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Shippu la Senpu has been released!

BAM! You didn't expect that didya?

Anyway, YES, after about 6 weeks of development in and out, this is finally it. Shippu la Senpu is now complete, and ready to devour all of your souls. We hope you enjoy playing the game, as much as we enjoyed making it!

Also, I would like to take this chance to say thank you to everyone involved: Sai, Lyn, Yami, and moon.

  • Sai & Lyn: It's been a real pleasure working with you guys. You both are always very cheerful, lightning fast at dishing out artwork of top-notch quality, and always full of crazy ideas. Crazy is good. The world needs to be crazier, so that more wonderful things can be made. I'm so, SO looking forward to continuing working with Stron9estStudios in more future endeavors.
  • Yami: You are a loyal, trustful, quick to understand, and incredibly efficient programmer as usual. Perhaps I may not say this often, but I'm extremely thankful to you for believing in my design desicions and sometimes for putting up with my poor feedback cycle and sticking with me through many hardships. I think our workflows and professional personalities are very compatible in many senses, so I'm really proud of what Clerya Games is and has so far as a studio, and I'm looking forwards to working with you on even grander projects, as always.
  • moon: Sorry I don't have much to say here. But I really appreciate the meaningful discussions we had that otherwise I couldn't have had anywhere else. And of course, the Risk of Rain co-op runs have been really fun. So thanks a ton, brahdem.