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Review time!

( Just placing this post where it rightfully belongs...)

Like many, I fell in love with Mortis Ghost's OFF after my first playthrough of it, and not being a fan of game spin-offs I was at first reluctant when I happened across HOME in the original game's Tumblr tags. Greedily pining for more exposure to OFF's endearing cast, I found myself dabbling at this yet-to-be-completed "byproduct" of it with a pinch of salt. As TheJudge (the game-maker, not to be mistaken with the feline character of OFF going by the label of 'Judge') reiterates, I would also like to remind anyone who decides to give this game a shot that playing the original OFF game is integral to getting the most out of your experience with this spin-off.

The many commodities of this game begins with the player controlling the dear beloved, well-spoken feline JUDGE, when in the mass majority of spin-OFFs it seems that Zacharie the items merchant is the go-to guy for anyone's ideal follow-up fan game. As you progress through the game, you find yourself once again condescending upon the Elsens, the timid denizens of the cacotopia that is Mortis Ghost's OFF world, while embarking on an undertaking to foil a deadly plot which avid OFF-lovers are aware is an imminent menace to the fate of this world.

By the blessing of TheJudge, we are treated to several other pleasant alterations, including puzzles that are far less challenging and much less time-consuming, plus increased severity in the difficulty of the turn-based battles. This provides a better balance for your enjoyment of the plot itself -- for if you're not the brightest bulb like myself, a few of the puzzles of OFF probably left you floundering for an hour or two at a time, unable to progress until enlightenment was shed by means of pushing to your cerebral limits, or simply a walkthrough. And did you think the original 3 zones were nasty? Wait until you explore TheJudge's fourth: it's perfectly wretched (and, incidentally, one of the reasons why this spinoff is not recommended for those unable to tolerate triggering themes such as suicide and drug intake.)

Asides from the somewhat clumsily-imitated dialogue for some of the original game's characters, the only real downside to this spin-off is that it's currently still in the works. But, if you're as patient for your rewards as I am for mine, I suggest camping out and waiting for TheJudge to complete the game: I have an inkling that it will be quite worth the wait.


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