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Story portions DONE!

This is it. The story portions of this game are, as far as I'm concerned, done! Let me take a brief moment to thank NeverSilent, for the Anti-Procrastiation Initiative, and Dozen, who's been cheering me on in the background! Let's all give 'em a round of applause!

*claps hands in a circle*

Anyway, saying that, I could see me tweaking mechanics at a later date. The previously mentioned Temple of the Spirits is among the chief things that probably needs to change. Bug reports are also welcome. Otherwise, can we call it complete? No, we do not call it complete. We call it...


Now, if you excuse me, time to chill with Myriad Cypher sleep.


Stop me if you've heard of something like this before

Aside from whatever still might need to happen in regards to the Temple of the Spirit, and Castle Gojo, I've given a bit of thought to the puzzle in the Temple of the Mind.

Players will meet eight people, and one of them is an assassin in disguise! The object of the puzzle is to figure out which one of the people is the assassin before he/she kills off the others. I wish to note that failure does not mean needing to re-do the puzzle from scratch. It means facing a boss.

Anyway, the gameplay loop involved is that players will talk to a spirit of some kind. It will produce a list of suspects. Making a selection will indicate that you think that person is the assassin, and summarily dies. If you are wrong, the assassin kills a person at random, and you'll have to try again. However, there are a few things you can do before talking to the spirit. Such as speaking to each person that's still alive. Some folks won't have anything special to say, but there's some that can help you with your goal.

  • The Diviner

This person can delve into a person's heart, and tell you if that person has good intentions.

  • The Mercenary

This person doesn't have too many morals, and will kill anyone you point him/her towards.

  • The Gambler

This person has a 50% chance of evading any action that targets him/her. This ability is neither removed after it is successful, nor if it fails. This evasion does not come into play if this person is chosen via the spirit.

  • The Persistent

This person has an 100% chance to evade death. This ability becomes no longer in play after it is used. This evasion does not come into play if this person is chosen via the spirit.

The theory might sound familiar to some. However, the big question in my mind is how this is going to actually work? At the moment, I'm figuring the best way to do it is to a set of eight game-variables to keep track of which event_id is which role, and make damn sure there's only one copy of the unique roles. Perhaps an array can help do that? Maybe I could link the game-variables to the spirit's choice-command so that the already-dead would produce a "nope, try again" deal? I'm thinking commentary would depend on role, and I could use my Myriad Cypher experience generating those.

So, uh, yeah, that's the extent of my grand plan for this temple. Don't lynch meeeee! *hides*


Anti-Procrastination Initiative is DONE!

The last couple days have been pretty hectic for this game, somewhat in thanks to the aformentioned event/topic. However, yes, the Temple of the Spirit is DONE! Well, okay, it could probably be improved in places. For instance, the puzzle in that temple definitely needs a workover. However, for the moment, I'm fairly happy with the results of the events that occur there, and what few events I made that are post-temple.

Also of note, I've re-mapped Castle Askigaga for this release. Though, I must confess, a good part of it is a copy-paste of Castle Gojo's construction. There was also a brief thought to putting in events (or different dialog, at least) in Castle Askigaga that are after the Temple of the Body. There's also a couple NPCs in Castle Gojo I may have forgotten to give dialog to entirely. Those could come later on, if at all. My focus for this bout of gammak was the events in Castle Gojo itself, and the Temple of the Spirit. There are a few events that I can't help not to worry about. One such event I would prefer not to speak of openly, but might answer questions to in the form of a PM.

All that nonsense aside, I've uploaded an update to the game! As one might expect from the above, it goes up to, and a little bit past, the events in the Temple of the Spirit. I reserve the right to refuse to answer story-related questions. However, I look forward to bug-reports, spelling/grammer issues, or, generally, any and all feedback that this update will bring!


