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Awesome open world game with a ton of content

This game really blew me away with how fun it is and how open the world is. You can pretty much go wherever you want, recruiting characters and doing all sorts of quests as you go. And there are often choices you have to make in these quests that have permanent consequences in the game.

There's tons of places to explore and secrets to find. And I love that this game is actually challenging. It doesn't hold your hand at all and a lot of the encounters are hard and make you actually have to think about your party composition and battle strategy. Also, instead of random encounters this game actually has enemies walking around in the game world and you can touch them to fight, which is awesome.

There's also tons of side activities to do, like planting crops, buying houses and hunting for magic frogs. And a lot of puzzles to solve. There is also a hunger and thirst system which makes the game more immersive, as well as a day and night cycle and different weather patterns. There's also a crafting system where you can mine for minerals and then have a blacksmith turn them into weapons and armor.

The story is pretty cool with quite a few twists along the way and the dialogue is well written. And there are multiple paths you can take in completing the main storyline.

The graphics look good, maps are well designed and the enemies look cool. Assets are used well and nothing looks out of place. Sounds and music are also good.

The only negative thing I can say about this game is I did encounter a few minor bugs like some tiles being passable that shouldn't be and not being able to turn in all my magic frogs properly, but these aren't game breaking.

Overall a great game than any RPG fan should play.


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Thank you for such a glowing review! I'm very happy you enjoyed the game, and grateful that you took the time to review it. :)

The Magic Frog bug is a strange one, cause it only happens to some people. I'm still trying to figure out what's causing it when it does happen.
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