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Mirror Mirror is a story-based horror game with a few puzzles.
The puzzles are easy to solve.

The estimated playtime is around 30-50 minutes.


Shio Drevers is in his first year of high school, but ever since he
started, weird occurrences have happened such as sudden disappearances
mysterious deaths and/or accidents. Shio has been spared of these
unfortunate events, but how long will his luck last?


Please be advised that this horror game contains grotesque imagery that may be unsuitable for your preferences.


There are 3 possible endings in the game. The game does not involve much strategy as the puzzles are very easy. Some players may find the plot of the story too implicit, so they may find difficulty understanding the story. Reading the dialogue and notes is encouraged.

"Set your hopes on a butterfly, and it will fly away.
Set your hopes on a flower, and it might wilt someday.
Keep your hopes to yourself, and it will stay.
Let no one know, and no one will take it away." -Mirror Mirror

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I found this game not to long ago and I gave it a try. I have gotten up to the rooftop scene. So far I really like this game.
Gliz_Caldo, that's really cool. thanks for telling me about the yanfly script too :D i subscribed to your channel :)

Delayed_Chimera, glad you liked it :)
I would recommend posting the game as an actual download link using the gamepage's format. Otherwise, I might play this. Do you include the RTP? Because the filesize is quite large.
I played the game a little and not that its not bad... It's more like... full of bugs, maps either finished or its just my eyes playing tricks on me that the character pass through walls and other things like the boogieman, and grammer mistakes.

But dispite that I love it. Although the characters feel alittle to bland with no... Emotion into them, the horror in the game is quite good. It's builds up more and more in each corner. Hack I'm still laughing at that Spider bad end XDDDDDDD
I do however have to replied to the beautiful art work you worked on each character and the gore as well. I do find the game too... Silent. Usually a game requires music.

Will you consider making an update to the game anytime in the future? I really find this game to have a good potentional if one dedicated his time for affort :)
if i have time in the future, i'll make improvements on the game :D i did put a few music in the game... i wonder if it's bugged. anyway, thank you for playing, watanuki-kun. :)

UPDATE: The music is bugged. it works fine on my computer, but not on others T___T i'll try to fix this.
if i have time in the future, i'll make improvements on the game :D i did put a few music in the game... i wonder if it's bugged. anyway, thank you for playing, watanuki-kun. :)

UPDATE: The music is bugged. it works fine on my computer, but not on others T___T i'll try to fix this.

I'll be more then happy being a beta tester of the new version. I'm not quietting playing not until this game will be perfect bugged free :)
You should also fix the grammer mistakes and maps a bit. Look closely there's some background which Shio can move over it and he shouldn't be.
If you having problems with maps my friend Atlas does amazing job on them. Currently he's making a corpse Party game but I'm sure he'd be more happy to help :D
Uh... I feel dumb asking this, but... Well, I am currently in the mansion, and I know I have to get the roses... So how do I get them? I have clicked everything, but when I click the roses, the only thing that happens is that the main character remarks about how they are like the ones in the hall.

YEP. I was the dumbest dumb just there. I didn't click the two bookshelves in the room.
Watanuki-kun, that's really nice of you :D i'll let you know if i make an update on the game or the prequel to this :) i fixed some of the bugs, but not the gramatical errors yet...
also, i want to play the corpse party game your friend is making :o

Starlanasam, it's okay XD a lot of people get confused with that part too.

UPDATE: I fixed some bugs in the maps and the music.
I'm sorry guys. It must have been weird playing the game without music. Although, it really did have only a few soundtracks to begin with.
Awesome game! just finished a let's play of it, and it starts here:


Interesting game.
Could you link the download directly to the game? Otherwise it can't get any reviews.
Schoolchildren themed horror game. The game seems to go for just the bare minimum with regards to non-plot events.
Story wise, its pretty vague, I really had no idea what was going on other than the fact that the school may be under some kind of curse or something similar an anime I once watched. Game's pace is slowed artificially due to some random walkspeed decreases and generally slow fadeouts from room to room. And the random deaths. Boy I was not expecting those, so I didnt save as often as I should have. You could die 3 different ways just trying to comfort a sad girl, for reals? And how come there's a time limit for trying to bust open the library door? So many questions. Well in the end there didnt seem to be a good ending, unless I suppose your survival was a good ending. Poor MC.
Sometimes interesting, sometimes cringe, "Mirror, Mirror" is a horror game which only can be proud of its own plot.

A catchy and enjoyable short game of about an hour more or less where you, as a beta school boy in love with the ideal girl, would be taken without any advice to a total and strange "sacrifice". The premise is good, and the progress of the story is so well-made that you want to find out what the heck is going on in this town (?).

Apart from that, the rest of the game has a very poor quality: Gigantic scenarios, very bad (even ugly) texturing, lot of bugs, vomitive art, a very bad design of the levels and, to conclude, three awful endings. I'm not aiming for a happy ending, but at least, give us a convincing explanation of all the events. I can only draw conclusions, but I think that an unpleasant game with a salvageable story, it must end in the best of ways.

Would I personally recommend this game? Well, for me and being totally honest, I had a good time, but there's a ton of crap on top of it. Do what you think.


ETA: 45'
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