Thoughts on the Temple of the Spirit

I'm not sure what spawned this idea, other than the talk of Wild Arms in the random encounter thread, but, I've been giving some thought into what the Temple of the Spirit would involve. I'm mostly thinking about Wild Arms 2's Heimdal Gazzo, but, the idea of having a dungeon where the party has to split up and flick switches in order for a different party to proceed is what I'm aiming for. I'm not sure if encounters are going to be a thing, but, I'm figuring there's going to be a boss-thing after the party reconnects with each other.

Also, the idea of the trial being full of illusions that trick our heroes in some way, but, I'm not quite sure what, exactly, that will mean in the context of the dungeon. Maybe I'm thinking about the Rakshasa episode of Kolchak, but, it could mean seeing a loved one, or somebody one knows or trusts that is actually a nasty-in-disguise luring one to one's untimely death. Though, perhaps, in the case of Kenshin, they are there to further torture his regrets? On the other hand, maybe it just means that there's hidden paths that takes a keen eye to see? How would I even pull something like that off in RPG Maker? I have no idea!


I COULD do this, but...

I've been thinking about switching the game's focus to be that of Ryusaki Kenshin rather than Askigaga Hiroji. I'm not really sure what this might do to the game yet, but, let me talk this over out loud for a spell.

Kenshin is a man seeking redemption. What he did wasn't necessarily wrong, per say, but, he has lived with guilt and regret for a long time. He journeys the world, doing anything to help douse the pain, but, of course, it never really goes away. He eventually journeys to the Temple of the Oracle seeking some manner of salvation, despite not being a particularly spiritual/religious person. A last resort, perhaps? Anyway, the Oracle recognizes that Kenshin has great potential, but, he must put his past behind in order to accomplish anything. Which might lead her to take him with her on the prince's pilgrimage, and the game could go from there?

Maybe I'm worrying too much about making players actually relate to his problems. Like, once players understand where it all comes from, and see how utterly silly/stupid it is... I don't know. I just don't know.


Brief return

I may not yet have any solid ideas for the Trial of the Spirit that occurs in Gojo, but, I can still make maps of Castle Gojo, and make a transition area between Gojo and Askigaga! As far as Castle Gojo is concerned, I'll be using unity's excellent map of Castle Hachisuka as a base, and thoughts of re-doing Castle Askigaga in that style have also passed through my head.

Another thought I've had is to have each of the nations castle have it's own theme, rather than using the same one each time. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before in a previous blog, but, I've a few ideas of what I want to use, even if they are all rips.

Thoughts of adding playable content for Ryusaki Kenshin have surfaced yet again. For a bit of background, the game's plan was to have him be the main protagonist, rather than Hiroji and his company. The game was to start with Ryusaki arriving at the Temple of the Oracle, and doing various tasks for her, meeting the other characters that you see in this game, and giving players options of how to interact with them. If certain options were chosen, the game would become either a story of redemption, or a story of self-destruction.

So, why the chance in focus to Hiroji in the first place? I guess the best answer I was afraid that Ryusaki's generally depressive personalty would be too overbearing, and get in the way. I mean, yeah, I would, eventually, want players to understand why he's like that, but, still, the worry is that the reasons would not be understood at all.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get on that tangent. After all, the only thing I'm really thinking of doing with this game at this moment is making a few maps.


Demo has arrived!

Yes! An actually playable version of this game is now available for general consumption! That's not to say that I'm not worried about this game, because I totally am! Mostly, my worries center on what all I'm going to do with the Temple of the Spirit, but, there's the sub-thought that I may get inspiration from the upcoming game jam in regards to it.

You know, while this is just a demo, I still want to give my testers a round of applause! Or five!

Seriously! You guys are the best EVER!


Not QUITE there!

The demo is shaping up! However, it could still use a bit of work. Some observations that were made by my testers (you guys are awesome, by the way) were things I sorta already knew about. Such as various NPCs not having dialog at all. However, the most striking comment that was made was the ability to move during cut-scenes? They should be Parallel Processes, which usually prevents player movement, however, I'll have to double-check that.

