Kponungo.
He struggles a bit on the three torch puzzle because he decided to curve one Fire Burst instead of shooting three straight Fire Bursts. His method works but it could have been easier. Perhaps I should put a Hint Statue near there or I may alter things to better accommodate his strategy. I will continue to learn from this Let's Play in order to advance the the eventual update. Although it's not as eye catchy as the world map, the real meat of this update will be fine tuning little things like this.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I hope you will all enjoy the next version. I don't have a release date for it but it's coming I promise.


The Let's Play Continues

It's been a long time since a new episode has come out so I wanted to take some time to show a couple of DragonEye's most recent episodes.

This episode Dragon Eye obtains the Fire Burst Spell which will come in handy in the next ruins that he explores.

Episode 15 is a dramatic and somber episode.
SPOILER ALERT You may want to play the game yourself first before watching this or at the very least watch the lets play from the start.

If you want to watch the first episode you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq_2LpeUT3E

And to find more of Dragon Eye's videos check out his channel:

Eventually I will be updating the game largely based on this LP and from feedback I've gotten from my subscribers.
Some specific things I'm considering is changing some of the early areas to make things more simpler so that players can more easily get to the heart of the game which is in main dungeons where you get to use your spells.
I may also make more use of the push mechanic more often near the start of the game to lend the player more agency.
Also I'm planning to make the instructions for using spells simpler which was something a player recommended.
Plus, anything I see something in this LP that cause's Dragon Eye too much trouble I will likely tweak.

If you want to see more about my future plans check my last blog.
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