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Zelda Nsala challenge

  • RedMask
  • 12/07/2017 01:39 AM
As some of you may know, Nsala Liberation is heavily inspired by Zelda in terms of puzzles and exploration. But for the most part, in Nsala Liberation you are evading monsters instead of engaging them. It's an adventure game where you don't kill your enemies. That mechanic was inspired by the pacifist challenge of Metal Gear Solid 3 in which you play the game without killing anyone. Anyway, I once played Ocarina of Time with this idea in mind. You can try it next time you replay your favorite Zelda. The challenge is to evade all enemies and do not kill any enemy in said Zelda game unless you have to in order to advance.
If you want an added challenge, combine this with the classic 3 heart run.

Speaking of self imposed game challenges, if you ever want to add an extra layer of challenge to Nsala Liberation, try beating it without ever buying a Life or Magi restoring item. That probably doesn't sound to hard for those playing on Normal Mode but on Advanced Mode that can pose a huge challenge. Found items are still viable in said challenge.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This challenge should not be tried for your first play through. If you are playing the game for your first time I highly recommend playing on Normal Mode.

Happy Holidays everyone! :D