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As the walls between worlds have become weaker civilizations have broken the barriers between worlds and the select few have traveled between one world and another. With this new technology comes new problems, a rouge state known as the ‘Talos Azure’ have formed from the conquest of 27 worlds. This company is lead by the infamous ‘Gecko’, an indestructible warrior and master tactician.

Though this company is not unopposed. From the most prosperous of worlds lead by an oppressive government consisting only of robots has appointed an organization known as the Interdime Police to regulate travel between worlds is becoming ever more bold with it’s army of soldiers, cyborgs and telekentics.

The contest for the confrontation of these destructive forces is a world called Blazescape. While the people’s of Blazescape hides powerful weapons and ancient magic.

You play as a new recruit of Talos Azure sent to Blazescape to facilitate the rise of a demon race that has risen from the earth of Blazescape. The winning faction of this conflict is a choice left in your hands.

This game has the following key features...

Blizz-ABS = A combat system similar to secret of mana where you fight enemies on the map
Crafting system = 8 Crafting skills with about 30 recipes each and 5 gathering skills. (Only 4 have been implemented so far)
3 characters in your party with 5 choices for the animal that accompanies you and difference choices for the class that the other characters get to be.
Stealth system = where certain times you have to sneak around enemies inspired by thief gold
Bestiary recording details of monsters you see and their strengths and weaknesses
Journal where entries get added as you go along
Library that increases as you play to a collection of 40 books
Item storage akin to that of fallout and oblivion
An enchanting system where certain items enhance the attributes and change the name of an object
And much, much more...

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Not sure which down load is the one...damned if I want to click the wrong one and find Ive now a member of some damned file loader or something I cant get rid of.
The beginning is almost totally impossible to figure out...I hit all the buttons and then started getting results except that even then it was confusing as hell and I only was able to get into the game by luck.
When I did get into it all I see below is a green arrow which I cannot get to move. Please make an understandable how-to-play. From the images provided it looks like a good game to play.

Can beome Cliche dark Lord with Evil tower? lord over village with Evil Mnions?

PS idea for evil lord you have tower as test for strong hero ever time you defend strong hero you get stronger in turn summon more more powerful monster unlock new power transformtion etc.
I like the idea of being a cliche evil overlord! Sounds like fun.
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