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Detective Othis Green, or D.O.G for short, is the local detective in New Pork Kitty. After a long day of work, Lennart the Elephant, a watchman at the station, runs int his office. He said he heard strange noises coming out of the train. He asks Othis to investigate the train, and Othis agrees. But as the brave dog enters the train, the doors close and the train starts riding. Will Othis find out why the train is riding? Has it something to do with the disappearence of the new conductor?

This game was made for a school project. The target was children from about eight years old. It's an adventure game with a mysterious flavour.
It includes puzzles, enemies you must evade, levels to complete, items to collect etc.

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This seems like a pretty interesting game! Hope it gets you a good grade!
Very nice! I look forward to your download release. And you just earned yourself another subscriber.
Thank you for your encouraging posts!
We try to get the download ready this weekend.
The download link for the game has been added.
However, this version hasn't got the music due to its size.
We had to delete the music temporary, because the game couldn't fit in our locker if we kept the music.
We needed the locker to get the game url for the download.
Can someone help us?
Is it possible to shrink the music files? Or can we get our url without using the locker?
i cant play it
when i want to tstart the error message comes up: "the file system2c cannot be opened"
Have you got RPG Maker 2003 and it's RTP?
You need those to play RPG Maker games.
If you haven't, you must download the RPG Maker 2003.
When you get these, the problem should be solved.

We would also recommend you to download the second version of the game
once our issue with the music size etc. is solved.
The music really adds a nice atmosphere.

Here's the download link for RPG Maker 2003:

And thanks for downloading!

Guardian of the Description Thread
Saw your post here, but hope to answer it here. Mostly because of this post.

Anyway, I know the hard-cap on download size is 450MB, or thereabouts. I assume the entire game, after compression, is larger than that. However, if just the music files can be ZIPped up, and it would be less than that, you should be able to setup a separate download. In which case, you make a notation in your game description about needing to download the music separately. Should the size be greater than that, I guess uploading the game into your locker is a solution. Another solution I've seen games use is a file-sharing service (mediafire?). In which case, the preference for players would be one where it's clear which file is the one they want to download (as opposed to a download manager, or some other thing that they don't actually care about).
With the project being approximately 3MB, am I to presume that the entire music folder is over 447MB!? With all due respect, you really should reconsider how you are managing and implementing your audio. Your game is relatively short for a RPG (27 maps in total), and you can probably theme the entire game with 1-2 songs only. I make this comment because I played the game, I didn't dislike the game, but it was difficult to remain engaged because there was no music. Sometimes music makes the RPG, it is a shame you have omitted this aspect from your demo.

Keep up the good work. I am sure you'll figure something out. I look forward to your next update!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
did you ever solve the music issue?
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