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( story )
14 year-old Lavendra is one of four students living in a home for magical studies. The kids are told that they must never leave the house if they want to keep their magical abilities. One day, a stranger appears on the doorstep and asks Lavendra a simple question; "Is the cat dead, or alive?"

Entanglement follows the story of Lavendra as she is forced to confront the secrets hidden under the lid of Schrödinger's cat box. As students of magic, Lavendra and her friends are capable of fighting threats and taking shortcuts that most horror game heroes have to pass by, but watch out! While fighting allows the characters to level up and gain more HP to spend struggling through puzzles, recovering HP and MP is hard and uncommon. Both methods of gameplay have risks, so choose the one that suits you best!

( gameplay )
- Solve puzzles to advance through the game.
- Complex and thought-provoking storyline.
- Option for RPG-style fights rather than running from every enemy.
- Press "A" to put Lavendra in attack mode and confront enemies for RPG fights.
- Press "S" to put Lavendra in survival mode and run from enemies to preserve HP and MP.
- Original artwork to accompany cutscenes.

( goals )
- Estimated Date of Completion: Sometime in July. Will become more specific as progress goes on.
- 1 or 2 hours of gameplay.
- 2 "Good" Endings, 1 "True" Ending, 3 "Bad" Endings
- Replay unlockable content

( credits )
All Artwork: Berri
Sprites: Generated w/mild edits
Tilesets: Ayene, Celianna, Mack, and original RPG Maker VX Ace resources.
Music: Premade by Aaron Krogh

Latest Blog

June Hiatus + Upcoming Demo

As you may have noticed, Entanglement on hiatus for the month of June. I am attempting to finish a short game for the 2014 Indie Game Contest.

I plan to release a demo sometime in July, which will take you through the first few puzzle rooms. If anyone is interested in playtesting, please let me know!
  • Production
  • Berri
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 05/13/2014 06:46 PM
  • 01/31/2018 03:11 PM
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owwww awesome game

Thank you very much! I will try not to betray your expectations.
this game is so awesome and whos is the dowload link ? :'c
this game is so awesome and whos is the dowload link ? :'c

Sorry, the game is in development. I'm working on Alyssa (which I see you also visited; thank you! ;v; ) for the 2014 Indie Game Contest. Once that is complete, I will return to Entanglement and release a demo.
waiting on this game hope to see it soon to let´s play it ^^
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Any update Berri? This looks like it could be fun.
Oh my the game hasn't been completed yet!? I want to play it so much!!!
Oh my the game hasn't been completed yet!? I want to play it so much!!!
Me too!
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