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On the planet Astrenia, a girl and her best friend venture into the forest near their home in order to retrieve a herb which will help her sick mother. However, after a chance encounter with a pair of bandits the two children discover a baby whose parents have been killed.

After certain events lead to the girl breaking her friendship with her companion, she runs off, leaving the baby behind.

Many years pass and the girl who was rescued has just turned fifteen. Along with a friend, she decides to go out to look for her adopted brother. However, little does she know that a dormant power is sleeping inside her and it will soon awaken...

** UPDATE ** If anyone manages to find any bugs, please place a comment on the Bug Report Page detailing the problem(s).

** UPDATE 2 ** Please note that whenever a new Act is released, all the previous Acts will also be part of the download. To continue from where you left off in the previous Act, just copy over the act clear save file from the previously completed act into the main folder of the latest installed Act.

** UPDATE 3 ** For a rough idea on how much of the game has been produced so far, keep an eye of the number of completed chapters on the game's profile page.

Latest Blog

Update on progress

I'm currently going over some ideas for this game, so development will likely recommence within the next couple of months.

Also, after taking a good look at Act 1, I'm not entirely happy with it. (What I did seemed OK at the time, but not so much now.) So, I'll be doing a revised version of this Act.

Also, I'll be relaunching the Prologue section complete with the the new face set graphics. More news on the relaunch soon !!
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Friends, finding a baby and looking for adoptive brother. The description gives the game a rather personal atmosphere. However, will your game really focus on the personal issues of the characters?
Well, Crystalgate ... I really can't say too much at this stage because I don't want to give out spoilers.

All I can say is this : Yes, the elements of the story mentioned in the game's summary WILL be a part of the story. But the overall story of this game will be a mixture of different themes and this is just one of those.

All I can say is this : Yes, the elements of the story mentioned in the game's summary WILL be a part of the story. But the overall story of this game will be a mixture of different themes and this is just one of those.

That was pretty much the kind of answer I was looking for. I like it if the journey has a great personal meaning to the characters, provided it doesn't lead to melodrama that is. This game looks like it may have a good balance of personal issues and greater scope (save the world/kingdom or whatever else big) issues.
Not quite sure how to get beyond that guard....the green parts show him farther up which makes me think I can safely go up farther but he still catches me and game over.
Here is the solution to the stealth section :

You have to hide behind the pipes in the central corridor - the one that connects the two large rooms where the guard walks up and down - until he goes past you. Basically, if you are hiding behind the pipes he can't see you.
OK! I just finished your demo. This is just my thoughts, it's not a critique in any way.

1. Slime battle is ridiculous. Maria is useless, since she has no battle skills at the beginning, and troy has to do wait 5 times to do just a little damage. It's time consuming and I got bored after a while and just started to escape them.

2. I need 90 exp to advance the level, but the bat gives 1 exp. And 2 slimes - if I fight them - 4 exp. I got bored wondering through the forest and almost quit the game.

3. Why those bandits, that have 5000 hp each, give 0 exp?

Again, this are just my thoughts as a player. Others may like it.
Thanks for the feedback on the demo. Please note, however, that the game is still in its earliest stages of development - there will doubt be many changes made before the final release.

Anyway, here is my feedback on your comments :

1)Many of the enemies in this game will have a resistance to certain weapon types - the slimes barely take damage from blade weapons. Troy has catapult skill and this is the key to dealing decent damage to these enemies. To be honest, Troy and Maria are just two kids without ANY combat experience. So these two characters are going to find it tough to beat even the weakest monster ... that's why the fights are the way they are at this point.

As for Maria being useless ...
due to plot reasons, this is intentional. Out of the the two Smith siblings, Liara is actually the stronger at this point. So, despite her sister insisting that she stay at home, they probably would have done better had they let her come too. (There is an optional side quest featuring Liara in the prologue section that shows Liara is stronger than both Maria and Troy.)

Just to let you know, I will be changing the format of the battles to on screen enemies as from Act 2. Therefore, players can choose how many encounters they get into. (For more details, check the blog posted on 20/07/14.)

2)Since this is just the beginning of the game, the enemies here don't give much EXP. The enemies in the last stage of the forest give a bit more though.

3)There is actually a VERY good reason for the bandits giving zero EXP - I wish I could tell you exactly what the reason is, but I can't without giving out spoilers for Act 2.

I've come up with some good ideas to make this game better, so work on this game will resume by the end of the month.

The way the game will be released this time will change. Instead of releasing one act of the game at a time, I'll be putting up a download for every four acts. (Therefore, the first release will contain the prologue, Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3.)
Here is the title of these acts ....

Act 1 - Encounter In The Forest
Act 2 - Search For Brother
Act 3 - Rescue

Also, Act 1 of the game will now contain more than just a dungeon and lots of battles - I decided to redo this act as it seems that it didn't please some people. (Myself included.)

More news on this game soon !!
My mind is full of fuck.
2015 was the date of completion, what happened?
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