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Later generations would call it the Second Askigagan-Hachisukan War. The Hachisukan army, led by it's princess, had the upper hand. However, during the defense of the Temple of the Oracle, a new hero arose for Askigaga: Ishihara Oharu. Not only did she defend the Temple with no losses, she quickly liberated the territories belonging to Askigaga. However, when ordered to invade Hachisuka by her superior, with a will stronger than steel, she refused. The war came to a stand-still; Askigaga ultimately did not invade Hachisuka, and Hachisuka could not progress against Askigaga's defenses. Thus, a treaty was forged between the two nations, with the nation of Gojo acting as an arbiter. Part of this treaty was the marriage of the prince of Askigaga and the princess of Hachisuka. Askigagan royal tradition holds that the prince go on a journey to each of the three nations to receive the Blessings of the Goddess.

Personal History:
I made this game back in 2009, but, it really didn't work very well for varying reasons. With this incarnation, I hope to make it work, maybe even fun. Though, certain parts of the game is going to hit a bit close to home, but, hopefully, that won't matter in the end.

Other links of Interest:
The game's TV Tropes page. It's pretty bare-bones, and in need of Wiki Magic Love.

Latest Blog

Story portions DONE!

This is it. The story portions of this game are, as far as I'm concerned, done! Let me take a brief moment to thank NeverSilent, for the Anti-Procrastiation Initiative, and Dozen, who's been cheering me on in the background! Let's all give 'em a round of applause!

*claps hands in a circle*

Anyway, saying that, I could see me tweaking mechanics at a later date. The previously mentioned Temple of the Spirits is among the chief things that probably needs to change. Bug reports are also welcome. Otherwise, can we call it complete? No, we do not call it complete. We call it...


Now, if you excuse me, time to chill with Myriad Cypher sleep.
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  • 05/29/2014 02:33 PM
  • 09/12/2016 12:29 PM
  • 06/29/2016
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Guardian of the Description Thread
The only response I can have to that is...

...this, followed closely by...

Guardian of the Description Thread
The game's TVTropes page has been added into, and linked in, the description. Thanks again to Malandy for making the page!
The game's TVTropes page has been added into, and linked in, the description. Thanks again to Malandy for making the page!

I added a few more tropes to the page from what I still remembered while playing this game.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Thanks, SapphireFalcon!
Guardian of the Description Thread
I've been on a Heroes of Might and Magic kick lately. A semi-relevant-to-this-game story approaches!

One thought that occurred to me was to make a Heroes 3 scenario based on the war that preceded this game's events. The partial pun is that I'm kicking myself in the shins for basing this game's world map on a Heroes 3 map that was never saved as a Heroes 3 map-file.

What I did do was take numerous in-editor screenshots to Frankenstein together a PNG and PSD version of the map, which was then used to make the world map of this game. However, the fact that I only have PNG/PSD versions of the map is something of a dismaying factor.

There is also a sense that going through the motions of re-making the map as a Heroes 3 scenario would be a waste of time and effort. Like, who the hell would play this scenario, other than myself? It's not like an RPG Maker game that just about anybody can pick up get the RTP and play!

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