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Art: Archeia and Scinaya

Chester's Party

Name: Chester Karlson
Age: 30
Class: Sailor
A man from Vaslika. He works as a sailor delivering goods around Linkana. His ship was wrecked, and now he is desperately trying to get home to his wife; Clarice and daughter Erica. He can be socially awkward and lose his temper at times, but seems to be sensible.

Name: Bianca Crycrow
Age: 23
Class: Valkyrie
A young lady from the small, coastal village of Lornian. She made the decision to accompany Chester until he's made it back. She often gives people like Chester a bad first impression, as she is quick to judge, which is one the reasons Chester can't stand her. She's energetic, naive, and flamboyant, and acts younger than she is.

Name: Oscar Johansson
Age: 26
Class: Priest
A priest sacred to the church of Marida, he dedicates himself to preserving the prosperity and life in Marida. He acts as an escort for Chester and Bianca through the wastelands. He manages to keep calm in almost all situations, which can really trigger Chester's hot hotheadedness. While Oscar doesn't like to pick fights, Chester tends to provoke him and tries to trigger it.

Name: Alexis Cruz
Age: 18
Class: Swordsmaster
Alexis is the son of a swordsman, and one of 6 children, and he's the only male. He considers himself a Casanova, but he's been a failed flirt since forever. Although flirting may not be his strong point, he is a seasoned swordsman and part time mercenary. He acts like an egotist, but has more problems than the others. Sometimes he's treated like a child for being the youngest, and seems to get along with Chester.

Name: Nova Nebu
Age: 20
Class: Mage
An old acquaintance of Oscar's. She's working hard to become a scientist, but also takes deep interest in psychology, and therefore she's always studying people, especially Chester. She seems to find a way to make the most dull thing seem fascinating.
She is a newbie mage, and is still learning the basics of alchemy.

Clarice's Party

Name: Clarice Karlson
Age: 32
Class: War Cleric
Chester's wife, and she'll go to great lengths to find out what happened to her husband. For one second she'll be bright-eyed and delighted, yet the next she won't hesitate to kill. Most of the time though, she's just a loving parent.

Name: Erica Karlson
Age: 13
Class: Sage
Chester's daughter. While she's a typical teenager, she depends on her mother and father very much. She's always at one of her parent's side. Usually she's just a lively social butterfly who helps out at the church.


Name: Dante Alexander
Age: 28
He met and befriended Chester through their occupation, and is now his closest friend.
Presumably survived the storm...

Name: Lisa
Age: ??? Assumed to be younger than she looks
A merchant with a devious smile. Somehow meets Chester at the strangest of times.
Is her merchandise really trustworthy...?