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You find yourself inside a place not knowing on how you got there. Getting out is an option... but looking for your lost memories and exploring is worth the try.

Ruby Rose:
Ruby is the first character that you will be using.

RWBY is a web series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. If you'd like to know more please go to Youtube and search for it. This is just a fan made game and I do not own anything from RWBY but this game. This game is made for fun.

The other game that I created was not that functional. I will make sure that this is more functional. This will serve as an idea on what to be expected on the other series.

I still don't know how many episode I can make but for now I will stick with 4. But in the future I might just add some more since I am still fixing the plot.

Our Facebook Collaboration:

Check the trailer:

Check my wattpad:

Especially for Dragon nest fan-fiction readers:


This is a semi-horror/Puzzle game. This episode gives some ideas
on what will come on the next episodes. There are no fighting
much here but I might include it in the future. The production
is short due to my entrance exams for college.

I do not own the show RWBY. It is owned by Rooster Teeth with
the supervising of Monty Oum. This is just a fan-made game for
entertainment purposes only.

Thank you.


Writer, Editor, Director, Overall:
SnicxSpawn (jodhale)

Graphics Resources:
RPG Maker
Large Pumpkin (RPG Maker)

Cyantine Eye Productions (Youtube)

Pictures Resources:
Applesauce (RPG Maker)

Software Tools:
RPG Maker
Sony Vegas

Special Thanks:
To all of you

Latest Blog

Next Production

Hey guys. So I have some things important to do link studying for entrance exams. The next production starts at September where most of my Entrance exams are done.
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  • 05/29/2014 01:46 PM
  • 02/26/2016 02:47 AM
  • 06/02/2014
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Hey, I'm fans of RWBY and I got surprised that someone make a fangame in RPG Maker. Well, even though you made it as puzzle. One subscribe for you I guess. Good luck =D
Is this still even in development? Last update was a year and a half ago.
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