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A great adventure. Everyone should try it.

In all honesty, when i started playing the game, i wasn't sure what to expect of it. OFF is a mysterious and charming game with its unique world, storyline and mechanics, that had a very conclusive ending to the plot.

HOME was in my list of RPG Maker Games to play for a long time, but nothing really compelled me to try it out. When i heard that Felix had passed away, something told me i could not ignore his work any further.

Just wish i had played it sooner so i could thank him for such a marvellous time.

HOME has a storyline just as interesting as OFF, that not only got me attached to the new characters, but made me care about the world i was in much more than the original game.

Combat was very polished, though i have to admit that at the last hour of the game i was just letting AUTO do all the work (except at the bosses). Probably because i grinded too much earlier, but that's my own fault. The special/physical separation and the emphasis on the elements made things a lot more challeging and fun.

The puzzles were great. Some i struggled (alot, mind you), but they all made sense when i figured them out. Nice to use your brain after some intense fighting all around the map.

There's nothing too complex to say about the music, it's simply beautiful and outstanding. I could listen to it for hours.

Graphics-wise, it's pretty solid in its style, and the enemies were all very interesting (and creepy). Interesting enough to lose a turn with Cat's Eye and get sucker punch'd in the face. I caught myself exploring everywhere for secret stuff, too. There's a lot of going back and forth if you're searching for secrets, but it all paid of in the end. What an ending, by the way! So much emotions coursing through my body. (And with that, i mean my eyes.)

While i was indeed pressing on faster and faster to uncover the secrets of the game and reach the end out of pure curiosity, i was also sad. This adventure with my feline friends could go on forever, and i wouldn't mind.

My opinion is, you should definitely give it a try. Let the strange world of colours soak in, gather some crazy charming cats and set OFF..

To save your HOME.


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I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
Glad to know people will still enjoy this great and interesting game. :)
I ♥ HOME thanks felix! r.i.p felix :(
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