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Sample music from 'Tales Of Astrenia - Chapter 1 (2) (UPDATED)

This one is one of the Battle Themes:

Battle Theme 1


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Hey, Battletoads music! :o

It’s a bit too low tempo IMO for an RPG battle theme and probably doesn’t fit very well for something like this, but, hey, that’s just my two cents.

I’d take it that this is your first game, right? Do note that using more familiarized music from more well-known commercialized games, such as the Battletoads song here, will probably have some players frown upon on you a little for doing so, like Indra (she hates when people do stuff like this). I don’t have a much of a problem about it if it’s your first game or that particular song being used isn’t very well-known or utilized as much, but try to avoid using songs like that as best as you can and find something that's a little bit more unique to the situation if you really want your game to stand out more from the crowd. :)
Thanks for the post, Addit.

Indeed, this is my first game. (Well, at least the first game I didn't decide to scrap that is !!) I appreciate your advice and I understand that some gamers have an issue with BGM from well known games appearing in RPG Malker Games. However, two of the best RPG Maker games I've ever played (Master of The Wind and Love and War Act 1) both have various music tracks from lots of well known films, games and anime. (For example, Love and War has quite a few tracks from Xenogears and Master of the Wind has plenty of tracks from lots of well known anime and games.)It's just a fact that lots of RPG Maker programmers use these tracks in their games.

However, the above comments are just my opnion and I understand that I can't expect everyone to agree with my point of view. Everyone has their own unique way of making their games and that's part of what makes the RPG Maker community so diverse and unique.
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