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General Features:

- A large, decadent, dark fantasy world with a new take on concepts of angels and demons
- Two different protagonist teams, each one with its own point of view on the same story. Their paths repeatedly converge and diverge as they attempt to accomplish their own goals.
- 10+ hours of gameplay (5+ hours for each team's story arc).
- Unconventional way of unlocking new skills: each character possesses all of their special abilities from the start. However, many are locked by high energy cost. Increase max Energy by any means necessary to get access to those skills.
- Strategically manage your energy in battles: use lots of low cost skills in a row, or use a high cost skill and wait for the overall energy to recharge.
- Two difficulty modes: Normal and Challenging. Normal is streamlined so to allow most people to complete the game and witness the story. Challenging is for those seeking blood, sweat, sorrow, and death.

The game is fully complete and has been released.
For more info and purchase links, please visit: Astronomic Games website.

The game is now also on Steam Greenlight. Please vote for it if you like what you see.


The last king was killed over 400 years ago and the global rule of the land ceased to exist. Slowly over the years the law and order started to subside, the people began to divide amongst themselves, the big cities were gradually gone and replaced with smaller settlements, and the whole land started to slowly degrade. Many believe it’s because the angel kind have abandoned it.

Now the bandits roam the roads and wild animals roam the fields. The only safety can be found in smaller villages, where groups of people have banded to work together in order to survive. The relations between the different sentient races are very marginal and fragile. Some have been at long conflicts with one another, at times erupting into full blown wars. A holy Order of Atonement has been trying to keep the people together, but even their influence is limited to a handful of villages. And to top it all off, many believe a “vindicator” will walk the land one day as a punisher of all the sins and bring forth a swift end upon it.

That day has come.

Game Trailer:

Latest Blog

Greenlit on Steam!

Good news, everyone! Atonement got greenlit on Steam. Many thanks to everyone who's played and supported the game. We did it!

Stay tuned for the game's release on Steam in the near future. :)
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  • Matseb2611
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  • 05/28/2014 10:22 PM
  • 07/20/2015 10:02 AM
  • 11/24/2014
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Nice game, looks like it has some potential! Not a huge fan of the character sprites but I have a feeling people who were into pc rpgs in the late 90s/early 2000's will love the look. I'll continue to watch this for updates
Thank you very much for the support, Coolopotomus. :) I hope the game matches your expectations when it's out.
Nice! A demo xD I'll be playing this when I get home from work. After watching the video sample I'm actually diggin the sprites now. Nice touch with the enemies actually leaving corpses rather than going poof!
Thanks man. I hope you'll enjoy the demo very much. I'll be happy to hear any feedback that you might have. :)
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i have not personally played a rpg game with avatars that looked 3d/realistic that i liked so far, so it makes me a tad reluctant to try this. but when ever angels and demons are brought up
its always +1 interest for me to see how its done.
so ill try this but it may be a long time b4 i actually get around to it.
Thanks Shayoko. I hope you like the demo. Take your time.
The High Fantasy graphics may not be for everyone, but I welcome this change from the anime style.
Thanks. I agree. There don't seem to be anywhere near as many games done in HF style art.
Game looks pretty sweet man ;) I will check out the demo.I liked the cutscene in the video.Keep it up :)
Heya man. Thanks very much. I hope you enjoy it. :)
This looks really neat, and would my game not have been made with RM2k3, I would've went this route graphically.
Thanks Dreaded. I guess that could always be a direction for your next project.
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

I don't see too many games on here use the high fantasy resource pack.
Might check this out at some point.
^Thanks for the support. I hope the final game won't disappoint.
Hey Nice Game I think a lot of people may not be used to
This type of Graphics like on my game just saying.
something like.rap and classical music.
Heya Redwall. Yeah, you're right. Most people seem to either love High Fantasy graphics style or hate it, but it's a style that I think fits the dark and sort of gritty nature of the game's setting very much.
Congrats on completing your game!
And it's a good one, on top of that.
Thanks very much, man. I am glad you've had a good time playing through it. :D
I can't believe no one left you a review for this game, so I fixed that.
Good morning my friend!

It was good to have chosen this game as another of the challenges we will face, their features commented here on the RMN of review only made me even more curious and sure of one thing: I will have to play twice, so I will!

A different game, a single story, in fact betting on new seems to be its higher quality my friend, a successful formula see here!

In more it is logical that already entered the game and participated in some battles, I'm curious, but I'll taste it calmly briefly and is sure to be another one of your games will be happy to disclose, after all, what's good should be appreciated.

Big hug and great Sunday!
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