One thing I wanted to experiment with was having actions use Stamina. Perhaps a bit of Soul Sunder influence with this train of thought, but, I wanted the Guard command to be more than what it typically is. Now, as this stands, maybe players use Guard, but I never saw an enemy do it. Which puts a damper on the plan of Oharu's "Puncture" skill, and it's evolutions, applying a status that reduces the amount of damage Guard absorbs. If enemies don't guard, the status is useless!

Okay, well, maybe I'll need to change what gets debuffed with "Puncture", and what-not. Or change the Stamina cost of stuff in general so that enemies would guard more. I dunno where my thoughts are on this right now.

Anyway, I sorta want to concentrate on the NPCs that don't have dialog yet, and getting in more character-defining moments through them. Ironically enough, the biggest issue that one tester has in regards to character development is the Oracle, herself! I mean, sure, there are things about the Oracle that I want to keep hidden for a while. However, players should have some sense of what kind of person she is!

Aside from that, I really need to set up the Temple of the Body with some freaking treasure already! Geeze! My thoughts concerning this usually drift to Ethers (High Ethers?), as the assumption is that players would go through MP Stamina like a fiend. Also, I think I need to do something about that odd door in the puzzle room. Like, either remove it entirely, or... I dunno, something.

I'm not sure what to make of the enemies in the Askigagan-Hachisukan border. They're pretty weak, thus don't provide much in the way of rewards. Yet, maybe I want to "upgrade" them after clearing the Temple of the Body? I dunno. It's a thought.

Progress Report

Double the databases!

So, while I was re-formatting the dialog for Yanfly's messaging system, I thought, what the hey, let's take this opportunity to put in the database script for Momo's book. Which, by the way, is currently being called "Masudu's Musings" in a hack attempt to be cute.

Now, for those of you that were paying attention which is probably zero, this game is in the same world as Arbiters From Another World. Wait, let me re-phrase that. It's in the same world where that game started in, not where it ended! Huge difference, there! So, yeah, there are plans to make references to Gakuska Island, the Korn Tribe, and the Yokoki School of Magic. Note that I will probably not make specific mention of any characters from that game, but, the events at Yoemon are of import to the House of Gojo, if not the other Noble Houses situated in I-have-not-come-up-with-a-name-for-this-mainland-yet.

Anyway, I've done a bit of work on this game's encyclopedia already. I'm a tad worried I might be revealing something too early with an entry or two. It's not something I wish to speak of openly because POTENTIAL GAME SPOILERS, but it may be something I may need to discuss with my beta-testers. W-when the time comes for them to have another look at this, yeah? Let's not be hasty!


Stream of consciousness - Switching gears?

Before I experiment with a level 1 party against boss-like enemies found within the Temple of the Body, or much of anything else, a very important question that has been raised in my mind: "Is this even the story this game wants to tell?"

I've probably mentioned several times at this point about how dealing with regret is a main theme of this game. I'm looking over this demo, and the direction for where the game seems to be going, and, to be honest, I'm not seeing it. For a supposedly "main theme", this is a craptastrophe naming land. So, of course, thoughts have turned to scrapping everything, and doing a game reset. Well, okay, I don't have to scrap everything, but a re-assessment of the game is certainly in order.

Though, to link this with my previous blog, I have no idea what game balance issues this might create. If I go with my original-original idea, players would only have one character to control. Which might, ultimately, be a bad idea. So, maybe he would join the others along their journey? No, maybe it would be visa-versa. Players would still start with Hiroji and gang, and this other character would meet up with them somewhere before the Temple of the Body. Or maybe even in the Temple of the Body!

Oh. Riiiiiight. I mean, story-wise, this could work, but, yeah, game balance. With four characters in the party, this brings ability-sets back into question. The logical question to ask is if there is something this character does that Hiroji's party doesn't already do? Or, maybe, he can be a non-combatant that adds additional gameplay? Wait, synthesis? Ehhhh, I dunno about that. Darigaaz, WAND OF BLASTING VARIANT? No, Marrend. Let's try to keep that gameplay mechnanic to the true apprentice professional.
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