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The Characters Of Avian Legends

Roland Fenia is a young prince who, while taking a test to prove his worthiness to become king, was taken away from home into the nation of Thubol. From there he meets Mullet Man, a strange little man who claims to have the power to bring Roland home on one condition: He must slay Rai, the lightning bird, and return with one of its wings. He doesn't trust Mullet Man, but is desperate to go home.

Christopher Katos is a resident of Nonoes, the capital of Thubol, though it may not look like it with his lighter skin tone. Chris begs Roland to have him tag along to the Tomb of the Desert King. This catches Roland off guard and has Chris come off like a creep, but Chris assures him that it's for treasure hunting purposes. He joins in for the money, and stays for other reasons.

Marie Valens confronts Roland and Chris outside the Academy of the Bolt when the Monks find out they're out to kill Rai. But right before she attacks them, Rai is startled by something, curses everyone in their path, including Marie, and flies off to the north. Because of this, Marie abandons her duty of protecting the bird, and swears vengeance against it, joining Roland and Chris.